your most original movie idea

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Alright now. Give it to me. What is your most original idea for a movie. Lets here it. Killer toaster ovens? Car tires tired of being used, so they go on a murdering rampage? or maybe you would like to see Rambo VS america. or space aliens who destroy the world because we wont give them bananas? if you got one lets here it, unless your scared someone might take your idea, because you know hollywood will make anything these days, thats why all the ideas listed above have been copyrighted

Sounds like alot of fun... but really I think its flushed dry. The movie well I mean. But Let me think...

01. a movie where someone discovers that god exists but it also means that if everybody knows this... existence would cease to exist. ok that sucks
02. how about a dumbass farelly bros comedy based around the idea about someone replacing some chick's kotex with wagonwheels. even worse... shucks!
03. how about a movie where columbus never discovered america and only in 1985 that it is discovered by the beatles. alright I'm out of ideas

ehh ok you suck mardook!

I'm a filmaker & i hope some day to eaither see these movies or make them myself!

1. the wrightbrothers- never been done. Hollywood Exec's are so mindless. theres 100's of amazing true stories yet they make movies like Agent Cody banks & Torque.

2. nelson mandalya - played by Morgan freeman he'd be so amazing.

3. columbas - good idea i'l nick it. More interesting was the fact that he was thrown in jail when he got back to europe.

4. Battle of britain - My Grand dad was a spitfire pilet so i've always wanted to see a modern movie like this

5. Lord Nelson - The greatest Naval tactician ever! imagine Master & Comanade with 500 ships.

PS if a Director or Producer steals these ideas or has the same idea fine. but these films are too good not to make.

Columbus didnt dicover america huh

yea the vikings discovered it

1. A down-and-out sports memorabilia merchant befriends a mentally unbalanced former athlete. His ulterior motive is to coerce the athlete into committing a monumentally infamous crime, so that the merchant's collection of that athlete's memorabilia will skyrocket in value.

2. A movie star, fed up with the intrusive press and the public who support it, announces that he will investigate and expose the dirty secrets of twelve random Americans. After the first three, vice and scandal become almost non-existent in some areas, while it flourishes in others.

3. A gimmick-seeking 1930's aviatrix asks to borrow a farmer's cow, so she can be the first woman to milk a cow on a plane in flight. The farmer refuses, but when his neighbor (whom he hates) agrees, and the stunt gets the neighbor a lot of fame and recognition, the farmer becomes jealous and tries to sabotage the flight.

4. A suburban neighborhood is rocked by two warring factions wanting to have multi-home yard sales on the same summer day.

5. A broke handyman, tending the lawn for a vacationing upper-class family, is approached by a "Lovely Homes" magazine scout, who wants to feature "his" house in their next issue (for a hefty sum). The handyman agrees, and wackiness ensues as he tries to maintain the facade.

6. A kid orders the well-known rip-off "Sea Monkeys" from a comic book, and they arrive while he's at camp for two weeks. His mom absent-mindedly leaves the package on top of their leaky microwave, and when the kid returns and pours the package into the fishbowl, the Sea Monkeys have mutated and can talk, fight crimes, read minds, whatever.

These ideas have been sitting in a folder in a drawer for close to a decade. If Hollywood wants to rip them off, well...I guess I can't stop them. I would only ask them to consider where to come for more ideas when they've used up these six. Except next'll cost ya.

A Talking Dog
why don't they actually make a movie whose plot line was referenced in the Simpsons.

A break-dancing, driving instructor, robot with a talking pie as a friend go back in time for some reason.

That would be so cool. it would surley be a Michael Bay film, because {impending sarcasm} they are such a delight to watch.

Okay, here's a few:

1. Reservoir Zombies -- A film where Mr. White is resurrected from the dead to fight off zombies trying to get into the wherehouse and the dead Dogs returning as zombies. (Haha)

2. Hannibal vs. Henry -- Hannibal Lechter fights the serial killer Henry from "Henry: Portrait of a serial killer" to the death!!! (Hollywood probably would do something like that)

3. The wal-mart of the deadites -- A crazed anti-wal-mart protester finds the Necronomicon and turns the employees of a wal-mart into crazed evil deadites....unless Ash has something to say about it!

Raise your hand if you think hollywood is actually stupid enough to do these films?

(The last one would actually be pretty cool)

Darth Revan
I actually kind of like that one

I had an idea once... About a high school age kid from a poor family living in middle America who has no sense of direction in life, and has given up on making anything of himself. His parents both come from criminal type backgrounds and his father was shot a few years ago by some drug dealer he was in debt to. Then his friend, who is from Russia originally, has to go back to Russia because her father (who is dead now) was involved in some kinda major crime institution back home and there're threats on her life and scary shit like that. And no, there is no stupid sappy romantic scenario between the two main characters. roll eyes (sarcastic) So what happens after that? I'm not really sure... I was thinking it could have a really depressing ending for some reason... Like somebody gets killed or kills themself... I dunno why but for some reason it really bugs me that so many movies try to be "hopeful" while ignoring reality. This'd be staunchly dark and realistic. And it would have good music. And a lot of people would have piercings and tattoos for some reason.

If anybody besides me actually likes that idea and is a film maker, I can't really stop you from stealing it, but I'd prefer if you didn't...

A movie about a kid from the 1960s switching places with a kids from the present and seeing how they live.

a movie about a kid rebel in the 50s and 60s someone that did act all happy and Mary Poppinsey like you see on old tv shows and movies.A kid that didnt obey his parents alot and go mow the lawn right when they said to and didnt make his bed when they said to and didnt want to help hi mom with the dishes.Someone who started a rebel revolution!

Nah... indo-mongolians did some 47,000 years before them vikiiinnnngs did. smile

01. scientists accidentally discover a signal from space that activates all the dormant genes in the human body. Everybody is exposed to the signal and humans starts mutating into grotesque beings. Not all but a good percentage of the population. Namely Californians... "grin"

Lord Soth
-An medieval assassin in modern times (meaning he uses swords and knives and other things from that era), and he's hired to kill a good friend of his (anonymously). He refuses and is then in turn hunted down by the anonymous man's best hitman. Then it's a master assassin against another, in a battle of wits, skill and cunning.

It's not fully developed, in case you think is sucks

Darth Revan
They should make a movie about Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce.

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