Coolest D.V.A.S. member!

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I reckon Elle Driver!!!

Screw, Elle Driver, because she's a lying crazy b****! I chose the Bride herself, because she's baddest woman alive!

I give credit to all the Deadly Vipers, even Vernita, whom I disliked (as a character), and Budd, who was even worse. But if I had to quantify 'em?

Bill, man. I love B. (the Bride); she's a wonderful character, and I rooted for her the whole way. But Bill was just; he was so human of a character; but so cold and aloof at the same time; he was a living paradox.

He was also so badass. Only B. herself could ever have taken him down.

Would have been interesting if they'd gone through with the swordfight he suggested....

I would have to say Bill and O-Ren...

I have to go for Budd. Hes so cool

lil bitchiness
O-Ren Ishii and Elle Driver.

Spotless Mind
Bride. Definetly.

lil bitchiness
She has the best codename yes

Raz Jr
budd, cos he don't do non of that sword fighting crap and finishes it with a shotgun yes

but for fighting.... The Bride yes

shake zula
o-ren ishii for me... she was the most sought out assassin even before she worked for bill... and also for these two words: go. go...

I love your sig lil.

DEFINETLY Budd no doubt about it

lil bitchiness
Thanks Myth! happy

I turned my sigs back on just to see your's the coolest lil!

lil bitchiness
Thanks girlie!! happy

I still havent voted, cos i cant decide whic one...better if you had a multiple option one stick out tongue

Why does it say "Coolest D.I.V.A.S. member" at the top? messed

Uh... Deadly "International" Viper Assasination Squad... maybe?

I love Budd - maybe I just love Mr. Blonde, but I wish Budd had been given a proper death - that was cheap.

Getting side-tracked, while I'm sure I'm not the first person to mention this, barring Mr. Madsen (Budd) doesn't the DiVAS sound a lot like Fox Force Five?
Uma Thurman is one girl (The Bride)
There's a black girl (Vernita)
The Blonde (Elle)
Japanese Girl (O-Ren)
The French girl (Sofie - though not technically a DiVA, she was taught by Bill and part of his fold - so maybe she used to be a DiVA)

lol - poor Budd, no wonder he ended up so screwed-up. Having to belong to a tough death squad called the DiVAS would screw up any guy... lol(no one knows why Quentin refers to them as the DiVAS... so I won't question where the I came from)

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