If you could be in any movie what would it be?

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I would love to have been in Freddy vs. Jason stick out tongue, I'm sure they could have fitted my character in there some where, one of the main characters of course and I wouldn't mind getting killed off just so long as it was near the end.

What movie would you love to be in the most?

Final Destination id love to be in a cool death scene!

Episode III Star Wars.

I would want to be a jedi who fights galliantly against the Empire. But who is forced to go underground and become a smuggler.

Once Upon A Time In Mexico.

Rogue Jedi
debbie does dallas..... Happy Dance


Rogue Jedi
porn.....i wanna be in porn!!!!!!!!!not!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i wanna be in tombradier cause lara is awsome!!!! shes sexy and fit and can kick asssssss!!!!!gunsmilie

Rogue Jedi
yeah....i wanna star as the seat on her motorcycle.



johnny.d girl
every1 proberly nows w i'm gonna say but i'd like 2 be in ant johnny depp film!!!!!!! maaaahahahahahahahaaaaa!!!!! LOL

I'd love to be in freddy vs Jason too!
also in house of 1000 corpses and LOTR

I would pick both Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill. I would love to wear the black suits and be a hitman.

That would be cool WD...I should have thought of that..hmmmmmm.

Maybe in a Matirx flick cast as a ship's captain.

Once upon in Mexico also has some good hitman. wink

Neo or either Spidey!

xmen fan
i think i would be in the haunted mansion,yanno! since mr.gracey kisses elizabeth,i would have loved to be her,even tho shes dead! he's maGER hottie!

shake zula
i wanna be in the matrix, kill bill, a jedi in star wars-- the newer ones, just because of the kick a$$ stunts and sfx...

An adult movie with Lindsey lohan and rose mcgowan and avril lavigne

xmen fan

I would also love to be in Freddy vs. Jason 2 or Jeepers Creepers 2 as a phychic chick like in JP 2.

xmen fan
ok your just cool!

I would like to be in Pirates of the Carribbean cos it would mean i could do swordfighting and stunts and dressup and sail the seven seas!!! Either that or Lord of the Rings as long as it was a character with a sword.

Or!! I would wanna be in Tomorrow When the War Begun which they havent made ye t but are going to!

I would be in one as long as the following babes were in it as well:

Jennifer Love Hewitt.
Hillary Duff.
Jessica Alba.
Kristanna Loken.
Monica Bellucci.

But that to the side for a moment, a normal movie, be it action or horror or what ever, well i`d like to be in a zombie movie, a decent one mind not some trash made from a video game.

lil bitchiness
Kill Bill baby!!! All the way...

The Matrix also, or any epic film, like Trojan war films, or Alexander or something along those lines. yes

Leon the Professional, or the Professional
La Femme Nikita big grin
Lost In Transalation
Lord of the Rings Trilogy

I'd have to agree. Anything with Johnny Depp will do

xmen fan
yeah,he's cute,him and nathanule parkerembarrasmentff of the haunted mansion!!!!!!!!!!!! love

I would like to be in a movie with older actors who won't be along much longer sad

That said I think LotR and PotC would rock big grin
Also Tomb Raider, or any James Bond movie, I would love to be a bond girl embarrasment

And teen movies such as Mean Girls, cuz I live that everyday smile

You actually wouldn't get to do your own stunts in a movie, your just there to act. The insurance companys wouldn't let you.

depends which movie erm

Actually its more the director not letting you cos its to risky to have the star getting insured and stopping production.
Insurance company cant stop you from doing stuff, if they dont like it they drop you. Its as simple as that smile

I'm with ya silva. It would be funny to be in a movie like LOTR, POTC, Tomb Raider (specially for the scenery in these!And Angie in TR stick out tongue) also a cop thriller like The bone collector, Taking Lives or Seven.

The Lord of the Rings movies, probably. Epics. big grin

As for upcoming movies, the Hitchhiker's Guide!! xD

Oh...I forgot X-men! I'd love to be an x-(wo)men!

Dario Argento
The Good The Bad And The Ugly.

And I would win the final duel.

lil bitchiness
I wouldnt mind playing in a film like Jaw Braker...yes

Im into thrillers as well, being in some films like Blow would be cool, or Bella Mafia or something like that....yes

Oh yeah. X-Men. I'd like to be in a X-Men movie too.

Jaw Breaker eek! perfect movies evil face

I wouldn't mind being in a X-Men either, getting to hang out with those hunks drool like Hugh Jackman

Any movie with massive battle scene.

Sounds good to me! big grin

Definately a porno with some sexy celebs


I would love to play Gandalf in Lord of the Rings or Harry in the Harry Potter series

I'd have to say Road House. So I could throw a match into Patrick whathisname's hair and see it go up in flames. While he is running around trying to put it out I'd run him over with a truck. GOD I HATE THAT MOVIE!!! mad

Tired Hiker
I would want to be in the original Muppet Movie as a Muppet in the band, Electric Mayhem. yes

One of those cheesy chinese kung fu movies. Im all interested ina ll the shaolin stuff and i do loads of martial arts and weapons so i reckon id own the screen. big grin

The Tai Chi Master or Enter The Dragon

I would definetely be Nathan Algren in The Last Samurai. That movie kicks ass.

Tired Hiker
I'd want to be Eric Bana in HULK! yes

Spike Eccles
has to be wild things, playing the thong of Denise Richard's character.

Failing that, I'd like to be Orwell Robbie shooting Chris Rock in Jackie Brown. I don't like him, you see....

what film does this quote come from?

'Let's go.
'Why not?'

Eric Bana's so hot! love

I would love to be in Spider-Man 2 as a girl thats captured by Doc Ock and my hero Spidey comes and rescues me......

Darth Maul, Star Wars - Episode One

i thiink it would have to lotr ttt or potc

I would be in Edges of the Lord so i could kiss Haley Joel Osment!

This is easy. It would have to be FREDDY VS JASON!!!!! The movie industries by far best villians. I would love to be taken out by either of them in death scene. - Travis

Stormy Day
Final Destination and The Sixth Sense.

The Matrix for sure big grin

Only one?
well I am going to name more, so ha.
here is my list
Lord of the rings, star wars, harry potter, Cleopatra, batman, pirates of the Carribbean.
there are more, but those are my top favorite.

Star Wars

I'd like to be in Lord of the Rings or in Pirates of the Caribbean ... as Arwen or Elizabeth... or maybe as Eowyn...

(sorry for my English but I'm a young Swiss girl..

embarrasment blink confused pirate

Max Power
oh that's so easy.

The Godfather.

xmen fan
lord of the rings!!!! as a elve

lil bitchiness
Any film, where i get to have numerous sex scenes with Brad Pitt.

BOPRecruit 16
I would have loved to been in...

lord of the rings
harry potter
x-men 2 or 3
once upon a time in mexico
the last samurai
american outlaws

etc etc etc! big grin

harry potter...can u imagine working besides dan and rupert?!!!!ooohhh i'm sure i'll get along fine with them...and they are both hilarious!
and oh the joy of critisisng emma to her face!!!!HAHA!

Dario Argento
Me too stick out tongue


american pie

as someone said in the Appendices for LOTR, i WOULD PAY to be in the cast, even if it was a background character

Lord of the Rings, I would've passed out snacks, as long as I was part of it lol

Any movie with Eric Bana!

I would be in any thing with Elisha Cuthbert, even if it was that crap tv show 24

Blade Runner

LOTR as a urak-hai child running around

I'd be a jedi in one of the star wars films

any movie with johnny depp in it!!!!! drool

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