What happened after Revolutions?

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What do you think happens after Revolutions? when the Architect says how long do you thing this peace will last. Is that indicating there will be another Smith or war?

p.s please dont say "I GUESS THATS WHAT TMO IS FOR!!!"

I guess that's what TMO is for.

No, seriously...Nothing. The Machines will keep the truce by releasing eveyone that has doubt about the Matrix being real until there are no people left in the Matrix. There will never be another Neo because there will be no doubt and there will never be another Agent because there will be no rebels. End of story.

Well....good question.....thats why the ending was left as it is.....unfortunately its ignorant and stupid to speculate at this point, wait till MxO (matrix Online) and wee will soon see.....

there's one thing about history, it tends to repeat its self. world war 1 then world war 2, gulf war 1 then gulf war 2. i believe that the peace between humans and machines would not last forever. and not everybody will be aware of the matrix so there will always be somebody plugged in. i also believe that the machines kept the anomaly code intact so they can reinsert it in the matrix for whatever contingency they decided on. and i also belive that machines and humans alike will develop, sonner or later, weapons that will spark another war. for whatever reason, there will be another war... the only question is when...

The machines can't lie...They don't have the ability to. Besides, machines never wanted this and, it is ironic that they enslaved the people of the future...Anyway, the only way that there will ever be another war is if the humans decide that they want to control the machines again...

and that is exactly whats gonna happen... we just have the knack for f*ckig sh!t up.


Mx0 is intended to be the aftermath of revolutions.. so fans can carry the story on without the bros help

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