Linda Wachowski

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Guess we cant call them the Wachowski brothers anymore hmmm

laughing laughing

Sounds as though Larry Wachowski -- one half of the Chicago-born, super-successful brother team (along with Andy Wachowski) that created the "Matrix'' films -- is about to make a life-altering move.

According to those close to the extremely reclusive duo, Larry is about to finally become "Linda.'' Wachowski, who has been living and dressing as a woman for some time, reportedly is preparing to take the final step and have sex-change surgery. As always, it was impossible to get any comment from the press-shy Wachowskis, but several longtime friends of the Rogers Park native confirm Wachowski is planning to complete the process of becoming a woman.

Wachowski's sexuality and sexual preferences have made headlines since his nine-year marriage to Thea Bloom turned into an ugly divorce battle over the past couple of years. During courtroom fights over the millions generated by the "Matrix'' films, Bloom made veiled reference to her husband's proclivity for cross-dressing and his taste for less-than-conventional sexual activities. Bloom accused Wachowski of being "extremely dishonest with me in our personal life,'' and blamed the couple's initial separation on "very intimate circumstances concerning which I do not elaborate at this time for the reasons of his personal privacy.'' Numerous press reports have highlighted a long-term S&M dominatrix relationship Wachowski maintained with the owner of a Los Angeles area sex shop.

I heard..and I was disguisted.


he is a creator of the Matrix. He may do whatever he wishes, and I have no power to judge.

Yeah, but... sick

laughing out loud ha!

im speechless........OMG sick

nope, doesnt matter....he/she/wuteverthef**kitis will still be godly

The Alpha

HAHAHAHAHAHA......Thats the most hilarious thing EVER...... laughing laughing laughing blink blink blink What the f**k?

But incredably weird...... What the f**k?

Shape Shifter
So what? It's his life, so he can do whatever he wants

everyone knew he had a...less than ordinary life-style...

shake zula
"less than ordinary lifestyle"

understatement of the day^^^

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