Best Bronsan Bond?

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My vote goes for Goldeneye, it brought back some of the hardcore Connery feel.

Although Tomorrow Never Dies had Michelle Yeoh love

Goldeneye definitely

with TWINE as the weakest

GOLDENEYE!!! Sing it TINA!!! big grin

just to give people more info about his movies (cause it's not a poll):
Brosnan's Bond movies:

Die Another Day
The World Is Not Enough
Tomorrow Never Dies

Goldeneye- Xenia Onnatopp ruled stick out tongue

gun_bandanaNo Doubtgunsmiliespam_lasertanktomcat

hehe, especially the tank fits in nicely wink

my fav is ...Goldeneye rock

None compare to goldeneye

Lord Shadow Z
Tommorow Never Dies

Die Another Day, followed closely by Goldeneye.

DaD???? messed

Yeap, what's wrong with that? stick out tongue

you want the entire LIST? eek!

Well, your taste is bad stick out tongue

ask around, you'll find that you're the only one who liked it stick out tongue

Die another day was good (compared to TWINW and TND), but Goldeneye is still the best ever.

That scene at the begginning, falling into the falling plane

yay, eleveninches! thumb up stick out tongue
See, yerss? big grin

And I don't care what anybody else thinks stick out tongue

I noticed, they should lock you up for liking it. making it an offence to common sense

hmph stick out tongue

I love Goldeneye - except for that "falling plane" bit. Er, craaap!

nope, it is actually possible to do that ... very unlikely though

all of brosnans bonds are great...but my list is
tommorow never dies
die another day
and the world is not eneoph

persoanlly i loved die another day.....great movie..except for one scene... but one scene dosent make or break a movie...anyone who thinks so is a dumbass for one thing...and probably not a bond fan for another...say what you will......but bond is forever...(sounds like a good video game title)

OMG another DAD fan! YAY! big grin
You know what I didn't like in Die Another Day? The disappearing car roll eyes (sarcastic)

and berry

Goldeneye Rocked

Nopes, Berry was thumb up

ugly, big ego and definitly wasn't suited for the part... what do you mean than with thumb up ?

ugly? have you seen MANY ugly looking women like her? just take a look around yes
big ego? I think you can't say that without knowing her in person.... which you don't stick out tongue
not suited for the part... that's on the eye of the beholder. IMO she was excellent for the part, hence the thumb up

ok, than lets talk about what we CAN discuss according to you

if she worked for the government, the USA wouldn't stand a chance when a real treat would happen

same goes with all the JB actors, cause they're not real agents or trained for that

no, I mean, ie, look at how she holds the gun
she most of the time forgets she has it in her hand

laughing out loud in which scene of DAD?

Like every scene lol laughing

there ya go big grin

I really dont think a falling man can fall faster than a falling plane....but maybe thats Bond-physics for you.

My biggest problem with Golden Eye is James' hair in the first scene.....Showaddywaddy or what!!

you can do that, just chances are rather very low

if the wind blows up against the plane, it slows it down
and if you can manage to catch a stream where the wind is going DOWN, you can fall faster than a plane... just the chances of it really happening are near nihil

RobBo I said; Bond-physics! wink

just a big heap of luck wink

The Redeemer
I think TOMORROW NEVER DIES is the best of the Brosnan Bonds. It has a nice hard edge reminiscent of OHMSS and DAF and a contemporary, on topic storyline which harks back to the halcyon days of the Connery Bonds. It's the only one - post LTK - that I've actually bought. sad

than what have you against Goldeneye?

The Redeemer
Originally posted by yerssot
than what have you against Goldeneye? [/QUOTE

It's like FYEO. Trying to keep the Bond fans happy while trying to attempt a new direction for 007...

Down a Corsican bobsleigh run, perhaps?. sad

well, most of the bond fans were happy, so I don't see the problem

Mrs Brosnan
Tomorrow never dies but the car in that was crap for the car it would be DAD for that sssswwwwweeeeeeeeettt aston martin V12 vanquish i love that car

the car is crap and you prefer a stupid vanishing car? ... I don't see the logic

Mrs Brosnan
not because it vanishes i think that is a bit far fetched even for a bond film i just think the car is just so nice

oh, the car in general? yeah, that was a sweet one smile

Red Superfly
Die Another Day for was like Moonraker for me - it was perfectly enjoyable, but it didn't feel like James Bond.

James Bond is supposed to be in the modern age with concievable gadgets that COULD work. The remote control car in TND would work, the Tazer phone too. The exploding pen and even the belt grappling hook from Goldeneye all were very James Bond.

Die Another Day was bordering on the rediculous and there was too much CGI. For a film series that prided itself on superb LIVE stunt work, Die Another Day was a backwards step. Everything from the stupid, stupid invisible car, to the diamonds in the face, to the shape shifting people, to the freakin surfing agents made it stupid and more like a Charlies Angels flick.

Halle Berry was eye candy sure, but she was INCREDIBLY ANNOYING eye candy - with an awful name.

I personalliy think Goldeneye is one of the best Bonds period. It reminds me of the traditional Connery flicks while at the same time being completely convincing (as far as Bond goes). The story was much more personal this time for Bond with villain Sean Bean doing a great job. Everybody remembers the TANK! That was some great sickness. sorry Boris (Grishenko?) topped it off nicely with "I am invincible!".

I hate uneccessary CGI, hate it with a passion, because I can see it a mile away, in films like Spiderman and The Hulk, you NEED it, but i think films like DAD come up with ideas to use especilally with CGI just to show off, not the other way around. Live action scenes are far more impressive. Compare the smaller scale stunt of the car park scene or the bike and chopper scene in TND, to the fake looking climax to DAD. No contest.

And the game on the N64 ROCKED! EA are even remaking it (gonna screw it up I just know it!) for the modern consoles.

Tomorrow Never Dies was superb also, but ever since the height of Goldeneye, the Brosnan flicks has declined in quality with each new release.

I actually liked the diamonds in the face of Zao, the shape shifting ... real gene therapy... I think that's too advanced to get in a bond movie already

and finally, someone who agrees that Halle was incredibly wrong casted as jinx! but to say a stupid name... Plenty O'Tool, Octopussy, ... there are a lot of incredibly stupid female names, it's something JB like.

and btw, there will be NO remake of Goldeneye! it will continue the story; but by no means is it a remake

generaly, I think Goldeneye was the best too, but it's not that the others are that bad, just not so good big grin

What do you mean, that COULD work? messed I don't get that part.

I agree on you on SOME parts, for example I thought the part after the ice hotel, where JB is in that super-duper car and then climbs on a top of ice thingy to slide... TOO extreme roll eyes (sarcastic) And too Charlie's Angels-like, yeah!
But I quite enjoyed the diamonds, the whole gene idea, Halle Berry AND the name Jinx (which was original, cute and... well... I've no idea why you don't like it messed )
I overall enjoyed the movie in general big grin

And what's CGI? embarrasment

Red Superfly
Computer Generated Imagery - the bane of modern film-makin. It's always used when it's not needed *points to the new Star Wars movies*

I meant "COULD work" as in the fact that an exploding pen, a remote control car and hidden missile launchers could work. An invisible car is plain wrong. Invisible to radar? Sure! Invisible to infra-red or thermal vision? Why not? Invisible to the NAKED FREAKIN EYE? Come on.

Ahh, I get what you mean... Yeah, the invisible car idea was very silly indeed.

if they want to make it invisible to infrared than they should find a way to get the motor not to heat up at all

The Redeemer
Look...the whole film was pathetic crap!!! Never mind the nit picking!!! roll eyes (sarcastic) smokin'

it's to nitpick it to death

Red Superfly
It would be easy to make it invisible to infra-red, for Q-lab (R-lab?)anyway. You don't make the motor any different, you just make the shell out of an anti-heat material, like a variant of the stuff Navy SEALS and that use when they go on missions.

The thing that bugged me about it was, that if British Secret Services could make an invisible car, they could make invisible helicopters, invisible jet fighters. It's too "powerful" technology for a Bond movie.

Like, nobody would be able to have a war. Why would Bond even have a job, they'd be like:

Defense Minister: "M we need Bond to go on a mission stop a war breaking out"

M: "Don't you have that invisible army, with the invisible missiles and invisible jets?"

Defense Minister: "Oh yeah, ha. Forget Bond, we'll just wipe the floor with them in the first few minutes when the war breaks out. I love that cake you made M, delicious!"

See what I mean?

well, the point is that during the movie it shows on the infrared and such, so it didn't use the anti-heat thing

The World Is Not Enough / Goldeneye

I just can't believe some people in here think Die Another Day was his best, you got to be kidding me. It was terrible.

As for his best film, for me it's Tomorrow Never Dies. Even then, I'm not fussed about the Brosnan era.

The World is Not Enough had the sexiest Bond woman out of all the Brosnan film girls though, played by Sophie Marceau.

no, I think the movie is terrible but that he acts really good in it

Darth Martin
Goldeneye or Tommorow Never Dies

Zack Fair
Originally posted by MildPossession

The World is Not Enough had the sexiest Bond woman out of all the Brosnan film girls though, played by Sophie Marceau.

Agreed. I'm still in love with her.

Without a shadow of a doubt it has to be GoldenEye.

Die Another Day and you spelled his name wrong.

Mr Parker
Originally posted by VenomVA
GOLDENEYE!!! Sing it TINA!!! big grin
yeah thats no contest.Goldeneye.we have Tina singing and the hot looking Famke Jansson as the villain.cant beat that combo. Happy Dance

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