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The Neimodian paid for the drink, leaving what he considered to be an appropriate tip. At some three hundred times the cost of the drink, this showed a certain amount of cultural difference on Neimodia. But then he was paying for information as well, and there was nothing on this world that could not be economically priced.

"It must be said," he spoke, in the lilting, vowel-heavy accent of the Neimodians, "the circumstances of this death are... unusual."

"Maybe the way of things..." the bartender said, neatly pocketing the money.

"Yes, but few gained from this in the way some would expect us to believe..."

"Why should this interest me?"

"My client is paying me very handsomely to discover the truth behind this matter... and when that comes out, it would be as well for him to know who is friends are... I do not need to state how much influence he had, of course."

"I didn't know his cousin."

"But he was a patron of this bar, and he was here just before he died... somehow I suspect there is a connection... that is worth what I paid you..."

The Neimodian stepped outside the bar twenty minutes later, making notes into his datapad as he went.

"Hmmm..." he said. He would have to increase his fee, it seems. And up his expenses claim.

There was a sound of a footstep behind him. He turned, saw nothing, and walked on...

...before drawing a blaster, spinning around, and firing twice. There was a fizz noise, and then a mechanical sound, and then the Neimodian was gasping, blood running from his mouth, and he collapsed to the ground.

Heavy footsteps walked over, and a hand reached down for the datapad With ease, the pad was crushed away to nothing.


The scientist was not working in an environment many would associate with academia. In fact, it being a quiet hut on a quiet beachy area next to a quiet sea, some would be tempted to say he was abusing his own research grant. But it was the only place he could go to get away from those aggravating pursuers! He had tried the legal options, of course, but apparently some people were too important for mere Republican law to affect them. No-one would protect him.

He made a delicate adjustment to the complicated device in front of him. Nearly done now... though what to do with it? How to keep it safe? The offer had been tempting, very tempting, but there was just something about the whole deal that made him uneasy.

There was a scream from somewhere nearby, and the scientists ears pricked up. Was that... gunfire? Here?

More screams. What was going on? The scientist got up and ran to the window.


But there was nothing he could do. He knew now that these people were going beyond all sense and reason. He should have known, it had happened before... and now, he could only wait, as the gunfire came nearer, and a moment later, the door to his hut was blown in...


"A trial? Odd thing for you to be interested in."

"Not really a trial," replied the old man, "but a piece of legalisitc procedure that has some connection with a various amount of my interests in the past."

"Oh, very well," said the probation officer. "I don't see any reason that this violates the terms of your position... though it could be inconvenient; there is a lot of organisational mess all around it. Such a complicated subject!"

"But only thirty minutes from my registered lodgings," said the old man. "I cannot really see it being a problem."

"Very well. But stay away from the official provisions! I really do not think there should be spectators at all; the crowds will be horrendous."

"Yes- I understand an official bodyguard is being provided?"

"Indeed," said the probation officer. He looked at the bright, alert eyes of the old man. He was in surprisingly good physical confition, and his brain seemed alert also. The officer had imagined that recent events might bring a man like this down- but clearly not. "Provided by the Jedi, I understand." The old man laughed.

"The Jedi!? How delicious! That must be hideously embarrassing for them!"

"I wouldn't know."

"But of course! After all that spectacular effort involved in bringing him in... this I MUST see. I would like the details sent to my room."

"Oh, very well..." said the officer. It was normally simpler just to do what the old man wanted.


Later, in his room, the old man was concentrating, on his bed.

Still nothing. Not right. Not right at all. Something was wrong... very wrong, and that was unacceptable

He opened his eyes. It should not be this difficult to focus. He would forget about it, as it did not concern him... but it was irking! And you never knew when something you ignored might come back to get you.

Nothing. Still nothing at all. Nothingness

A knock at the door.


"What is it?" he asked.

"I have brought the details you asked for, sir." The old man's personal servant walked in. The old man scolwed somewhat.

"Just leave them there," the old man said. "I am trying to rest."

"Sorry, sir."

The old man sighed. it was impossible; nothing was changing. Perhaps the Jedi should be informed? Pointless most likely... he had no way to inform them that would not make them suspicious and he would CERTAINLY get nothing back out of them. He needed a route in... never easy. He sighed and picked up the pad that had been brought to him.

He stood up with a start.

"Sorry, are these details finalised?"

"I believe so sir..." The old man's lips broke out into a wide smile, as he viewed the name of the Jedi in charge of co-ordinating the protection.

"Master Kellan Gundark... ah, the Force provides... I was a fool to doubt it!"


"You can take the rest of the day off," says the old man, and now it was the servant who smiled.

"Thankyou, Mr Ascar, sir..."


It has been two years since the mission to Zeiton. Since that time, Gundark's old Jedi team, and Gundark herself, have returned to standard Jedi duties- in as much as any Jedi duty is ever standard! They have picked up new friends, new skills, and taken time in training their Padawans, who are developing well. They have had a time for a quick re-union, including with their old comrade Xeth, whose continuing investigations into the missing droid shipments have been frustratingly blank.

Shortly afterwards, the Council has more missions, and decides to make use of this skilled group of Jedi, as they were meeting on Coruscant anyway. Two missions seem entirely different- one of aggression, one of protection. The missions are both of more galactic import than normal, but are standard Jedi mission in form and execution.

But both missions seem to involve more faces from the past than seem possible by mere coincidence- and soon, the Jedi are becoming aware that something, somewhere, somehow, is very wrong with the Galaxy...


The Light Side thread takes a radical departure from the vast storylines of before. Instead, the Jedi players will get an opportunity to see more of what it is like to be a Jedi when you are not necessarily trying to save the Galaxy from the source of all evil.

Obviously, the entire lives of the Jedi are filled with such missions. So for the Light Side, each episode- seperated by at least one year- represents the period of time in which the missions got a little more interesting than normal.

This being the case, the Light Side will often be broken up. In some cases, some players will be obliged to do certain missions the Council finds for them, normally there will be only recommendations as to who is suited to what. Regardless, anyone not being obliged or recommended has a free choice to join any of the missions being offered by the Council at that point.

Many of these missions offer their own self-contained storyline that will be wrapped up at the end of the Episode. But, whilst they constitute complete mini-storylines in of themselves, there WILL be a coherent campign storyline building in the background of all of them, which should quickly become obivous.

Ultimately, the campaign- which has no fixed size at this point, but could well be larger than the one before!- will take the Jedi, mission by mission, through to the start of the Clone Wars. By this time, the situation has become very difficult for the Jedi indeed, and the players should expect for life to become far more difficult for them as time goes by, and the Jedi start to prove insufficient to keep the Republic defended...

With a final blow, the enemy was cut down and lay dead on the floor, his plans of betrayal finished forever. His assailant laguhed above him.

"Great," said Takuan. "You killed him. Fanastitc., Just MARVELLOUS."

"Is that sarcasm?" asked Galder, turning his sabres off.

"I see your instincts are developing well..."

"Shut it! I was just meant to let him shoot you, is that it?"

"Bwah!" said Takuan, lazily flinging a hand out to one side, making the dead man's gun fly across the room. "I was in control of the situation!"

"Oh yeah. Where is it the others are right now? 'Pacifying' the lower levels, was it?"

"Well, you didn't have to make it WORSE by killing the chief! Now we have nothing. AGAIN!"

Rah clambered in through the window. Takuan and Galder turned to look at him.

"Scaled the outside," he said. "We kinda blew the lifts out down there. Situation is under control though."

"Any survivors?" asked Takuan.

"Err, a few," said Rah. "But it looks like some reinforcements are coming. Or maybe an evacuation team. Time you gave us the 'vibe' again Takuan- anything left here worth us fighting for?"

Takuan already knew the answer. The Force had made it very plain. He sighed.

"No," he said. "We're all done here. Get the others and we'll get out of here."

"Who put you in charge?" asked Galder.

"Look, you asked, you et. You can agree with me now, or later when you see what I have already seen, which is that we can wipe out this clan, or we can leave now, but no matter what we're not going to command it."

"Sounds familiar," said Rah. "How many times do we have to try this before we get it right?"

"We won't get it right," said Takuan. "I know it now. This will never work. The galaxy sees us as Kuylen's failed friends. They even see the OTHERS as that now, and they weren't even with him! We're carrying on a legacy we were trying to forget about and we don't have anything to offer anyone!" Takuan scratched his head, which was acheing slightly. There was some sort of high-pitched noise in the background that he could not identify, and it was annoying him.

"No-one will work with us. Not until he have someting to offer oursevles!"

"How do we get anything to offer if we can't work with anyone?" asked Galder.

"Well, if you stopped KILLING everyone perhaps we would have someone to work WITH!"

"Well excuse me," said Galder, "but if you were half the genius you take yourself to be I wouldn't have to keep killoing poeople who are trying to kill YOU!"

Everyone was silent. They had has this argument too much before.

"Kuylen had his gold. And he knew how the Republic worked. We don't!" said Takuan.

"Well, the new guys..." said Galder.

"...came to us on the idea that we would have some ideas for THEM..."

"It's getting hard to work in the Republic," said Rah. "I went to the fence I used to lift my nicked gear up to- someone had only killed him!"

"Disgruntled client?" asked Takuan.

"Worse. Someone looking for ME. Occupational hazard, I guess; I've stolen from a lot of people over time. But I am used to that kind of thing in Hutt space and the Outer Rim, not in the Republic. It's a scandal..."

"We need to find the right people to speak to," said Takuan.

"Well, you're the one who keeps saying the Force will show you where to go!" said Rah.

"It's... not easy!"

"Seems to tell you when things have cocked up soon enough," said Galder.

"That's much easier. But this destiny thing is... awkward. It is a thousand things at once! And none of them seem to be... anything like this."

"We don't even have anywhere to stay," said Rah. "I was living better BEFORE I stated all this. It's pointless. I'm sorry... but there is nothing here for me, or any of us. There's nothing at all."

"I just need to... will someone shut off that damn noise!" shouted Takuan.

"Yeah, I thought I could hear something..." said Galder.

Takuan stimped off to the next room, where it was vaguely coming from. His belongings were in here; he tried to sense where the insistent noise was coming from. It was a... beeping? In his trvaelling bag...

Takuan almost instinctively threw himself to one side to avoid the bomb. But... no bomb., No sense of personal danger. What the hell was it?

He emptied his bag, the detritus of years of travelling spilling all over the floor. There, at the very bottom, dusty, slightly cracked, and long forgotten, he had found what he was looking for. Galder and Rah were standing at the doorway as Takuan carefully picked it up from the floor. It was beeping, constantly, clearly, and flashing, with a clear signal.

Kuylen's homing device.

"I think you should check your things..." said Takuan, to the others.


It has been two years since the mission to Zeiton. Since that time, the Dark Siders have had trouble achieving anything at all. Despite repeated attempts to set up alliances, and to gain power in various shady organisations, all they have ever won is enough resources to reapir their own gear, travel from A to B, and feed themselves. In short, they are back where they started.

Kuylen's name has been worth a certain gravitas, and brought them new travelling companions- including, possibly, a new leader (and if a Nemesis is indeed in the party, all other new players were travelling with HIM at first). They can easily protect themselves against any threat, and no-one dares cross them- no-one with any sense, anyway- but all their skills and powers have only been enough to survive- not achieve.

But now, at last, they have what they were waiting so long for- Kuylen has finaly revealed his location, and the beacon summons the players to meet wit him again, as they wer all summoned in the first place. The force-sensitive Dark Siders can feel an excitement- because they know this is a time where things can happen- the stasis of the last two years will fade away.

However, all is not well for the Dark Siders. Because they, too, are about to find out that something is very wrong with the Galaxy- not just on the inside, as the Jedi see it, but all the way out as well. Things are not going to be the same ever again, and every trick, every resource, every skill, and ALL their power with the Force, will be needed to live though what is to come...


Unlike the Jedi, the Dark Siders will be pursuing a full team-based campaign- they really won't be very minded to split up! The Dark Siders will have one establishing story, which sets them up in their new position (so long as they get it right!) and then they return to a continuous campaign as they get drawn into something bigger than they could have previously imagined- and always, at every step, fighting to live just another month more.

The Dark Side campaign is, I warn you, VERY harsh! It is absolutely hardcore. Free of the Jedi's moral restrictions, difficulties for you become concentrated on very specific things indeed- mostly very DANGEROUS things!

But if you can keep yourselves alive, there are possibilities for you. Maybe more than you think. Your previous grab for ultimate power may have looked a little silly in retrospect- but times are changing. And maybe there ARE some things out there in the Galaxy that can help you after all. Just maybe.

The Dark Side campaign may have a time limit that comes before the Jedi storyline ends. Nothing is for certain, but there is a vibe that Dark Side storylines in general may have less mileage than Jedi ones, especially come the Clone Wars. However... this really will not be a worry for quite some time!

sounds good, Lets go!

General Zink
Galder killing people. Not unusual. stick out tongue

I take it that Galder, Takuan, and Rah drift into Nume's gang then, since there is mention of others? I like being a leader... big grin

Rah's ready for any challenge! Any chance of crossing paths with that bug again? (Preferably on the windscreen of a speeder.....)

Awesome ush....when do you place the 'release date' ? smile

sounds good...ascar was expected....though i dunno if it's kuylen..on the other side of that beeper...

Captain REX
Galder isn't going to be too pleased with Kuylen when we meet up with him again. It might go something like this...

"Kuylen, you F***** idiot! You led us all the way to Zeiton for noth..."


"My leg! My leg!"


So, what could the Dark Jedi have been doing for two years by themselves? Working random jobs in return for protection or money? I'm positive Galder is not happy with such conditions at all. He may be a gun-wielding, murderous Dark-Sider, but he'd like better treatment by the Universe as a whole. stick out tongue

"my head! my head!" stick out tongue

Captain REX
I don't think Galder would be talking much if Kuylen cut off his head, Dexx. stick out tongue

yeah..good point...then takuan would go..
"ooh...his head! his head!"

Captain REX
And then you'd use the Force to fling it out a window, right? *shakes fist* stick out tongue

It's been getting crappy for the Dark Siders. Work has been hard to find. You are all best known for being Kuylen's associates- he achieved a modicum of fame. Most people you meet, who suss out who you are, are surprised that you do not know where Kuylen is.

None of you have ever really had anything to offer on a galactic scale. And the new guys- even the Nemesis, if there is one, have been wanting to just get the basics sorted, like living.

Captain REX
Back to square one, eh?

hehe, Sux to be a darkie!

Heh...sounds interesting...

Captain REX
Have you read some of the previous gumf, TM?

Not yet...if I had a working computer at home I'd be able to...

Captain REX
Oh, right... erm

Captain REX
So, when do we get to conquer some hopeless pirates or become rulers of deadly warriors?

Times have changed- your old priorities must change also. You may wish to bear in mind the name of the first Part of your episode.

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