That sentinel

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When Neo was travelling to the Machine City with Trinity and he was exploding the bombs. Then the sentinels attacked the Logos, and one sentinels moved up the ship and Neo saw it before it attacked him and then something happened, something that I knew was impossible yet it happened anyway...the sentinel seemed to go inside of him or through him.

I have absolutely no idea how or what happened so I want theories, all are welcome.

good question i noticed that also and i also have no idea

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I think it might have something to do with the fact that Neo is still learning about his powers. In the first film we see that he can kick an agents butt, 2nd film we can see that he can fly & by the end of that film he can move very very fast (something he couldn't do in the first film), at the end of the 2nd film we also see that he can 'feel' the sentinels in the RW as he put it. Maybe what he did there was just a continuation of his growing powers.


PLEASE, please, please a search for your questions before posting the same question over again...thank you.

They are theories yes, (but somehow I knew most of them would be yours) so I guess in your eyes that's the answer done and dusted.


As I said ALL theories are welcome!

So lets hear them.

well, u would notice that as soon as it happens he says "i cant beat them" and is all tired or whatever...i think that the sentinel going through him was just a symbol that the machines beat him and there was to many...i dont think it was anything significant

Jedi.....I understand what you and Omega said about the Sentinel but my question is what happened to the real one that Trin rocked in front of the logos? Where did it go...or is that a mystery?

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i think that the "real" sentinel was still on the windshield until they went over the sky.

yeah, the real sentinel is still on the windsheild, and you can see where the sentinel cracked the glass, if my perception last night was correct...

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Is Neo a conduit to the Source itself?

i'm not sure what you are asking...

Well after Neo was blinded he could still see. We know that his powers come from the source, so he was able to feel or see everthing that either came from or was connnected to the source.

So my question is when the sentinel attacked him was it taken to the source, i.e. is Neo a conduit to the source?

you mean, did that sentinel pass through him and somehow get sent back to the Source? no, i don't think that is possible...i mean, its possible that Neo could send a copy of the code of the sentinel to the source, i guess, but for him to take the code out of the sentinel and then send it back to the source, would be a great leap of imagination...however, i think the Source can send stuff to him, which is what i have said...

The sentinel was not in the matrix, it was in the real world, I wasn't saying that the code was sent to the source but the whole physical sentinel itself.

I sure thet we will disagree on this because you believe that teh sentinel is not real and that it is stuck on the windsheild. Although I'll admit that I am at a loss to explain why the windshield is only cracked and not broken after the encounter with the sentinel.

no, I believe that the sentinel was real. but that 'sentinel' that passes through Neo is not a sentinel, but it looks like one because it was carried by a sentinel...and i do believe that the shell of the sentinel is indeed stuck on the windsheild. What i think is that the code is not sent to the source, but rather from the source. Are you familiar with DOS attacks? where hackers try to flood a specific IP address with packets so they are unable to connect to the internet, and sometimes it even shuts down their port...i believe that this is what that golden 'sentinel' was a DOS sent by the Source to stop neo from doing what he was doing, which was killing all thier sentinels and tow bombs...

Jedi, you were talking about a strech of the imagination?

it is not a leap of the imagination, seeing as hackers do them seemingly weekly...except in this case, it is the server sending them, not recieving them...

As I have said elsewhere, I believe that the source may be pure energy. I also believe that all machines and programs created by the machines comes from the source.

Therefore I believe that the sentinel was real and neo using his powers from the source converted the sentinel into pure energy. How?


the oracle said, rather, neo said and the oracle asserted, that the Source is the Machine Mainframe. I will not argue that all programs come from the Source. However, it is a Mainframe or server in that it controls everything that goes on. I do not see how the Source is pure energy. Where would you come up with this from? If it is pure energy, there must be something containing it. Also, how can it be pure energy if they get all their energy from the humans/batteries? Also, Neo would have to accelerate that Sentinel to the speed of light, or pour massive amounts of energy into that sentinel to convert it to energy. I don't see how he can do either from where he is at.

His body does that on cantact with it or very close proximity to the sentinel, but this is just a theory.

ok i think i figured it out........... what happens is by his power neo attempts to tele-kinetically blast of the sentinel but as it was a sudden attack, the sentinel came too close to neo..........but in the end neo blasts it off what we see is just the remains of the setinel hitting neo........but as it was travelling at a very high speed we see it in its as a whole(the original sentinel form)........

hope u follow.......

Well I'm glad someone is still thinking about it.

I agree with Jedi, but I'll phrase it in a different way (at least I think this is different):

We all agree that Neo is connected to the Source, and that this is how he blows up the sentinels. Well, the connection goes both ways. Neo can control some of the machines, but the Source can also put images into Neo's mind just as it puts images into the minds of the people jacked in. Neo sees the code behind the walls of the buildings in the matrix instead of perceiving them as real like everyone else would, and he also sees the code behind the sentinel (hence it glows orange) instead of perceiving it as real (like anyone else would if they had a wireless connection).

To some degree, I'm surprised that the machines didn't try to play with his mind more in this way, but perhaps the failure of this trick made them decide that it was not worth the effort and also showed that they were dealing with someone truly extraordinary.

I don't... but then how is that different from any other day.

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