KILL BILL Sig Request Thread!

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This is the thread where people that want KILL BILL sigs that can only be found on the dvd and the SF.

for instane I wanna sig with Uma Thurman riding in the car in black & white (a pic that can be found on the Kill Bill vol 2 teaser trailer).I want it to say at the top "And when I arrive...Im gonna KILL BILL". Kmc and the bottom left corner and grissim and the bottom right

Lord Soth
This thread is likely to be closed......but while it's around I've been wanting a Kill Bill sig with Elle Driver and The Bride on it for some time....I'm being ignored on the regular thread

So have I.

And alot of people seem to be wanting kill bill sigs now days and this is a faster way for it to happen.

Someone please make me my sig.

I can make Kill Bill sigs shifty

Spotless Mind
I have nice sigs. But can't post 'em for the moment smile

I would really like one of Gogo and Uma and her daughter.

Hey everyone!

Well, most importanly, I am desperately looking for a banner I saw once, which was an anime version of The Bride. I don't seem to remember where I saw so if anybody could let me know, then please post it here or email it to me at [email protected]

Secondly, I have a fun challenge at my boards called "Become A Deadly Viper" which some of you may be interested in. Basically, it allows you to create a character who is a Deadly Viper and it is pretty fun. I myself completed this challenge and my characters name is Boomslang. He is a master of knives and is named after a Boomslang snake, a snake with one of the largets set of hing fangs which excrete it's poison. It's poison can also kill you up to just over a day later without you suffering any symptoms. If you would like to take this challenge, do so here -

I am interested in starting a Kill Bill RPG at my boards, sinc eI love it so much, so if enough people are interested in that challenge it will became a sure thing.

Lastly, I MUST HAVE THE ANIME KILL BILL SIG! So if any of you can find it I would be your best friend for life!


See you soon hopefully...

- Jay

this one?

The one I saw is not exactly that one but it is VERY close and the one you found is also awesome! Just such a shame you weren;t able to get the bigger version. Thanks much for trying though!

- Yours appreciatively, Jay

hmmm, perhaps this? you may have seen it in lil's sig

lil bitchiness
Oh Im being talked about!! How fabulous! diva

The ones you guys have found are great and I will consider myself fulfilled with them, although they are not the ones I was talking about. the image I originally spoke of has proved so hard to find, as I myself have been up for hours looking for it again. I can only hope I bump into the person who owned that banner again.

Thanx for everything.

- Jay

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