my problem with the cast of harry potter 3

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i absolutely hate who they got to play sirius! hes my favorite character (mind you i wasnt happy when he died) and they got this weird ittalian french dude with a bushy mustache its so ..... god!!!

I Love Sirius
You must not be a Gary Oldman fan. I've seen most of his movies, and he's usually the villian. I actually think he's great for the part. He doesn't have to work hard to get the sinister look going, and his choice of using a different accent for every single movie that he's made actually works for the films too. I think he's a great Sirius.

i ll second that

by the way stop the presses ive just seen an advert in my local paper the guardian that uci are going to be selling tickets for poa from tomorrow for showings from the 31st of may not june 4 maybe its the same accross the country way hey Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance

i also saw lupin hes ok i think they couldve gotton a better person

Sirius seemed to look younger in the book though...but yeah, its fine who plays him I am not picky

well....sirius was supposed to be handsomemad, and with a mustache???confused i hope he shaves it all of! PLZ eek!

I Love Sirius
Actually, when you speak of mustache.........I don't recall the book saying Lupin had a mustache. David Thewlis doesn't look like the way I pictured Lupin. But maybe his character work will be great in this movie and I'll get past the whole image thing. As for the fact that Sirius is supposed to be handsome, I think that once Sirius aka Gary Oldman showers and recovers a bit after fleeing from Hogwarts, he will be a lot more better looking. Trust me, Gary Oldman can be VERY Good looking at times. big grin

Gary Oldman is a VERY good actor...the fact that he might not look the part is more acceptable than someone who looks right but can't get the character right imo.

why dont we watch the film b4 we decide wether we think gary is upto playing sirius from what ive seen of his work i think he will be perfect to play our beloved sirius give him a chance guys hes an excellent actor

To be fair though, he doesn't look anything like he's described in the books.

true but dan has blue eyes an noone minds that they arnt green cool iam sure he ll di a fine job

I thougfh Jonny Deep plays Sirius???

Yeah, me too. And I was hoping they could get Orlando Bloom or Hayden Christensen to play somebody but. . . . oh well.
And I really think Max Kasch would have made an amazing Cedric Diggory, but he's American and I doubt they'd go for him.

Oh and Dan was meant to wear contact lenses to make his eyes green, but he wouldn't wear them. . .

iam sure non of us mind he does have lovelly eyes

Rowlings wants only British actors for her characters. So i doubt that Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom would be in any future HP movies.

Daniel couldn't wear the contacts because there was some sort of allerigic reaction when he tried to put them on.

Well, at first I disliked who they cast for Sirius, but once I saw the movie, his acting changed my mind!

And why wouldn't Orlando Bloom be able to be in it? I don't necessarily think he should, but he's most definitely English, a Londoner in fact!

/\ LOL!!!! orlando bloom as sirius, now thats a thought

I'm really not concerined about if he looks like sirius, the acting is what we went to see, i'm just glad a good actor got the job

yeah but everybody that read POA had this version of sirius / lupin ... and everybodys was differnet so when they cast the character its more like wot they thought he would look like than than wot we thought he would look like ???

Gary oldman was great to play sirius.. he is a great all-round actor in everything he does he is soo convincing
he was a great choice

Hayden christenson woulda made a good cedric.

Why are old threads just popping up?

Realize that Sirius just escaped Azkabam after a good 13 or so years. Although his transformation to a dog saved him from the degeneration most experience while in the presence of Dementors, he still suffered, justifying his more wasted look. The female Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange was suppose to be a beauty, but she even showed wear after her own escape.

Wat that person said yes

well i think gary oldman & david thewlis were both GREAT picks! wink

Sir Ian Makellen(Gandalf, LOTR movies) shoulda been Dumbledore.

im sry but ian has already had his fun w/ gandalf so i think somebody else should hav a chance w/ dumbledore
i mean ian is kool & all i guess but hes formally known as THE GANDALF GUY around the world already & i dont think he should b known around the world as THE DUMBLEDORE GUY as well
let somebudy else hav the spotlight wink

~Air Angel~
true......... but he's a great wizard actor...................

i like the old dumbledore better than the new one........... but we'll see how well he does in GOF...if he's still signed up.

Tom Felton is not attractive enough to play Draco Malfoy in my opinion.

Dracula for teh win!

agreed..and so do my friends

thats just what we wanted to happen big grin

Sir Ian MacKellan = The perfect Dumbledore there is.

they actually did go to ian mckellan first. but he was too busy working on the X-Men movies


i am perfectly content with gary oldman playing sirius, i did have a different image in my head, but gary oldman worked as well, and i'm usually picky when it comes to favorite characters

i thought G.Oldman was good at sirius tho its thewlis i thought was dodgy

When the new actors show up, they are never the way I picture them, like the woman they picked for skeeter, I pictured her to be younger, like 20's, but once I see them doing the part they satisfy me...

i pictured her to be younger too..but like u say they arent going to be like we pictured them when we read the books

You may hate what you may want, others will love what they love...
Too late now to change the cast...

^exactly wink

syko freak
Originally posted by Phoenix
thats just what we wanted to happen big grin my oint exacly n i dnt lyk the guy who plays voldemort hes 2 hot lol

laughing out loud

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