Who has BRACES?!

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Orlando Bloom03
Just wondering how many people out there have braces... like me!!!

grr...i do. I kruffing hate 'em!

I' ve had braces for about 4 years. Your suffering will come to an end eventually yes

Orlando Bloom03
Ya pain aren't they... what colour elastics do you have? Mine are plain old silver!!!!

gone a long time ago for me thumb up

Orlando Bloom03
Lucky you...

Never have and never will. All-natural purly whites here! big grin big grin

i got mine off a couple of years ago...it's honestly going to be the happiest day of your life. If you get the chance....DON'T get the permanent retainers, get the ones you put in before you go to sleep!

Orlando Bloom03
your Lucky@!!!

Orlando Bloom03
Got 2 Go Sorry...!!!!

no braces here! happy

I actually wanted braces but was refused. I can't bite my teeth together, but then again they're not seriously unfortunate looking.

I got braces they come off in June hopefully thank god I yelled at my othadontist the other day I was in his office getting them tightedned and he sai do you have ne problems with them and im like yea there still on. and he is like well we should have them off by the fall before football and im like **** THAT I WANT EM OFF IN JUNE! i got so pissed

steely balls
i get mine off in june, they suck ass. it sucks because i had to play football with them on right after i get tightened the next day i'm at practices with a mouth guard that makes my teeth hurt like b***h i can't Wait till i get them off

O god I bet that did hurt. I was a whimp I took the spacers out after like 3 days cause i couldnt eat and when you lift as much as me eating is the second part of your life

total metalhead
i had them when i was 12 for 2 years yes

now i have teeth to match Tom Cruise big grin

Tom cruise has fake teeth because he got them knocked out when he was playing with his kids he ran up a slide and hit them on the bar and kncoed out a bunch of them

Big Dummy

total metalhead
blink for real???

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