Release date question - Years 6 and 7

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When is the sixth HP book supposed to be released? I heard sometime this year, and that it won't be as long as #4 and #5... and that #7 will be massive, but will take a bit of time. Is this true? Where's a good place to get this sort of information? Please don't bash me, this is one of my few posts here, just wandering into new territory with a simple question.. smile

I heard possibly summer 2005 or November of the same year to coincide with the opening of Goblet of Fire in the theaters. Of course no one really knows except JKR.

No I heard DEC.04 or somewhere near then.And it would be a smart choice releasing it then knowing it is Christmas during then.

WOW December !!!!! *Dances* Is is too good to be true???

Finally, i will be able to read it. Mom confiscates my book and give it to me during weekends. Knowing that i would glue my eyes on those exciting pages rather than studying those stupid formulas.!

i mailed bloomsbury enquieries the sent back a mail stating they didnt have any info on book six but there is a list you can join on their site they will mail you in advance of releases the mail address to mail them is [email protected] it took 24 hrs for them to get back to me

If I was JK I would write 8 books, and the 8 book would be called:

" Harry Potter and JK Rawling" - the book would be about JK, the HP idea, sequences of the book, insipiration, and thathow Harry Potter , the boy-who-lived, saved her from the social and economic difficulties ....

But, I'm not JK .... I'm simply me !!!

This is what I picked up from :
Book 6 this fall?
From Cinescape:

Our latest scooper claims to have an inside connection to a publishing company located in America (the name of which we will keep confidential to ensure that we know who our scooper is.) According to the scooper, a notice was sent to all book publishers that print J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter novels stating that "they needed to be prepared to print copies of the next HP book by no later than September 8, 2004." The source said that the title for the sixth Potter book was not mentioned in the communication, just that the deadline would be in September and that "the artwork for the covers was going over final approval from the publisher and would be sent in August."

While the story seems to check out, the date - September - just seems too soon. Treat this with a fair amount of skepticism until we get something more concrete.

Thanks to the many readers who sent in this link!
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Next time JKR has a web-chat, I wish someone would ask her how big book six is going to be!!!!

1. I think JKR has mentioned somewhere (don't know where though) that book 6 isn't going to be as long as the last two books... even though I like them long...
2. I have heard a number of rumours about release dates, ranging from June/July 2004 right through to September 2005... so I really don't think anyone, except those in the loop, know when it will be released... the mugglenet release though looks fairly interesting, but agree, September does seem very soon, however, that would be correct if it is to be released December/January 04/05.... so it could hold a lot more truth in it than it seems...

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