New Smackdown Game For PS2

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The latest SmackDown! release on PS2 will not be titled Word Life as originally rumored. Rather, it will be "SmackDown! vs. RAW."

THQ announced the game today, leaving details in secrecy, aside from the fact that an abundance of new game modes have been added, and the graphics are expected to be much more realistic than in past SmackDown! games.
As always, the game will release Q4 2004.

This is for anyone who plays the smackdown games.

This game is quite a disappointment.

Plus side: Slightly better graphics, great music, added 6-Man Tag Team Tornado Elimination Chamber Match, online feature, create your own title feature, every audience member is animated, option to let your manager distract the ref or throw in a weapon

Down side: Weapons disappear when you use it enough, 2 titles per brand on season mode, everyone starts at 2's on season mode, player 1 selects everything when choosing matches and alignment and everything, can't choose if you're a heel or a face

Frankly, the plus sides aren't enough to make up for the down sides for me. I'd rather have an updated Smackdown! game that's just like the ones in the past than this. The weapons disappearing is what REALLY irritates me.

i havnt played it yet.. so i wouldnt no

does anyone know how to defend your created title? I need some help.

DiViNe diFiNIty
Smacdown vs raw is a great game and have fun all the time with my mates :
the only bad side to it is that when you have to button bash to get opponents out in a royal rumble i have gettin blisters all overthe side of my
but its worth it lol

AAWWW!! I so want this game!!

Does anyone know any good CAW websites for Smackdown vs Raw?
If so send them to my private mail

I hear that this game isn't as good as Here Comes The Pain in some ways. Can anyone tell me which one is better overall?

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.