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It seemes that everyone talks about how they would be good at making horror movies. So If you wish, write down the name, Idea, and stars that would play in your movie. It could be an original, or a movie that was already made and you would make modifications. Keep the insults to a MINIMUM, and go wild.

I abosolutely love this idea and post! I have so many ideas for horror movies floating around in my head and want to get them out and see your opinions on them. So here are a few of my ideas, please comment on them and give me the goods and bads of my idead(s). Thanks!

Name: Ammut
Lead Role: Robert Englund as Dr. Daniel Irving

Plot: Dr. Daniel Irving is heading an important expidition in Egypt. While inside a tomb he and his crew accidently and unknowingly stumble upon the portal which seperate the living from the dead. they find themselves in a creepy old part of the dead world where the "judgement of the dead" took place in egyptian mythology. They find the Egyptian book of the dead and Feather of Maat among other things. Then, when one of the crew members named Ernest sees two big, red, gleaming eyes in the darkness, things begin to get very strange. Ernest yells for Dr. Irving and the rest of the crew. Aftter the crew and Irving arrive Ernest starts to approach the two, big, gleaming, red eyes. The eyes blink twice then disappea. Ernest stops and looked puzzled. The crew and Irving begin to leave, but then Ernest is attacked by the red eyed creature he saw before. Ernest is dragged into the darkness screaming. The crew and Irving stand shocked at what they have just witnessed until they hear a rumbling and realize the tomb is collapsing. They run away, but can't find their way out, and the tomb quickly collapses on them. Dr. Irving wakes up and finds himself in a desolate hell of a world with none of his crew in sight. He finds this desolate hell to be a desserted ghost town. He also finds that everything in this desolate hell is destroyed beyond belief. Anyways he finds a child holding a flower and singing "Ring Around the Rosie" in a morbid tone as it would have been sung during the Black Plague when it originated. The child leads him to a whole group of children hiding from what the child calls "it". Through this child Irving learns that the creaure that attacked Ernest is actually the dreaded Ammut of Egyptian Mythology. To give you more background on this the Ammut is a goddess in Egyptian Mythology. Whenever someone died it was believed that the dead would have their heart weighed to see if they were evil. If they were evil the Ammut would devour the dead person forever destroying them and making them non-exisistant. This was terrible as after death one would get a second life to live again, but if they were devoured by Ammut they would not get the chance to have a second life and would die. In the movie we learn that the evil Seth helped Ammut to gain total freedom to devour anyone she wanted because of an arguement with Osirirs, God of the Dead, and Ra, the Sun God. It turns out Ammut devoured Seth, Ra and the other Gods and Goddesses except for Osiris, Anubis,and Maat. We also learn that some of the gods dissolved into their possitions for eternity such as Nut (The Sky) and Geb (The Earth). Now Maat is the goddess of truth, Osiris is god of the dead, and Anubis is the guardian of the cemetary (as well as other things). All three gods were involved in the final judgement, and we learn that they survived the devastation of Ammut by hiding hiding deep in the mountains where Ammut doesn't venture. Anyways I would have Angus Scrimm (Tall Man in Phantasm) play Osiris. Anyways Irving eventually finds his crew and the three gods and goes out to kill Ammut after Ammut devours the children to show how merciless it is. But how can he kil a monster of this porpotion? How can Dr. Irving defeat... Ammut The Devourer!

interesting^^^ i like all that mythology in it. Great Idea man. Good job.

Dark Phoenix223
Haha, i like VS movies

Children of the Corn Vs. Michael Myers

Ok, this may sound stupid, but here it goes...

The children of Haddonfeild have been acting strange lately. Going out into the cornfeilds, and just plain being creepy. Now, the new "preacher" of this sect of children had commanded that all the adults be killed. By now there are little people left in Haddonfield anyway thanks to the ongoing threat that is Michael Myers. Soon, the children start killing off the adults. When all of them seem to be dead, a lone child sees a figure walking inside one of the old abandoned houses. He tells the preacher of this, which makes the preacher furious, He tells them that He Who Walks Behind the Rows will not be happy till the town is theirs. The children begin to search for the figure, not realizing that it is an evil as great if not greater than their own. The children do find him and circle him, one by one they begin to slash at him. Thinking he is dead, they begin to walk off. But Michael begins to slaughter the children, one by one. Now the children must face an adult that cannot be killed.

To Be Continued

........Like it?

The first movie I ever made was on our home video camera when I was a teen. It was called "My Bloody Birthday", and it was about a guy who was attacked by his jealous twin brother on their birthday. I played both brothers, and the evil one got shot at the end by the good one.

I made several such short features in the years that followed, but they sort of went downhill from there.

One question bud, who would the villain be? I mean in F V J it is obviously made to look like Jason is the hero, but hey I guess your idea could work pretty well. I like it more than most storylines.

Dark Phoenix223
Hmm... thats a tuffy... I guess I'd have to throw in some "good" fun loving horny teenagers. It just wouldn't be a horror movie without that. I just made that up in like 5 mins so there are some obvious story flaws... ill probably come up with something better...


you dont really NEED a good team, evil vs evil is cool i recon.

I really like all of the ideas so far. I acctually thought up an Idea for a sequal for Jeepers Creepers 2. Now everyone hates the movies but give mine a chance, I havent worked the cast yet.

It opens up, at least ten years before the first two movies, a father, son, daughter, and mother are out by a lake obviously having a family day. They are all having a lot of fun, this goes on for several minutes going from day to night. they are all in a log cabin by a fire talking, They start hearing funny noises, so the dad grabbes a shot gun and goes out the door and sees nothing. He turnes around (still outside) and is attacked and pulled up into the sky by the creeper. the family runs and the creeper kills everyone except the boy, but seriously injur his leg. Then it jumps forward to where the second movie leaves off. The guy is waiting for the creeper to wake up, but on the day it's supposed to, it dosent. That same night a group of kids go to the cabin to see the creeper, but since it was supposed to be the day it wakes up, the guy has it closed, As the kids leave one of there tires pop, and they are stuck there for the night. one of the kids got daring and went into the barn with his girlfriend, (they are all at least seventeen) while they are looking at the creeper it wakes up and eats the boy, the girl runs into the house and tells eveyone. So the creeper starts a massacer when one person with a big a$$ arsenal off weapons comes and helps them. The kid is the boy from the cabin. At the end the boy subdues the creature and sets it on fire, and buries it. So the nest day a couple of girls come to see it, they cant and leave. But while they are driving along the top of the car is ripped open and it showes the creeper doing a dive bomb on them, and it fades to black.

tell me what you think

Thing about JC is you can't really d anything new with the sequals, just like most horror films, but JC uses a monster and it is much harder to make sequals with a monster in them.

I have a lot of movie ideas, mostly horror. I'm about halfway through a zombie script, I'm looking for funding at the end of the year. The working title for this movie is 'Here Lies The Dodo', thats all I can tell you, not that I don't trust you guys but I wouldn't put an idea on any website until I had copyrighted it. When I finish the script ( 4-6 months) and copyrighted it, I'll post a synopsis on this board, or E-mail you the damn thing.

my idea for a movie would be called clash of the freaks. it would be almost every monster vs that there is EX: freddy , jason , pin head , chucky, leprechaun, 976 evil , its alive, demons, night of the demons, wish master, tall man , micheal myers, rumplestilskine, puppet master, raw head rex.

Isnt that a bit like evil dead?


What the f**k? ....brilliant....sleep

Dark Phoenix223
The whole Everything Vs. Everthing is the dumbest idea i've ever heard, you think we ALL havent thought about that before, Idiot...

I think that will make a great movie although I haven't seen Children of the Corn yet but I have taken a liking to the Halloween series. I think Michael Myers would be a great adult to be the last surviver on Haddonfield aka his turf. Happy Dance evil face

My movie: If any movies have a plot like this already, tell me.

Title: Dreams

Roles: Tom Welling as Eric Wilbur, Ashlee Simpson as Anna

Plot: It's Spring Break for Horowitz High, and four friends (Eric the shy guy, who is also kind of neglected by his buddies, Anna the smart virgin, Gena the ****, and her boyfriend Jake) have plans to spend their vacation at their rented condo in the distant city of Worthington. Eric also happens to have a sister that recently died of anemia. On the way, their car breaks down, and the 4 friends have no choice but to walk for the next few miles, before they finally see a General Store in the middle of nowhere. The owner, Roscoe Wells, tells them that he owns a cabin that's built in the nearby forest, but warns them against it, saying weird things happen around there, like the last year when a person fled from the cabin after only an hours stay. Each of the teens ignore this story other than Eric, who looks mildly interested in the story.

The quartet settle down in the cabin, which is really homey, complete with running water and a fireplace. The crew have a good time well into the night.

AT last evreyone goes to sleep. Eric seems to have trouble sleeping, and when he finally does, he is engorged in a horrific nightmare as a he sees Jake being brutally murdered with an ax. When he wakes up, he tries to tell his friends, but his friends laugh it off, Jake asking if the ax was double-sided or not. Eric's also seem to be missing.

Later that day, while the crew are hanging around the store, Eric falls asleep, and again witnesses another murder, this time Gena's demise with a knife. After that, for the rest of the day, Eric seems to have changed, the aura around him suddenly becoming dark. Eric frantically tries to convince his friends to get out of here by any means possible, saying something terrible might happen, but only gets a mild slap from Anna in return.
Later, that night, Eric dreams that he is alone in the house, and after a few creepy "red herring" scares, he sees a face with blood red eyes peer at him through the window, and then he wakes up. He gets up and calls for his friends. Nobody answers. He gets up, and explores the house. Then, to his horror, one by one he discovers his friends' bodies, Gena in the closet, Jake body parts stuffed in a cabinet, and Anna, who is still alive. She gets up, looks at Eric in horror, and says, "the eyes, the eyes!" and runs. Eric tries to follow, but then hears a sound. He turns to see blood-red eyes peering at him from the darkness, and hears his sister's voice He goes hysterical, running throughout the woods, the eyes and voice following him everywhere. He then runs to the store, only to see Roscoe's corpse hanging from the store sign, and the car gone with Anna (apparently, Roscoe had fixed it before his demise). He goes into the store, and then finds a bloody axe and knife, and his gloves. He then has all these flashbacks all of a sudden, of him killing JAke and Gena, and wounding Anna. Thats when the police arrive.

LAter, the police psychiatrist that Eric suffers from schizophrenia and multi-persona disorder ever since his sister's death. The canin's isolation brought out all of the grief and neglect within him. While Eric was dreaming his deadly dreams, he was planning and foreseeing his murder plans, all in the back of his mind.
Eric meanwhile, is lying in his cell. Then he sees two red eyes on the ceiling....

Stormy Day
Sounds a little like IDENTITY.

Stormy Day
The Fog
I know theres already a movie called the FOG but this is one I want to make.

The movie opens up with a little girl waking up one early morning hearing her dog bark.She goes out there to shut him up so he doesnt wake anybody.The dog never barks so shes a little weirded out.She does out there and sees him in the middle of the street.She goes and get him and brings him back to the doghouse.When she goes back in the dog starts barking again.Shes goes back out to throw her slipper at him ,but when she goes out he back in the middle of the street.She walks slowly while hes barking at nothing but the fog.She gets to the sidewalk then sees the fog woosh over her dog making him invisible.Then the girl sees blood dripping from the air.

15 years later shes living in denver colorado after spending 5 year in the psychiatric ward because people thought she was crazy for saying the fog was alive.She has made a living writing and selling
cookbooks.She sees a new report on tv of a man who was killed in her old town.She sees that he was kill on her same street.She goes back to her hom town to destory the fog once and for all.

here is my movie idea
we make a squal to The Blair witch project
we make is staring no name actors
we dont promote it good
we use crappy camra works and bad actors
we set it in the woods
we make a crazyish guy be the hero

OH wait its been done not a good idea then not one now

Dark Wind of Fire

It opens up as a woman named Traylin is watching Halloween H2O. Just when Michael Myers exits from the bathroom with a lady's purse and keys in the begining of the movie her television shuts off. The lightsx go on and off. The telephone starts ringing. Treylin was really scared. She ran outside and saw that a person or what appears to be a person exit from her friend Kraycy's house. She tries to investigate but she hears screaming from some other house. Now while that screaming stopped, she has a feeling that someone is looking at her. She turns around but nothing is there. She hears breathing on the side she regurally was. So she turned back around and she sees it. A big black shape coming towards her. She stands there petrified from fear when the shape speaks. It says,"If you run I swear I will kill you. So being the sarcastic person she is she says,"Do think I can move? I am to afraid to move." That just made the shape laugh and say,"Sarcasim, I love it." Treylin is now just about to pass out when the shape says,"My name is Vargis Itima. If you tell anyone what my name is I will not think twice before I kill you. Do you understand?" Treylin was overcome with fear that she couldn't talk so she simply nodded and started trembling with fear.

uh uhh

Ok now for the ending of Dark Wind of Fire...............Treylin justs looks at Vargus, just staring in the hope of him leaving. Just then when Vargus was just about to pull out a trident to go ahead and kill Treylin, a noise was heard. A noise so frietening that it woke up the dead. The dead people crowded around Vargus and Treylin. They started to moan and fall apart. Vargus just looked at them evilly and smiled. "Here is my army of the dead. Welcome to the Dark Wind of Fire. Hell is waiting for you!" Treylin not knowing what to do said, "I Treylin call upon the spirits in the Heavans to help me defeat this evil demon!" Just then light splattered the ground around the the dead and Vargus. Spirits from the Heavans poured out and started chanting,"Leave and never return to earth you demon! Or you shall suffer the wrath of the All Mighty God!" Vargus ran like a chicken with no head, running for all eterninty. Treylin look up at the spirits and says her thanks. She asks how can she repay them. They says your soul. The End! (or is it?)

You guys have got some great ideas & imaginations, I myself am working on original characters but would love to see where some of you can go with these matchups.
Michael Myers vs. The texas chainsaw clan.

That would be cool

I am thinking of another horror movie too.

When I was in year 5 I thought of a movie that was called "Death around the corner" I am now 15 and would like people to hear me out.

It would open up to a fast paced camera movement revolving around a young boy surrounded by an adult dinner partyand the child blinks and blood splatters to a black fade out and opening credits.
the scene opens up to newspaper clipping of alley way murders in which a police officer is investigating.(Newspaper clippings help to realise the title and the murderer).
to fast forward abit the cops son Mitch is the main character being 15-20, a rebellious young man with nothing to live for until his got everything to die for. the alley murderer kills Mitch's father in an alley which leads to M to investigate with some school nerds(stereotypical) to workout who this killer is.
I haven't got an ending but I have some thieries:
-there is no connection between killer and mitch(like blood or revenge)
-the killer is the traumented, neglected boy at the beginning
-the killers name is Edward Thorne "the Thorne in our sides" (tagline for sequals LOL)

so watcha think. by the way you are all pretty imaginative.

Great thread here! Every horrorfan must imagine making a film themselves sometimes. I'm cooking on a idea about 2 gangs of tough criminals chasing each other, leading them to a haunted old execution ground. There they get across the ghosts of brutally executed criminal madmen, still craving for the smell of fear and pain which they caused in their lives. As ghosts they continue to pray on human victims, using their pain as a drug to soften the agony the ghosts are in, as they are plagued by the hurt of their deaths for all eterity. The living crooks soon discover that they have more to worried about then their rivals and will have to try to fight of the ghosts ar well as the other gang.
The spirits can't harm humans directly, but express themselves by possessing real word materials, like earth, trees and walls, disfiguring their forms into horrible tortue devices.
One of the gangs discover the motivation of the spirits as some of their men are being captured by them to be tormented as long as they can last, the ghosts stalling their deaths to the full extent for the best pain output.
Soon they will find out that there is no way to exterminate the ghosts, only the matter they possess can be destroyed, so they can only slow them down for a short while.
That's when they cook up the plan to lead the other gang in the clutches of the undead maniacs to keep them occupied long enough to make an escape. This will lead to frenzy in which no human is safe, evil humans and even more evil ghosts all having one thing on their mind, hurt as much humans as possible. One big very bloody sadistic mess!
I'm not yet sure if the plan should work and some men will get out alive, that would be sort of a 'happy end', but ending up with no survivors might be unsatisfying too.... Maybe somebody has an idea for that?
I'm especially using really twisted criminals in this as victims cause I'm pretty fed up with lame podhead teens just running around screaming as the bodycount increases. Not to mention their custom to not finishing their stalker off when they get the rare luck to pin him down temporarily.
These guys will be just as evil and murderous as the ghosts, only pitifully mortal, which in my thought will lead to more suspense, more action and far groovier deaths.
I already have a cool location, a real former execution field, now a small swampy forest, some ruins and shipwrecks ornamenting the landscape, very spooky.
The whole shebang is still in the oven and needs more work and thought, but please tell me how I'm doing so far...

The worlds insane, while you drink champagne I'm living in black rain. Ya try to ban the AK? I've got ten of em stashed with a case of handgranades!


ScarFace Clone
The only part the sounds like identity is the motel part
I think it is good!

Once upon a time there was a boy at the age of 8 he was a Gothic and killed animals he swore"I'll kill only animals never humans LORD OF LIFE AND DEATH my name is Derrick Eliv. Two years later Derrick was kidnapped by a Black muscular man with a gun "get down on the floor!!!!" The man called the boy's parents.They talked about the price of the boys life then a knife went through the man and blood was everywhere the boy felt good as the man screamed cried and gasped for air. The boy smiled and said "Death has a new soul." At the age of 18 a gang of people came holding knives "we are the cambians you killed cords best gangster get a weapon let's test your skill big man" Derrick grabbed 4 knives duck taped the to his fingers. They fought until one cambian was left, the last one looked in shock straing at the other cambain corpes. "wana join us you have the skills" "no" Then the cambian pulled out a gun and then Derrick killed him. Overwhelmed Derrick turned Christan.Two months later Derrick's brother Joe called him to the basement "yes" he called "hay brother" Joe said when he turned on the light and knocked Derrick out. When he woke up he was chained up in a tub filled with water Derrick screamed "help help" Scream all you want Derrick No ones gonna hear you oh look a toaster lets drop i t the tub" then he did Derrick got a electrocuted and died. Joe collected the insurance and living the good life. One year later Joe stared coughing and through up a chain smoke rolled across the floor and a black lighting bolt struck and a man with a black cowboy hat, long leather jacket, a black shirt, black pants, black boots, had 5 finger blade claws and had long black he grabbed Joe cut his head off and drunk his blood he tried to walk out the location but couldn't then he had tried everything he could to get out but couldn't. Two weeks later Derrick was stabbing himself to get enjoy ment of it. Then he saw a group teenager pull up they got and started throwing a rave. then Derrick killing a bunch of teens stabbing them, slicing them,cutting them, and using power. Some got away. But Derrick Got a idea.He got in the car and drove out of the barrier and he smiled and said "one by one they all go down and shall you to when the bell sounds.

That story is called DEATH WISH

If you like the story tell me

while i have thought of many ideas, that i dont really feel like typing, anyone looking for a successful original thought remember, the key to GOOD horror, (all the classics have done this and were at that time inventive), is to take something, someplace, someone, that ppl would associate with happiness saftey and fun, and then flip it around and exploit the hell out of it. It's not about what weapon the villian carries or how he got that way--these things are all too often the main foucus of the scare-- its all about the audiences feeling vulnarable where they would have felt safe before viewing the movie!

I wouldn't share any ideas on the internet, if the treatments are good enough, like some of mine are, someone could take it.


Sorry. good topic though.

When I was writing in school as part of my creative writing in English class about two years ago , I wrote a short story titled 'Demons From The Unknown' and I would want to know wot you guys think of it.

Basically, the story revolves around one man, Jake Smith. Jake has been looking to exact revenge on a demon that killed his parents when he was young. he sets out to learn about its origin and he tries to make out what it is, after all the years of sorrow and pain he finally tracks it down. After mass unknown killings in Russia, Jake goes to Moscow and he finds help from a professor, together they try to destroy the demon before it destroys them.

Not very long, what ya' think?

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