FinalFantasy 7 for PS3

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has anyone heard about FF7 for PS3???starwars

what's the big problem with posting in the CORRECT section???


This is NOT a game and is NOT for PS3. It is a movie if you had any knowledge about FFVIIAC, which you obviously don't. And since there is already a rather large thread about ithere, and the thread's been around since September. IMO, this should just get closed now.

Yikes..looks like someone has not had their morning coffee....want me to get you a starbucks wink

Yeah Kozzy is like that, you should never mess with his final fantasy this will prob be closed just go to teh topic in teh movie section all of the info and the subtitled trailer is there

Lionheart, the quote in your profile should be "I'm sorry Wendy, but I just don't trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die" if you're taking that from the South Park movie stick out tongue

theres gonna be a FF7 movie?!!! i'm confused!!! lol!


i heard it was for game cube rock rock

JKozzy no expression

no offense but....

1-winged angel
umm in the movie the characters are:
sepiroth (might just be in the flash backs)
Aeris (might just be in the flash backs)
wheel chair person (this peron is unknown)
medium-silver haired guy (this peron is unknown)
short-silver haired guy(this peron is unknown)

1-winged angel
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Link doesn't work, 1WA

I disagree, Baka. I would mean some offense to them no expression

JKoz has some awesome footage from the moviebig grin

havent heard much about it....but id like to!

Uhm, I think the title for this thread should be changed/this should be merged with the thread in the Movie discussion, because this OBVIOUSLY is not a game and it IS NOT for PS3.

true i agree
or just plain close it
cause it really doesnt affect anything

I still don't understand why they let this thread last this long What the f**k? no

Ummm.... People are idiots (cept JKozzy). Seriously. I'm not a very big FF fan, but even I knew that FF7: Advent Children was a movie. I hated the PS game FF7, too cartoony and not a great storyline. Personally, I think FF8 should be made into a movie, not 7. I'm not the producer though...

Yakuza Princess
Since when has there been a PS3?! What the f**k?

For a while, they don't snap their fingers and *presto* there's a new game system; it's been in development for quite some time now. And this thread should be closed, there is no FFVII for PS3, the thread creator was just confused with FFVII: Advent Children, which is a movie (

just leave it open, let people discuss FF7's possibilities for PS3, theres no harm being caused here smile

Bah, dave you're ruining my fun bashing the noobs stick out tongue

I doubt there would be a FFVII for PS3 anyway, but with the release of Advent Children in Japan this summer, and in the US hopefully over Winter, (, the movie may actually be the longest teaser trailer ever made for a sequel, that would be pretty cool! eek! By the time the movie's out, it would be a waste to make it on PS2, SquareEnix should wait 'till PS3. Who knows, maybe it's in development as we type shifty

lmao are you people serious? rofl... oh my god.. someone should close this swiftly

Yakuza Princess
Ok, no-one has answered my question. Since when has there been a ps3? I'd really appreciate it if someone could explain.

Lord Ryugen
The PS3 has been scheduled for release in late 2005-early 2006. Aparently when interviewed someone from square-enix said that if they were going to do another sequel like FF-X2 they would like to do a sequel of FFVII. This started of a lot of rumours about a FFVII sequel but as far as I know there won't be a sequel. (And with the amount of games mags I buy I'd know pretty damm fast big grin )

I already did.

shadow blade
okay sorry tom say this but there are tons of final fnatasy movies already out they are manga but still they are realy good and i would think a ree do of ff7 for a ps3 would be good better graphics and stuff

shadow blade
and i am realy sorry for putting tom in that last message my freind was talking to me while i was writing

Yakuza Princess
I think a ff7 sequel would be cool! Alot of people don't want there to be because they liked theorising about the ending. But seeing as there's already ff7:ac alot of the theories that humans were wiped out are now going to be disproved anyway, so to a sequel: Yay or Nay? I say yay! As long as they kept the controls and battle sequence the same and don't try to over complicate it. That's what makes me hate ff10 so much! Though they'd probably update the graphics, which means there won't be as many jokes about it. Like on this Aeris death spoof I read which goes a little like this: "My mouth is fingers are tingling....MY ASS IS SPIKY!" I couldn't stop laughing for five days afterwards! Also the translation would be better so there would be no "Midgal" or "Off course!". But I'm still for a sequel, so to eveyone:
Yay or Nay?

i agree with u too!!
this message board seemed to stray off-topic!
this person who made this message board's lack of knoledge
of ffvII is surprising!! he or she needs 2 read more on what other people
tell him.

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