is venom good or bad

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well is he? im not sure

Asian Hulk
maybe he is like a vigilante.he can reciprocating corrupted politician and cops.Venom is just a Marvel vigilante.not a villain and not a hero.just like supervigilante like Catwoman,Magneto and Juggernaut .

He is a viglante to the nth degree. He kills anyone committing any crime. But even though he does have 'good' qualities he is still willing to kill anyone who gets in the way of anything he is trying to do, whether they are good or bad.

Red Superfly
He's a goodie these days in terms of intentions. He is a good guy in the same way The Punisher is considered a good guy.

Yeah, but still kills anyone who gets in his way. He does have the good intentions, I'm pretty sure he is still looked upon as a bad guy by allot of other characters in the Marvel universe.

Venom is cool as hell, and a great adversary of Spider-Man too. But I can't say he's a good guy. He has killed innocent people (some warden who got in the way for example, and if I remember correctly, also a young police-officer).

In my book, that's not what a good guy is supposed to do. He's a good comic-character with a bad personality.

It varies according to the version of Spider-Man being done.

In the comic book continuum everything has to have been tried. Even Mary Jane would be a bad character if you purposefully look for it in all the scenarios. Batman has killed many times, despite his oath never to kill.

He is usually put in both the hero and villain categories.

Id say he has potential to be good. but really he is a brutal killer, a vigilante is basically what he is all about.

He only goes to extremes when trying to kill spiderman, even tho he had no problem killing inocent bystanders.

but the monster Venom is completly evil,venom,10.jpg

If you've ever read the Maximum Carnage series there is a point where he throws himself in the path of some 'symbiote daggers' meant for a guard. he has evil and good tendancies. I don't think he really fits perfectly into either category.

Asian Hulk
Venom fight against Doc Ock,Dr.Doom,Green Goblin,Lizard and even Carnage.but Venom saved Spidey's life.

Red Superfly
He's a bit unstable - flicking from bad intentions to the next.

You know like when you are in a bad temper and somehow lose control for a brief moment? You can be the most docile and well-mannered person, and something can set you off. Venom's in this state all the time I think. He can sometimes think logically, but I think his "temper curve" can challenge the Hulks at times.

Also, he's part alien, who knows what sort of screwed up idea of right and wrong he has?

Venom is a villian, but not a villian in the sense that he wants to take over the world or steal money. He is a villian because he has killed "innocent" people before (such as a guard when he broke out of prison resulting in the creation of the Jury). He does however protect people from other criminals so long as they're not in his way (not trying to stop him directly) on several occasions he's saved people around him while going after Spidy and most recently Carnage.

Basically when Venom first came out and was only trying to kill Spidy, his prison guards and police in his way were fair game to harm and sometimes killed. However, after making peace with Spidy Venom acted much like other heros in saving people and using non leathal force against police coming after him. Now presently Venom is more of just the Symbiote now and doesn't seem to want to just kill people, but does kill people in prusuit of whatever it's going after.

Darth Jello
isn't eddie brock dead from cancer?

He was supposed to be, but they said the Symbiote obsorbed his "esence" witch was bullshit((much like my current view of the Marvel Tsunami Venom)) becuase it acts nothing like Brock. and the Symbiote can seperate like mitosis

the new Symbiote dosent really need a host, it can act on its own now.

BUT this is contradicting becuase from what ive seen Venom vs Carnage has Brock and the Symbiote together again.

BUT again MAYBE Brock is still alive, he could have found treatment. Spidey attempted to hospitalize him but instead tossed him into the Symbiote becuase it can keep him alive.

but back to subject
the monster Venom is evil

If the real Venom also exist's he should be good. the last apperance of Brock showed him as pretty much burnt out on killing Spiderman.

Eddie Brock is alive and recently was captured and confined by the Fantastic Four who extracted the symbiote from Brock's body. Reed Richards was observing both Brock and his "other" with the help some some alien technology in the form of a spontaneously replicating spider- like robotic creature--Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. then stole one of the creatures for his personal use--as Fury and team were to find the real Venom--still known to be inhabiting the body of Eddie Brock and recapture and contain Brock and the symbiote.
Meanwhile, the second Venom, created from the original Venom's severd tongue,and the pet project of a man known simply as "Bob" was en route to NY city, inhabiting the body of a woman named Patricia Robertson--whom he assimilated in a remote arctic radar station. The second Venom killed countless victims on his way to New York, and encountered Wolverine along the way, and in an ensuing scuffle temporarily absorbed Logan as well, giving him a set of adamantium claws. Yikes. Currently, the second Venom is enmeshed within Fury's own team, who are poised and ready to attempt to recapture Venom, with a little help from your friendly neighborhood spider-man.
So, yeah, Brock is alive. It took me a while to find out exactly what happened, if you haven't read Spectacular Spider-man #s 1-5--you should check them out--I wasn't exactly wild about the art at first (though some of it is really very beautiful), but it grows on you before long. But Spectacular Spidey's Eddie Brock isn't anything like the Brock we're accustomed to. In this version of the spidey universe, Brock is a semi-slow-witted fugitive, dying of an adrenal-related cancer, and starving for the affection of the symbiote, who again, has turned it's attention to Spider-man, the only host it ever wanted...

WHAT!?! holy crap, I quite reading that "Venom" series after run becuase it got to crazy......

but Im gonna have to go get those issues If Brock is in them....

time to get the old catalog.....

it's all up to the writers, if they are running out of material venom will be a bad guy, if the writers have enough ideas, venom will be a good guy. Venom can go both way's. In lethal protectors he was good, in his comic book he is a good guy, He doesnt have ambition to kill spiderman anymore, and even fights along side of him now. Every ounce in a while though venom will get a good scheme in his head and go off on a little rampage, and spiderman will have to intervein beating down venom, and venom and spidermans pact is out the window, thus venom will hunt down spidey in the next few issues. Today venom is more or less a good guy with a vigilante mixture

He's a vigilante, yo! He's a good guy, but not a goody-goody good guy. Brock has got the symbiote to deal with, and sometimes it has it's own agenda, you know, so sometimes people die at Venom's hands. it's the internal conflict that makes him so interesting, I think.

none of them venom is the ugly,spiderman the good, and carnage the bad . problem solved?

LOL, Never thought of it that way but it kinda makes sense....

But I agree with Rageremourse in the whole storyline resutls in Venom's mood, they really went overt kill with the Story in Venom vs Carnage. so Im thinking we will see the best character interaction between Venom, Carnage, Spiderman and the few bit players tagging along

I thought bringing this thread out again might please some of the truer Venom fans in the forum. Any of you who are not reading the Tsunami series--and shame on you if you're not--really ought to start. This story is really heating up, but the book will get lost in the shuffle with the impending release of Spidey2 and the Venom vs. Carnage ltd. series due out the same day.
The current arc, "twist" features Venom and the cloned symbiote, hosted by Patricia Robertson, Spidey and the Fantastic Four. The art is done by the fabulous Skottie Young, and if you don't like him, then you can p*ss off. If you do, however you can check out more from Skottie and the whole LedHeavy posse at

Stormy Day
In the spider-man games he was always really funny but he still did bad things so im not sure either.I think on the outside he likes to have fun but on the inside hes evil.

Red Superfly
In the Spider-man games he was a freakin idiot! He was nothing more than a big slobbering teddy-bear!

I still have that game and at first I was lovin' Venom in 3D and getting to chase him through buildings and stuff, but then after his fight with Spidey he seemed to turn into a buffoon! He was like The Thing!

Yeah, maybe. But, c'mon, you've gotta admit that Daran Norris' voicework as Venom was pretty great.

Stormy Day
He was still funny me and my buddies where always cracking up at him.

Red Superfly
Oh sure he was funny, I never said I didn't like him.

You have to admit, he was a bumbling buffoon.

That's okay considerring the Spiderman game was very family-orientated. You can't really have Venom as the big psychotic sociopath going round killing people for dropping litter can you?

The Spiderman game falls into the "kids-7-page-A4-size-comic" category. You know, the kind of comic that comes with a free Spiderman badge and stickers. Venom's a big stupid ape here.

No worries, it was a kick ass game, I loved it considerring the cheap "oh there's gas on the floor thats why you die if you try to go down to the streets" tactics they used. I loved the chase at the end with Carnage-Ock (Or is it Ock-Carnage? Or Doctor Carnage? Argh imagine that!).

Stormy Day
Yeah he is a bufoon I geuss your right with the family oriented thing smile

Amen. It's clean dialogue that still manages to be both cute and funny at the same time. I have 3 sons--ages 7, 5, and 4, and they all love this game. My 7 year old beat Monster-Ock--I haven't been able to do that.

Stormy Day

I beat both the games and the last part of Spider-Man where you had to run from beat carnage and then run from him was the hardest sad

He's a good guy, a siper hero, who is an enemy of Spider-Man. That about sums it up.

DeAdLy KaRnAgE
i think hes good and bad

Koto K
Venom is a BAD ass. I wouldn't classify him as EVIL, but he is bad. Sort of like how someone mentioned the Punisher. I'd rate them about the same really. Evil is I think someone who lacks any quality of remorse or empathy. Both Eddie Brock and the symbiote have shown remorse in the past, so I don't think it's fair to call either of them evil.

Exactly. As I said before--like Frank Castle, Eddie Brock and his "other" are vigilantes. Not without conscience and compassion--just don't piss them off.

in the cartoons they promote him as a villain as oppose to a vigilante but in the comics hes more of a protector, like when someones getting raped he'll save him/her just like spidey so there sort of the same although venom doesnt care that much about things like spider-man, like venom would stop a robber but only if its in his what im trying to say is venom doesnt go looking for crimes to happen as oppose to spider-man which does, but venom will stop a crime if hes on his way somewhere and he'll see it then he'll stop it.

but i think venom is a little more crueler to the robbers or rapists as to which spider-man will hang them in a web and wait for cops venom will like kill them or throw them in to the river or something like that.

Well, It's kind of complicated, so let me explain this as simply as I can. (BTW, I'm going to go through the Whole Story).

First, Venom was a Symbiote that attempted to possess Peter Parker as the Well-Known 'Black Suit' that Peter wore a few times. However, in realising what the Black Suit was doing to him, Peter rejected the Black Suit, and it came into possession of Eddie Brock, whereas it transformed into the so-called 'Venom'. At this point, Venom was a Supervillan.

However, as far as I know, Venom became an Agent when the Symbiote came into possession of Flash Thompson. Then is really when Venom became a sort-of good guy.

So I would think Venom as a Anti-Hero. He is not a Super-Good-Kind-Fly-Out-The-Window-And-Save-The-Damsel-In-Distress sort of hero, as he does kill people for even the Slightest Crimes, however, Spiderman and Venom both do have One Enemy in common, which is Carnage, in which Venom Hates because Carnage has no pride.

Too much information? Who Cares. I spent 7 minutes of my Whole Life writing that paragraph.

Venom (Eddie Brock) is bad because in his warped delusional mind Spider-Man is a wrong for not using lethal force as in killing foes even when it undeniably isn't necessary so simply because he can and because he can, he blames Spider-Man for screwing up his life when he didn't check the source of the guy that confessed so not Spider-Man's fault along with the aftermath also Spider-Man in no damn way at all gave Eddie cancer, he stalked Mary Jane which terrified her attempts to murder Spider-Man because in his warped mind he's the hero and Spider-Man is a villain, also a Cannibal, add in he believes murder and intimidation are the same thing if I recall right.

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