Leaked EIII footage HELP!!!

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could someone please provide me with either a private message or post in the forums a .MOV copy of the leaked EIII footage. I was able to download the .AVI but all i can only hear the clip, i cant see anything. They have it set up at work that I cant update the drivers for windows media player, so I am forced to used the quicktime version and HOPE it works. HELP ME FORUM MEMEBERS....YOURE MY ONLY HOPE!

Darth Quagmire
i've d/l the .MOV version at soulseek plenty of times for me and my friends

never heard of it

Darth Quagmire
u havent heard of the leaked footage????????

i assume you're talkin about slsk.it's the best place around to d/l my kind of music.cant find anything on kazaa and plus i dont have to worry about getting sued.its been around for awhile now.right after audiogalaxy shut down.

i have seen it. it has anakin and ben fighting mad crazy

the preview is great, but basically it is behind the scenes footage.

Rebel Racer
whats the link to soulseek?

Yes Ive herd of it i have a copy

Use the thread here to actually discuss that footage, guys:


This thread of Bigsef's is just for help in getting it.

Hey folks...I came across this site in my own research of the infamous SuperShadow...what a tool. I admit, I'd been following that site for about a month, but I'd noticed some inconsistencies, etc...often it seems like the replies are made by different people (more than 1 SS)...
The forum blasting the poor fool was closed, so I had to spew here...sorry for breaching that etiquette...but I'm glad to know the truth, and wanted to join that club smile
Looking forward to posting with yous guys smile

Sith Master X
Actually, a new thread about SS just opened up. If you'll scroll down, check out the Supershadow giggletime happy thread. wink


I found some leaked footage. You have to type it in though because I'm new and they won't let me give a link.

type in ht*p://www(dot)movieforums(dot)com/news/251

dude how many threads are you gonna post this in? Its kinda old news.

Sorry I offended you. I'm new here and haven't read enough threads to know everything.It just seams like everyone is stuck in the old the news.
And I've only posted this in two threads.

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well being new here try reading the RULES first ok? and we have a search button that works too eek!

Ya, sorry I accidental saved page four in star wars episode III forums in my favorites and kept thinking I was posting on the first page. Sorry.

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eh happens to the best of us

riiiiiiiiiiiight they have the leaked footege on winmx also

Jedi Priestess
but see that would be illegal and we dont discuss illegal in the kmc forum. no

oh it is? wow i never knew . i dont know were else to get it lol but u know whats cool the gangsta rap vid on newgrounds

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