what charectors should live and die in harry potter movies

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should malfoy,ron,harry..................die.

those who should die in the movies should be them who die in the book...

good point but siriuss death was hard enough to read god knows how we are all gunna cope actually seeing our beloved sirius fall 'sobs hysterically oh stop the madness icant cope any more sirius must come back! '

i know i have 2 skip that bit know coz its 2 sad 2 read

I Love Sirius
Well, I sure hope that Harry, Ron, Hermione or even Draco don't die. It was bad enough with Sirius dying..........I couldn't even imagine what it would be for Harry to lose someone else.

Yis....... no expression

People who die in the book are the ones who should die in the movie. Nor more, no less. For three is the number you shalt count to, and five is totally out of the question.

ron because of the chess theory (search knight2king in google)

noooooooooooooooo not ron we need ron hes so adorably cluless hes to innocent it was hard enough with sirius dying surly jkr wont do that to us she cant ok hysterical now iam off to get my prozac before mungos chuck me on lockhearts ward

If you are saying what characters should die in the movies, then it should be Harry. Why? Because, Daniel Radcliff is by far the worst child actor that has actually starred in a movie role. He kills the role of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger is played by a fool who can't act, and it is obvious. Ron...well, the poor kid has to deal with the twi Brunette devils, and for that I think that he should live. Now, these are strictly referring to the MOVIE of course. So, it would be a complete waste of time for you to inform me that it would be too sad to read about it, because NO DUH. We are talking about the movies here. And what do you care what happens in the movies should happen in the books? If you have seen the movies, you would know that the basic reference that remains true with both the movies and the books are the names. The Harry Potter series was slaughtered by the writers, and may God have mercy on their souls.

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