wut the hell... hear me rant! LOL

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OK... this will for sure make all H/Hr shippers gloat with glee.... ARGH..... Why did Alfonso Cuaron do this??!!!!

I remember VERY CLEARLY that Harry did NOT hug Hermy and Hermy did NOT hold on to Harry when the dementors were closing in on them... I just read the chapter "The Dementor's Kiss" right now, and there was NO hug between them... Why give them a hug scene in the movie??? Plus, the part where Harry went to Hogsmeade in the invisibility cloak... Why was Hermoine searching for him and was chatting with him by the rock.... ?? that so did NOT happen in the book!!!!!!! AAAARRRRRGHHHHH!!!

And I know some HHr shippers will most likely say, "well, Ron and Hermoine didn't have the holding hands in the book either..."

here's what I'm gonna say to that: ....having heard that there was not going to be the "make-up" hug between RHr (the one after they had an argument in the book), because Alfonso Cuaron said that there was not enough argument to fit in the hug in the movies, the "holding hands" part is most likely the scene that MUST replace the R/Hrhug... so it is safe to say that the holding hands part is ALRIGHT...

I mean, I accepted it when Hermy and Harry hugged in the Chamber of Secrets because it replace the hug that was missing in the Sorcerer's Stone (that should have happened)... but the one with Harry and Hermy hugging while the dementors are closing in is NOT alright!!!!!

the hug between Harry, Ron, and Hermoine below is FAIR... it is NOT of RHr and it is also NOT of HHR... so it is also safe to say that that scene is alright even though it didn't happen in the book... because that scene gives the idea of NOT a romantic scene, but of a friendship thing... Harry and Ron are comforting Hermoine because they just heard the thud of an axe (that executed buckbeak)... there's no malice there...

it seems that the movie producers, directors, or whatever the f*ck they are, are trying to promote the love triangle thing between the trio just to make it fun... and i must say it's BULLSHIET.

Ok.. I'm done ranting... mad

WOW Sista u wrote a lot!!!

Well I have no say in all that, cuase I kno (trust me ) Hermione will end up with MALFLOY, Draco MALFLOY!!! u ll c

nooooooooooooooooooo what about ron i thought ron and hermy and harry and maybe luna ( they seem to have a couple of things in common reguarding loosing people they care deeply for that touching scene in ootp i thought that maybe jkr was starting something between them) in jkrs wonderfull books but draco i thought draco and pansy were a cert oh the madness do you have inside info cool unicor

LOL... yes, I do tend to write a lot when I rant about things... specially about things I disagree on...

Anyways... you might find the pix below interesting Unicor777.... ^_^ It's Pansy and Draco!!!! AAAAWWWWWW!!!! LOL...

Anyways, I'd rather like the idea of Hermione and Draco... than Harry and Hermione!!!!!!! AAARRRRRRGhhhhhh!!! That's why I had rant about the stupid dementor's scene!!!!

I'm all for Harry/Ginny!!!!!!!!! Ron/Hermoine!!!!!!

First things first: Tigress...LEARN HOW TO TYPE YOU #(%*%($*&%$ FOOL! Good Gawd, I didn't know nature was capable of making such an idiot! I mean, I thought growth was the most powerful thing on earth, but your stupidity could conquer nations.

NOW! Onto the origonal post. Shanie, you don't have "make-up" hugs. Don't be so foolish. That is the equivilant to Harry saying a line from the first book clear into the fourth movie because he didn't the first time around. That is an insane thought, and I can't believe you would even think it held the slightest amount of intelligence. HOWEVER!!!!!! I TOTALLY agree with you that the Harry Potter movies slaughtered the ENTIRE CONCEPT of the books! If Alfonso wants to film a romantic movie, he should pick a book by Anne Rice, and leave JK's work alone. The movie has enough drama and adventure, there is NO dating in it! The ONLY kisses are described in about....two sentences....then we move on. I think that whoever wrote the stupid script for the stupid movie should be thrown into prison where they must work off the restitution costs that will repay those who wasted their money on the movies. Just be happy WE didn't make this movie, everyone can blame the British. God Bless America.

-cough- Tigress, not hard feelins', eh?

Wow Rosebloom, that was a bit of a harsh thing to say to tigress... LOL... Maybe the poor girl just had something to do quickly, that's why she typed like that... LOL :P

Anyway, I did not think or even said my rant held an intelligence as you've said... I was just merely ranting about the unnecessary scenes between Hermoine and Harry because I hate listening to people (especially HHr shippers) gloat with glee, like; "Hermoine and Harry, OMG!! they have soooo much chemistry!!! Harry protected herrrr! he even hugged her... aaaawww... thats so sweet!!".... I am so getting tired of people who says they've read the book, but still base their ship's reasons on the movies (no names will be mentioned)...

And yes, the movie have messed things up a little... Nonetheless, I still love the movies because (come on!) they're brilliant!... HP finally came to life, and I'm satisfied!... It's just that it seems to me that they're doing the whole "love triangle" thing because they know that sex sells... In this situation, they're only trying to satisy the idiots who never read or understood the book, or to the aesthetically and desperately in-love morons who only want to see disastrous romance between the good looking actors and actresses playing the part... LOL.

Oh.. and this maybe out of topic... but to pick Anne Rice's books for a romantic movie? OH God!!! That reminds me so much of "Queen Of The Damned."... The only good thing about that movie is the soundtrack!!... The stupid f*ckin director or whoever the f*ck wrote the script... What's wrong with them?!!! Didn't they read the freakin book?! I hated the QOtD book (it was the most boring AR book I've ever read), but at least I like it better than the movie version about Lestat and Jesse macking, flirting, and "booing"... LOL.

I Love Sirius
You know, there's always people everywhere that will try on rain on everyone else's parade. What's funny is that she goes around to threads and tries to see how she can piss people off. Sorry, but that's not very cute Rosebloom no

No. She doesn't just type like that...She always types like that. If the girl was in a such a hurry, she shouldn't spend her time on the internet wasting mine.

I agree with the fools out there who take movie input like it is the book itself. Harry and Hermione MIGHT get together, but why not have Malfoy do a hook up with Ginny? I mean, it is just as possible. Just because people are friends doesn't mean you have to fall in love with them. Stupid people out there.

If people are going to make a movie about a book, then they need to actually keep the stuff that adds to the plot. If sex sells, then tell me why the hell the Barney franchise is so successful.

Note to self: Hate everyone.

-cough- So I just notices "I Love Sirius'" thread post. First of all, I do not go around and try to piss people off. The fact is, that now adays everything has to be so politically correct, and all you insane liberals out there are shouting about the rights of man...yadda yadda yadda. Well, if people can burn the American flag (which they can only do because America allows them to, isn't that funny) then I can certainly post my opinion. I don't need shriveled little prunes like you to think I do it for attention. I say what I know, and I'll state my opinions loud and clear. If a mouse like you doesn't appreciate the fact that there is some reason out there, then you can do what I tell others to do: "Die while pruning your roses in a perfect society." As for the time being, I do not wish to read your moronic little posts about how I state my mind is only a cry out for attention. I do not roam from thread to thread and see how I can piss people off. If you say something intelligent, I will agree with you. If you say something stupid, yet understandable and back up with facts, then I will argue with you. If you say an idiotic thing much like you did, ruled by idealist thoughts and attempts to created a conflict, I will ridicule you and your mindless attempts to gather the cesspool of mindrot that you call a brain, and challenge my education. God bless America.

i so totally agree with what shanie623 said at the begening!

She can do whatever she wants. If you don't want to read what she has to say then don't! It's as simple as that! Don't go around saying she needs to learn how to type or whatever you were saying! I can read that post absolutely fine why can't you? And what's this about her "Wasting your time"? Now that's just out of order! no

....Anyway, I agree with you Shanie about H/G, R/Hr cool

Who ever told you to be yourself couldn't have given you worse advice. Have you ever considered suing your brains for non-support? Its illegal!!

As for the H/H.. I mean those are best friends and love relations with best friends are not always successful, cause it feels like incest... what u think....

.. and if u have not been sorted go the " Sorting Threat-Hogwarts Cafe, answer the questions on the 1 pg.. and:

" The sorting hat will know how,
in which house to place you noW..."

I Love Sirius
I seem to notice that you mispelled a word or two when you were doing your little rant on me.............Hey Unicor, I did the survey thing, but no one ever pm'd me with the results..........So I haven't been sorted......heh heh

You know what Shanie? I think everything you wrote was right!

I heard the Cuaron was a great director, but that does mean he has to do things his own way?

Grrr! I hate that part!

I must close my eyes when that scene is shown!

sorry I'll go ant get an NVQ shall I. I am not that good at writing so sue me! I take your bashing on board rosebloom and will try and do better

thanx 'hugs'

thanx 'hugs'

if phoe saw that, no no. no2
and america is one dotty-politics country, i am glad living in Europe.
war is god's way to teach americans geography!!


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