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i was just reading the "interesting thought while thinking" post and felt like i should give my two cents on the topic of there being more than one "one". i have always felt(ever since M1) that there were than one "one". i like to think that we have a choice in our lives and that neo was not the one simply because of a code that was put in him. neo told the oracle, in their first meeting, that he likes to feel that he is in control and she contradicts that belief by simply being an oracle. i think that the other kids in the oracles apartment may have the code as well. it would only make sense to put the code into more than person. what happens if neo would have taken the blue pill and never had the chance to reload the matrix and enter the source. it would make sense for the machines,only as a safe guard, to insert the code into more than one person. that being said, i also beleive being the one is not simply haveing the code, but also having a certain amount of belief as well. M1 and M2 gave the viewpoint that there was no free will and neo was destined to be the one, but M3 kinda changed that. i think the trilogy as a whole was showing that no matter what a lot of people think we do have a choice in everything we do. neo chose to take the red pill, to fight smith(M1) even tho he would die, to save trinity even tho it may have annihilated the human race, and to fight smith (M3) because he chose to not for love or survival or anything else smith mentioned.i think that neo was the one simply because he chose to be the one. the kids on the oracles apt. did not choose to be the one because they believed it was something that chose you, that it was destiny and not a matter of choice. at the end of reloaded neo started to do things because of choice(like saving trinity instead of mankind) and finally realized that is what life is: choice. not destiny. i think the ending dialogue stranghtens this point. when saraph asks the oracle whether she knew it would end this way, she said "no, but i believed" that shows right there that there was no set plan for neo. she simply chose to believe that neo would make the right choices,that he would not believe in his destiny. yet i still am contemplating what was meant she Sati asked whether they would see neo again and the oracle replies" i suspect we will, someday" any comments on that or the rest of the post or trilogy would be greatly appreciated by this matrix dork.

I disagree with your hypothesis. The machines are in control, and if they did not need the anomaly, they would not allow him to exist. That they would allow not only one, but more than one, sounds, to me, ludicrous. I do not believe that, according to the machines view point, and that of the Architect, they would allow more than one. Neo was destined to be the one, the Oracle knew this, the Architect knew this. One could say Morpheus even knew this. However, it was up to Neo to choose to be the One, to choose his destiny. Neo believed that he was the one, and his love for Trinity made him the one.

The Oracle knew that Neo was the one as soon as she met him. The Oracle had the ability to read the code of the Matrix, and thus understood the future. However, even she could not tell whether Neo would choose what he needed to do or not. But she believed he would.

Concerning what the Oracle told Sati. read this thread:

without the anomaly code, the matrix would go on forever on the same version... that's like having a 1984 pc today. the one enters the source, allows a temporary dissemination of the code he carries then reloads the matrix. it's like an updated version of the matrix. i don't think it was "designed" or-- to put it more bluntly, neo was chosen by the machines to be the one. he just happened to be a part of that unsolvable equation. coulda been you, coulda been me, who knows...

I think that the purpose of the anomaly is to keep the system from getting too chaotic. When the One goes back to the source, the matrix is reset, Zion is destroyed, and the human "resistance" is left back at square one. This keeps the humans in check but still allows them to feel like they can beat the machines. If this never happened, the resistance would get too large and the system would be unable to deal with that while maintaining an acceptable loss of "battery power".

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I'm only going to say this once guys: Paragraphs are good, paragraphs are our friends.

Six integral anomolies, seven versions of the matrix, and on the seventh day he rested, and there was peace, and he saw that it was good.

Sounds like providence to me.

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Sounds like multiple personality disorder to me.

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