Poetical Justice

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OK, so I just wrote this to Milla in a PM, and she said I could post it here embarrasment

I'd rather it was in the Artwork Forum coz she Mods here, and I kinda know her, so.......

"I'm on blue, I'm on black,
Hell, I'm even on crack!
I'm on Acid, I'm stoned,
I don't like being alone........
I'm saying a Prayer,
Coz there's apples everywhere,
Oh dear, KMC,
What have you done to me?

Raz is a Drug Lord,
And the Mods are his Runners,
I'm addicted, never bored,
Coz nowhere's as fun as,
This place, got me crying whenever I'm away,
But once I sit down, type, chat and play,
I feel almost complete,
Just one thing I need,
Different colours, sod Default,
And a Phat bag of weed!"

It was in answer to her telling me about the different colour schemes you can have on KMC, the way you view it etc.

She said that the green one (not here anymore) had apples on it, making her think of LSD laughing

So, I wrote the first thing that popped into my head, as per usual roll eyes (sarcastic)

I have more, and I figured you Artists could have a pop at some poetry in here too, creativity extended so to speak stick out tongue


It feels odd, not being the other woman,
Looking out at the other woman,
Watching her struggle,
Fight with her feelings, desperation,
It overflows into my space,
Makes me feel like, I'm the bad guy,
I don't know why,
But I know I've got to try,
Not to make the other woman,
Feel, like the other woman.

All you ladies must know how this feels, when some guy actually chooses you over someone else, and by rights you should be ecstatic, but you kinda feel like you did something wrong sad

A Gentle Warning.

Violence is not the answer, I've been told,
But I didn't ask a question.
Violence will only bring regret, they say,
But I felt only satisfaction.
Violence doesn't solve a thing, I hear,
But I didn't need a solution.
When will people realise,
Their opinions are not welcome,
And stay the hell away?
Violence may be the only thing I have left.

You know how sometimes you get to the point where you're screaming and no-one's listening? Like, they're all telling you to calm down, that you're being silly, but no-one's actually hearing you? Well, that's how I was feeling when I wrote this one.

Till Death Do Us Part.

Promises tumble all to easily from your lips.
Vows? They cascade rapidly towards the floor.
I don't I believe you any more.

Apologies leap from you like fleas from a dog.
Regrets? Assurances from you there will be none.
I don't believe the dark has gone.

Laughter rings freakishly through the cold around us.
Happiness? A feeling long lost to the both of us.
I don't believe your theory of 'trust'.

Silence envelops me and you fade slowly.
I Swear? You said it. You swore.
I don't think I can ever believe you any more.

Basically, this is how I have felt in the past whilst in a relationship. Regardless of marriage, you know when you feel like you might as well be married, because you feel so trapped.

lil bitchiness
Way to go Syren!! clap


Cheers hun......

Jeez, I've never ventured out of the OTF/GDF before, I so need to get out more stick out tongue

that's great babe! you know i always support your work...it's magnificant.

Syren, your poetry rocks yes


I see you looking,
Staring at me, judging, making your mind up.
I see you frowning,
Answering your own questions, quietly, muttering to yourself.
I see you nodding,
Figuring out theories about me, theories you will share.
I see you smiling,
Imagining a reaction of one of your friends, when you do so.
I see you laughing,
Having told above friend, above theory, about me.
I see you falling,
I see you screaming,
I see you choking,
I see you truly had no idea at all.

Perceive of that what you will guys, I guess I just hate it when people judge me.

Trin --> Thanks mate, I just checked out the Official Artwork Gallery, and your stuff is amazing yes

I really like that one...people try to judge me all the time and really don't know a damn thing about me, and I really hate it...

And thanks, I love to draw smile


I see you there, twirling your hair
you put on a shy face
I look at you, and you at me
but still we stand in place
your cig it drags, but still i lag
and cease to move my feet
you start grooving, and i start moving
toward you so we meet
I am in place, I see your face
but then you turn your back
I retransition and get in position
but you think i want your rack
Almost too mellow, i come to say hello
and offer you a drink
you shut me down, now i'm the clown
it makes me wonder what you think

works both ways ladies

Oh please, Link, you really think that my poem was directed at guys????

You couldn't be more f.ucking wrong!!

That is exactly the type of bullshit I was writing about, people assuming things about my actions or words. And you, of all people, just proved me right.

My poem was not a direct stab at one particular person, or even sex, it was simply something that I felt the urge to write.

Thanks Link, you've just managed to single handedly turn this thread into another ridiculous competition, and you've really annoyed me at the same time. Idiot.

Lil, if you read this, would you mind doing something about Link's retaliation? I don't care what you do, I just don't want this thread to turn into another "Battle" thread like those in the OTF. Thanks hun.

And FYI Link, if you read the poem again, you might find it describes my female enemies a little better than any guy. Although I had no-one in mind whilst writing it, if I had to give the poem more meaning now, I would probably direct it at those High School Popular Girls who treated everyone else like trash.

So, you were wrong in your assumption, and totally out of line, I do hope you are satisfied.

you know what Kerry....the fact that you think my poem was directed at you or at any particular girl in general is like spitting in my face. You PM me telling me to share what i write and then you react like this.

You jump to conclusions, you change your sig, you call me an idiot, YOU REALLY just proved my point far better than i proved yours.

This isn't about battle of the sexes, i don't want this to be a competition, I'm sorry I EVER share my feelings with people like you who would just take what I say, twist it around, and then crap on both me and my feelings.

You take everything I do entirely too personally and you aren't fair to me at all.

lil bitchiness
Guys, I hate to sound grumpy, because im not, but please stop fighting, or I will close the thread.

i never wanted to fight...i never wanted to upset her...i was just trying to share personal experiences from real life. I'll just leave it at that...she can read into it whatever she wants...

Sorry Lil, but the fact that he wrote "works both ways ladies" under his poem says something right?

Anyways, moving on, here's another one........


I look for you constantly,
Consciously and subconsciously,
It's like I'm on Automatic pilot now,
My eyes flicker upwards towards the little red "1",
Sometimes it's a "2", but lately, I don't know why,
But it's always a little grey "0".
It saddens me, feels like something's missing,
I guess I just started to take it for granted that it would be there,
That little red number, flashing at me,
Sometimes I ignored it, I knew it would still be there,
For when I was ready,
Ready to take notice of it's efforts,
It's efforts at letting me know you were anxiously awaiting my reply.
I suppose you could say I became neglectful,
But you made it so easy, for me to be me,
You made it so simple, always there,
Like that little red number.
Now you're gone,
And I wonder why,
And I raise my eyes, still looking for that flashing red "1".
But it's gone.

You'll all probably think I'm nuts, going on about a little red number "1", but if you've ever had an online romance, it goes for any emails, PMs, IMs, you may have had from a particular person. And this poem probably won't have much significance to any of you, but right now, it's significant to me. Unfortunately. sad

For those of you who read this thread...let me clarify.

This poem isn't an attack on women, it's an insight to how shy guys think and feel when they spend minutes, if not hours, gaining the courage just to approach some women. And how badly it hurts when those women won't even give them the time of day.

My apologies to any and all people who get the MISPERCEPTION that I would mean it any other way.

Shy Guy

Are you afraid that I will blow you out?
Well, don't be.
Are you scared that I will throw you down?
Well, don't be.
Are you unsure of how I'm gonna react?
Well, don't be.
Are you worried that I'll only attack?
Well, don't be.

You can be sure of interest.
I won't converse with you in jest.
You need to have some faith in you.
I'm waiting for a guy that's true.
Although it seems I'm out of your world.
I swear I'm human, I'm only a girl.
Don't judge reaction until you've tried.
What will you gain if you simply hide?

I'm terrified of changing the way that I am.
I shouldn't be.
I'm stuck in this farce, this theatre, this sham.
I shouldn't be.
I can't seem to move and I'm dying slowly.
I shouldn't be.
I'm treated as superior, something sacred and holy.
I shouldn't be.

So walk this way, and save my life.
I've had enough of the pain and strife.
You think it's easy, I can't be myself.
I'm a painted image of everyone else.
What they see, what they know.
It's all fake and for show.
My walls are rock solid and no-one knows shit.
But behind I'm in turmoil, a true misfit.

This is obviously not one of my best, but with all the things going on in my head, sometimes it's difficult to find the right words. This is the best I could do. sad

Actually i thought that was one of you best poems...but i really like all your work Sy. Thank you for sharing...


Aaaw, thanks baby.


Get Over It.

You've said all you can and you're still at square one,
Does that tell you nothing?
You've made me feel like a spare part, an accesory,
Do you realise how much that hurts?
You've forced yourself in like a square peg, in a round hole,
You dont fit. Stop it.
You need to step back, before this turns ugly,
Don't you understand? Can't you comprehend?
Get out! Leave him! Let go!
Get over it.

Short, sweet and to the point. I can't say what I want to say, not straight out, but I can write it in verse.

Anyone who may think that was directed at them, be assured right now, the person it's meant for will never see it, else I would never have posted it. I'm not that cold. no expression

worderful poetry Syren! yes

your poetry is very emotional!

Thankyou, I find that I'm better with words than anything else. Sometimes I come across as quite violent, but I'm not.

This may sound silly, but my mum always taught me that the ability to use words rather than physical actions is to show deeper strength, and I've always remembered that. So, I dunno, my poetry is probably my way of releasing my frustration, y'know?

lil bitchiness
You're poems are great Syren smile

My mum thinks she's not violent too.

Yeah, thanks for that shaber thumb up

big grin Sy theyre class

big grin

Thanx B, sweet as always yes

On behalf of CaseyLeigh.

When You Crack

You never see it coming do you?
It encases you in grimy darkness,
It's hard to inhale,
You feel so frail,
It's like you don't exist anymore.

You never see it coming do you?
It suffocates like a plastic bag,
Wrapped around your face,
Your heart begins to race,
It's like you don't exist anymore.

You never see it coming do you?
It strangles your mind and soul,
Sucks out all your might,
You lose the will to fight,
It's like you don't exist anymore.

You never see it coming do you?
Curled up like a child on the floor,
Screams that make no sound,
You've finally hit the ground,
It's like you don't exist anymore.

You never see it coming do you?

But you feel it hit.

When you lose your sanity in one foul swoop, it's almost as if you switch. In a split second the world falls in around you.


Delicate and beautiful,
they float from the sky,
Gently landing on my face.
They melt away so quickly,
I almost miss them,
They're gone without a trace.
Each one different to the last,
Not one the same,
Toward the ground they race.
I look around me,
Everyone's enraptured, like me,
But I still feel cold and out of place.

When you feel ice cold and completely out of it.


I feel it forcing itself through me,
It spills from every crevice,
Like a waterfall.
But not peacefully,
There is no peace,
It oozes from me,
I'm in constant agony,
And when I break,
It screams it's way out of my withered body.

Pure anger I guess, but no way to release it.


So many varied kinds,
All individual in their own special ways.
Kind of reminds me of something my mum said,
When I was young,
Worried about how different I felt.
"Our differences are what makes us who we are".
I was made to feel shame,
I was never the same,
I was the odd one out, every time, the outcast.
Do you think the trees feel like that?

I have absolutely no idea what this is supposed to reflect, other than being different. Trees? I don't know. It just spills from my head, apologies big grin


lil bitchiness
Wow Kerry, you have a lot of poems and a lot of talent. yes

my sentiments exactly. Great work babe...you have a lot of passion in your writing.


My heart hangs by a tiny thread,
Swinging in the wake of your love.
It's cold, oh so cold,
I watch as the last droplets of emotion seep to the floor,
I'm dry now, numb.
I don't feel much though,
So don't be sad,
You did nothing wrong,
It was my foolish notions of perfect bliss,
That left me here,
Not you.
It was never you.
How can I possible lay the blame on someone so beautiful,
After sharing something so beautiful.
I'm honoured to have been a part of us,
And that will remain with me,
Until the day I die.
The day I join my heart,
And my soul,
In terrible loneliness.
It's fate.

Chosen Part 2

It feels strange, becoming the shunted woman,
Looking out at the new model,
Watching her glow,
She's fighting with feelings of satisfaction,
It overflows into my space,
Makes me feel like, I'm not good enough.
I wonder why?
Don't want to cry,
I stare, and try to work out what she's got,
That maybe I don't.
Oh, I know now,
She has him.

Magnificient! Please give us more Syren! big grin

yay! I agree more more more!!clapping

The Truth

It's not as easy as it seems to write,
But it's easier than breaking down.
The time it takes to release words on paper,
Is a perfect replacement for cracking up.
I swear, this right here?
It's not talent,
It takes no skill,
All it takes is the knowledge that if I don't,
I'll collapse.
And I don't want to collapse,
I don't want to break,
I don't want to crack.
The words that appear when I open my mind,
They're the links that join me to reality.
I'd rather be here,
Doing this,
Than all the way down there,
Doing that.
And you know what that is.
We all know what that is.

she is wondeful! Her poetry is very inspiring smile

Syren, your last poem is beautiful. Where do you get your inspiration from? is just so delicate yet spiritual strong.


I have no idea big grin

It just kinda comes as I write.

I tend to write a line of words, whatever sentence pops into my head first, and then spiral from there.

It depends what I'm thinking about, it could be as simple as maybe a movie I just watched, or even a post I just read, for instance the last poem was a sort of reply to you guys' praise, y'know?

And thanks embarrasment

lil bitchiness
You should get them all together and try to publish.


Aaw, shucks embarrasment

Thanks, if I write enough to fill a book, I'll say Milla sent me big grin

if you have the time to post more poems please do it syren. I appreciate your poetry very much. smile

hey so happy I found this here are some of my poems hope everyone likes them

Step after Step
Caresed with confidence.
An expression stuck to my
memory after a single word.
a single glance
a single hug
a single push back
to confidence

Blue was the sound of her name,
His tongue red with smooth but
shallow liquid.
Sliced with ultra vain.

It rained that one
The one
that remained forever
far away, but droplets
still dropped on
fingernails and eyelashes.
And they, they the ones
that tend to fall in love,
still danced and kissed hard
on mouths and other obscence
body parts.
Blue was the color of her name,
or so his memorys taught him. While
his tongue was still sliced with
vain and still drowning in
cool, smooth, but extremely shollow

Wow, I really like Liquid, but I don't really understand the concept big grin

Yea, it was one of those random days

laughing out loud

I have those often enough, just read my poems. I think most of them scream "Help me, I think I need counselling!" laughing

I hope it is okay to put a poem of mine up in here, as i couldn't find another poem thread...

Burnt Tears

Tears that run down my cheeks
Red hot with hurt and anger
Just because you done what you did
Didn't make it right

I lie here at night
Six foot under the world so dark
Still trying to figure out why
It was like being burnt alive
As all the tears i cried
Got burnt on the way down

Tears that ran down my cheeks
Red hot with hurt and anger
Burnt to a crisp in a single flame
It still doesn't mean you'll get the blame...

That's really good Rose yes

I like that style, twists at the end you know?

And yeah, please feel free to post anything.......

Thx you Syren, all your stuff is gd also... i mainly keep my poems on a site i have, but as its okies to post here i'll post some on here from ym webby for people to read...

Little Window

Such a little window
Such a lot of rain
Running down that window, in pain
Just some little tears
Just a little girl
Life seem to be turning her, upside down
Maybe it was her fault
Maybe it was her friends
Yet is doesn't matter, it wont mend
Hasn't anyone seen her?
Hasn't anyone heard her mind?
It would help her you know, put it all behind
Such a little window
Such a lot of rain
Running down that window, in pain...

Wow good stuff..I like the style !



That one was so different!

Really really good, I like yes

Just A Phase

I rise and rub my eyes,
Another day, another chance to die.
Hope coarses through my veins,
Warms my heart, yet feels so strange.
Why do I wish for closure?
I don't understand why I'm here,
Maybe that's the reason for wanting it over.
I could help it along,
No-one would ever be any the wiser.
Like they'd notice,
A little voice in the depths of me,
Always talking, always urging,
Why do I have this other side?
'Conflicting emotions' they called it.
As far as I'm concerned,
I'm suicidal.
The sooner someone notices that,
The sooner I can get on with my life.
Instead of wanting it to come to an end,

claps claps !!! eek!

any one there

come on now..submit poems !!!

People don't seem interested, but I suppose poetry cannot be forced, it has to come on the spur of the moment. big grin

I love your work babe! it's unbelieveable!


Thankyou my darling love


It's difficult to find and easy to hide,
But it's pure and it's beautiful, comes from inside,
Shines like the sun, glows in dark places,
It can be read from movements on faces.
It makes you feel special when shared by a friend,
It's all that is left when we come to the end,
It can also be kept back and hidden it's true,
If you treat me honestly, I'll not lie to you.
I've nothing within me that I cannot share,
There's not one thing out there that I would compare,
To truth, in it's glory, it's totally pure,
Unfortunately people can never be sure.
Lies are so close to the truth, it's not easy,
To distinguish between, so you better believe me,
When I tell you I'm balancing here on the line,
Between truth and dishonesty, for the rest of time.

Very, very good poem Sy. The rhyme scheme is great and the messsage/story that the poem tells is really deep. I think this is one of your best poems.

Thanks babe, I hope you realise that you keep me going, well, all of the people who support me make me want to write more. I'm hoping someone else will write a few poems soon.......

Thanks all of you winkiss

"The Birth of the G Club"

You were not here in the Beginning.

In the Beginning there were women. Women who were not afraid to strip, women who loved to wind and grind.

In the Beginning there were men. Men who were not afraid to get drunk, men who loved to flash their cash.

In the Beginning there was Syren. Creator of Heat. Stylist for Nudity.

In the Beginning was a Dance Club to be proud of.

Just something I wrote on the spur of the moment in the Club. It's in reply to the attitude of many Club regulars, that the Club is going downhill. It's still getting the replies etc, but it's not the Strip Joint it used to be sad

Krab55> your poetry is very good too!

Syren> you should really put your poems in print. They are fabulous! maybe send a few to a newspaper. Im sure they will print your work! please keep giving us more of your lovely poetry. smile


Thanks guys, I really appreciate the support.

I want to see other people write though, I'd like to see different styles big grin

Hmmm, how do I say this...you're poems help me to go further into myself.

Depth effects and takes you places I guess. Wherever you find it.

Loved em. Especially the dream one.

Wow! I love poetry and Syren, your writing is great! I like the way you write, your style, it's all great. Post some more if you can there great.

Rumors in this midnight air
surround me here.
Only here between these
frail walls and heavy red bricks.
Between teachers red lips and
students broken desks.

Only where safeness is a
Where feelings
melt and rages burn passionly.

lil bitchiness
Wow, nice stuff you guys. smile

thanks !

Lady von Tramp
Sweet Anticipation

My tummy tumbles and twists itself into knots,
More like worms, spaghettied together.
Sickness sweeps over me,
A cold sweat engulfs me, surrounding me in a clammy bubble.
I fight to breathe, gasping for air.
Strange, when you look forward to something so much,
How ill you feel.
A sure case of good from bad,
Continuous retches, certain I'm going to vomit,
Yet toleration stands strong, it's worth it.
For one more glimpse of your face.


"Soul of blood"

Soul of blood. Once filled with love.
Been drained out with the hands of the one.
Others watch from the floor above.
Blood, sweat , tears .. I've had through the years.
Never tasted it like this .
The taste of blood in your mouth comes out.
Sweat on your forehead and your brow.
Been running for miles only in circles
until the lines become straight
and you become first place.
Tears in your eyes just like before
expect now they drop to the floor.
Soul of blood was me.
Now lets see what I can be .

" Metal Comb "

Metal comb across my teeth.
Have to eat.
The cold metal of steel feels like ice melting on skin.
I grin at the feeling I feel when coldness touches my skin.
My blood takes this feeling inside before I can run and hide.
Blood rushing to my head.
Through the body it goes where it stops I do not know.
The feeling is in my throat coming out my mouth.
Saying words that need to be about.
Metal comb stratch across my teeth.
Tell me where to eat.
these are some old ones but I hope you like them !!!

Krabs55 and Lady von Tramp > Nice work, botha ya eek!

big grin

Lady von Tramp
I'd just like to say, thankyou to all who have shown support. Well, any comment is welcome, praise or criticism. Helps me to learn.....

And please, anyone feel free to post their work yes

lil bitchiness
What a fabulous thread! happy

You people are all very talkented!

Lady von Tramp

Thaks, Oh Artful One wink

Lady von Tramp

Darkness alights, suffocating the skies,
Time stands still once more.
I walk alone, sounds sweep over me,
No wind, nothing touches my pale skin.
I try to recall the sun on my face,
Impossible, a far away place,
Where the warmth was once felt.
I shiver, more a reaction to lack of memory,
For I feel not a thing, clinically dead.
Eternity ahead,
I long to breathe again, to inhale the sweet aromas of life.
To taste something other than death.
Acceptance is my next step,
My fate sealed as I roam the Earth.
But I am strength personified,
For I am the undead, nor alive, it's a confusing state.
I know not what runs through my veins,
Nor do I care,
I am neither here nor there,
Always in one place and yet in another.
I walk on.........

Okay here's one i wrote about four months ago

I try to stop them
I really do
In this case
They don't
Because these tears are for you

I don't want to cry
Not for you
I don't want to love you
But I still do
And that's why these tears fall

I want to try
To become more brave
I don't want to cry
I hope to save
Myself from drowning in my own tears

I cry you a river
And maybe more
Yet it's still no different
No different from before

I don't want to cry
Not for you
I don't want to love you
But I still do

I try to stop them
I really do
In this case
I can't
Because these tears are for you

Lady von Tramp

That's beautiful, it really is. So short, sentence wise, but also holds such a deep message. That's my favourite type of poetry. I can't write like that because I tend to ramble on, I'm really impressed hun.........

That's some really great work there Ash. Tramples is right, the message is really deep. I don't know what to say to encourage you to write more, but i'd really like to read some more of your work. I really like this poem.

Lady von Tramp
thumb up

Brentix, we have another artiste in our midst........

embarrasment Wow thanks guys.


that is a very sentimental poem. Very beautifuly done. thumb up

That's beautiful smile

Thanks Tabby


Nice! big grin


I wrote this last night. It's dedicated to TKDMaster
You've Kept Me Waiting

When you touch my skin I can't help but ask,

Do you know what you do to me?

Can you comprehend that I need you?

Your dark eyes, so quiet

Its hard to know what you'll do

When your strong arms hold me

I can't help but feel like nothings wrong

But that night before the tournament

you held me, but I couldn't feel safe

Whats wrong?

When you ran your hand through my hair

And said my name

I wanted to you stay with me

And hold me forever

Your body above me protectively

Kisses trailing down my body

Will you be by my side

If so, then tell me


You've kept me waiting long enough

Great job Tabby! smile


Lady von Tramp

Wow, guys, keep them coming..........

Sweetest Sin
Confession of Confused Soul

I can't love
I can't see the light
I've forgotten
I've forgotten...

I can't see you
I can't feel you
I've forgotten the light of the sun
I've forgotten the sound of songs

Your caress, is it your caress?
Your kiss, do I feel your lips?
I've forgotten
I've forgotten how your kisses felt...

I don't know what to say
I don't understand what to do
I don't know
I don't understand
I don't understand anything...

I'm trapped here
I feel trapped in this world
I'm trapped in gray, sad world
I'm trapped in myself

What can I do?
What can I see?
What can I believe?
Will I ever...

eek! eek!

Wow, Ash, that's gorgeous.......

Sweetest Sin
Thanks Sy embarrasment

Sweetest Sin

does anybody right anything besides pain.

Sweetest Sin
Sorry. I'm just not in a happy mood right now.

May I just point out that those who can portray their pain through art or verse are often the strongest of us all. It's the ones who bottle it up and cannot share who will never be helped. Keep it coming Ash, you have true talent. It unfortunate that depth of emotion only seems to stem from pain or trauma, but in allowing us to share your pain, you're moving forward. That's the best way to go sweetie hug

Sweetest Sin
Thanks Sy, It really means alot to me that you enjoy reading my poetry. Here's one that isn't so down. I just wrote it about and hour ago. I hope y'all like it.

Each day passes with a new light on the world,
Changing this childish little girl,
Into the women I've become,
My hearts been broken,
By someone who only saw me as something to see,
But I am stronger,
I will live each day as my own,
Not some one else,
One day I will share it,
But not now,
The light of each day changes,
It changes people,
It changes friends,
But above all each new bring new life,
And new hope


Ash, that's lovely girl, it made me smile to see your optimism return. I'm here for you, you know that big grin

Sweetest Sin
Yeah I know thank you so much Sy.

Sweetest Sin
A short one i wrote last night

I didn't try to love you, but the feeling was so strong.

I try to forget you but I can't carry on.

You hold me close like I was your own, but I know I'm not alone.

I know there is no room for me in your heart, but I'll continue to be with you just like I was from the start.

I know I can't break the bond, but I know I have the strength to try to carry on.

I know I love you, and you have no room for me, but I will still love you no matter what happens to me.

Sweetest Sin
Would You

No matter how hard I try
To be happy for you
I still cry myself to sleep every night
And I wonder why
You choose her over me
And yet you seem happy
Would you even care
If I died here, tonight
Would you even cry
If I were to die
Right here, tonight
In front of your eyes
Would you at least burry me
Or not even bother
Would you care
And see your mistake
Would you cry
And dump her
Would you burry me
By the my favorite blossom tree
If I were to die
Would you.....


I Just Can't Find The Words

I don't even think they exist you know,
The words I need to appease your aching soul.
I'm not even sure they were ever in creation,
Those little sounds I'm looking for that will help you breathe easy.
But I swear I'll continue to try,
There's no giving up this end.
As long as you swear to stay,
And promise to hold on that end.
I'll read every dictionary,
I'll learn every language,
I'll sing every song,
Just in the hope that one day,
You'll hear what I say,
And believe.
He's yours.
He was never mine to begin with..............

That isnt what I was saying bc I do that too. I am just saying poetry can be about anything ...why is it ONLY about pain.

Sweetest Sin
That's beautiful Sy cry

Krabs55- I write about things that happen in my life. I'm sorry if it's depressing but that's my life. I can't just make up so happy little poem about sunshine and never ending love. Some people can do that, but not me. I write what i feel and nothing more.

Ash - I think you understand the concept, the crying smilie says it all wink

Krabs - I wasn't having a pop at you hun, I was just trying to explain why all the poems seem to be about pain, or hatred. I, personally, think most poems are written this way because pain and hatred are such strong emotions. You'll remember a happy event clearly, but you will never have the scars and trauma you get from a tragedy.........

Sweetest Sin
Here's something that i don't normally do. I'm thinking this up as i type, here goes.

Your Name

I wrote your name in the sky,
but the wind blew it away.
I wrote your name in the sand,
but the waves washed it away.
I wrote your name in my heart,
and forever it will stay.

Sweetest Sin
Will you ever?

I don't think you will
ever fully understand
how you've touched my life
and made me who I am.

I don't think you could ever know
just how truly special you are
that even on the darkest nights
you are my brightest star.

I don't think you will ever fully comprehend
how you've made my dreams come true
or how you've opened my heart
to love and the wonders it can do.

You've allowed me to experience
something very hard to find
unconditional love that exists
in my body, soul, and mind.

I don't think you could ever feel
all the love I have to give
and I'm sure you'll never realize
you've been my will to live.

You are an amazing person
and without you I don't know where id be.
Having you in my life
completes and fulfills every part of me.

That last one is a stunner Ash, and the short one was good too, especially if it's from scratch.

Keep it up hun, I love your work yes

Sweetest Sin
Thanks smile


My fingers have gone numb,
They're clamped so tightly,
Entwined in yours, so close it looks like one hand.
My lips are sore,
Red and bruised, and swollen,
From where your fierce kisses have attacked.
My eyes are aching,
Tears sliding down my cheeks,
Tears of passion, pain and perfect emotion.
My voice is quiet,
I can make no sound,
Silence screams more loudly than I ever could.
But it's not a fight,
There's nothing wrong.
It feels so right,
Goes on and on, and on.
It's over, we've reached the summit, forever together.
Breathing in unison,
In stunned appreciation of the magic we create.

Sweetest Sin

I loved that one Sy! Beautiful!


Sweetest Sin
That was one of my favs that you wrote too Sy

As I Turn Away....

As I stand here

Your eyes tear

Wishing me to hear

Word so sincere

But I turn away

While you cry in dismay

Gods, I wish to stay

But the dreams will have their way

You scream words of love

But this is not what I wish to speak of

For I am mourning dove

Not someone I am proud of

Taking one last look at your face

And I leave without a trace

Yearning to fell your warm embrace

Knowing that I will soon be replaced.


That one is profound hun. If there's supposed to be a message in it, I'm hearing you loud and clear.

I will say this only; give in Ash, stop fighting potential happiness.

thumb up Loving the new sig as well, you little minx shifty

Sweetest Sin
Thanks happy
Love your new sig too!

WooHoo!! We're sexy little chica's now wink

Right, I'm thinking of writing up my freestyling in here, the stuff I wrote when I battled with Underfeat aaaages ago. I know it's not poetry, but it's still an art form, and I want to have it somewhere I can find it. Because, well, I'm kinda proud of it embarrasment

So here goes.......

Argh!! Can't find it!!

I can't remember the name of the thread it was all in.......

Help cry



I so totally rock!!


Yeah, so I found the thread, and it's no wonder I had trouble locating it, I mean, with a name like 'Rap Freestyle' it's gonna be hard......


Yeah, I'm a dumbass, so without further ado, here's the link:

Rap Freestyle

It kicks off about halfway down the first page and finishes up at the end of the second, I think. Short battle, but I did whoop his "Underfeated" @ss diva

And I know I said I was just gonna write the stuff up myself, but I'm lazy. And honest.

For those of you who don't think Freestyling is an art form, that's fine. But I think Rap/Freestyle is to Poetry what Graffiti is to Art. Make of that what you will.

Sweetest Sin
They're very good sy! I love them thumb up

Thanks chica, I knew I could count on you wink

Yea no its cool. I am just saying that when you write i think it is good to write about the good things and bad things. To even things out. I write about pain all the time..but lately I notice other things too. Thats all I am saying


Well, I see that as a good thing in itself, if you are starting to notice the nicer things and are able to write about them.

Would you post some more poems in here? Maybe your happier efforts, to lighten the atmosphere?


I gaze into the abyss,
Entranced by the sight, in stunned surprise.
I see skin tone,
I see flecks of colour in the eyes.
I see each tiny strand of hair,
So perfectly detailed,
And I wonder if everyone sees what I see there.
I reach up and touch my cheek,
To wipe away the glistening, salty wetness residing,
To cleanse the image,
Make it pretty,
Make it right,
To uncover whatever may be hiding.
Then I stop, and I drop,
My hand.
How can I make you understand?
It's exactly how I imagined it to be.
It's Me.

Sweetest Sin
That was great Sy!

I wrote this one back in May.

A Cry For Help
I cannot find peace here,
I need to be free,
I want to go back,
But there's no chance to flee.

I wish I could love him,
But there isn't a chance,
There isn't a way,
We'd have a happy romance.

My friends live their lives,
I try to live my own,
But every time I get lost,
It just chills me to the bone.

Please help me,
I really need to find,
Something in my life,
I can call mine.

That one was really good Ash, but why so pessimistic about it?

I shall try... but I am going on vacation for awhile so I see all of you guys next year. I will pst my poems next week.

Whiskey Girl
Have Fun happy

Yeah, enjoy your vacation, write some poetry about that perhaps??


Whiskey Girl
I am insecure.
I've spent my life being battered by others,
taking their criticisms and pretending it doesn't hurt.
They think it's fun,
that I'm just their punchbag,
just there to be abused and mistreated.
Outside I show no pain,
just a smile and I let them get on with it.
It's easier that way.
My confidence is bruised and my self-worth is nothing.
Sometimes I feel like nothing,
a not-human.
This is an existance, not a life.
Each night I pray I die in my sleep.
Each morning I hope they kill me today.

no expression

Ash, it's all going down hill again isn't it??

Whiskey Girl

Bite That Bullet

Concentrate, it's there in front of your face
Zooming towards you at lightning speeds,
Eye it, stare it out,
You've got barely a second before it slams you,
Knocks you to the floor,
Spilling your life blood, making you bleed.
Are you gonna stand there and allow it to tear through you?
I doubt it.
Bite that bullet baby.
Crush it to smithereens,
Spit it to the floor, and stand tall,
You're strength personified,
You've nothing left to cover, to hide.
Raise your face,
Take your rightful place, amongst heroes and martyrs.
Bite that bullet baby,
Grind your teeth until it tastes like sherbert,
Feel no more hurt.
It has no necessary name, in your personal dictionary.
You're a trojan queen, you're Helen of Troy,
You're Cleopatra, screw that snake,
No-one has the right to take,
Anything from you.
Unless you give them permission.
Bite that bullet baby.
Bite that bullet.

Dedicated to my hard liquor honey wink

Whiskey Girl
That's beautiful

For you, I hope you heard what I was saying. It only took a very short time to write, but I wanted to talk to you through verse, so I wrote what I would have said as a post, but as a poem. Does that make sense?

Whiskey Girl
*hugs* Yes it does. Thanks Sy.


Good stuff, I just re-read it and it's a bit dodgy. I'm glad you understand my nutty ramblings big grin

Whiskey Girl

Babes, that's a really strong poem, with a hardcore message.

You tell 'im sista raver