i think i am the worst rpg lover ever..i hate ff...

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Don't get me wrong...FF is ok and all...but i just don't see whats so great about it.I tried it..and it just didn't appeal to me.Kingdom Hearts drove me insane.I respect FF people..but a majority of KH people are whiny little 11 year olds...(but the level layouts are retty cool)
awwell.am i crazy or what?
PS:do not BADLY flame me out for my taste

ok Ill lightly flame you for you bad taste

so......what Rpgs do you like?

No, it's ok, FF isn't much of an RPG. You really don't get to choose your path, as RavenTheOnly said before, it's more of a fixed drama.

Same as KH... smile
Anyone tries to flame you .... the gotta deal with me!

I like the smaller budget rpg games, so your not alone, i cant stand the FF games my pal dave loves them and all rpg`s but i dont like the FF because they scream big budget and try to show off with fancy graphics and visual effects and they forget what it is to have great atmosphere and music that pulls you in and your there with the characters, that doesn`t happen with a FF game as you know it`s a game and you know your playing a game where you never feel like your there with the character.

Breath Of Fire 3 & 4.
Shadow Hearts.
Legaia 2: duel saga.

these to me are better than any final fantasy game.

i really like the Lunar series,Thousand Arms,Legend of Mana,Suikoden,.Hack,ECT.

Has anyof you played Escape Velocity?
It is sooo great

RPG's or not, FF games have some of the greatest storylines ever to grace a video game consol. They are teh only video game franchise who's storylines can go toe to toe with film.

BackFire's right, they do have good stories yes

and FF7 - AC should be brilliant eek!

i donno,the stories never interested me..not my bottle of sake reallyu.7 was ok..but i never got to far in it because i lost interest to fast.Its not like im picky,but some storys interest me more,and ALOT do more than FF.

likewise as FF rely on fancy graphics and what ever else they can think of to grip you, i`m like you the storylines of the FF get boring easily they dont have what it takes to keep me interested and they dont feel like rpg`s which is a big no no in my book, someone mentioned they are close to what a film is like, thats the problem it`s to realistic at times and not FANTASY not role playing.

The graphics aren't a crutch like you portray them as, they are simply an added bonus to already masterfully made games. They rely on their storylines, characterdevelopment and fun mini games to get people into them. Also, even with crappy graphics (FF6) the games are still amazing to play once you get into them. Also, the stories arent' realistic at all, I say they're like films because they're woven so beautifully and delicately, with character development so we care about the people in the stories the way we care about characters in a film.

Also, FF isn't an RPG, you are correct about that.

really?I hardly saw any caracter development..and i never can say i felt particularry clse to ANY FF caracter.Sure they are cool,but unlike most games,I don't get a sence of fealing with them>_<

BF: I agree, the stories are done superbly, but when it boils down the bare necessities, it's basically, "Save the world" in different ways.

Did you actually complete the games? And read all the dialogue? The character development in FF games put it to shaem in evry other game.

BG is DD basically, character development... you can't go back and duel classing impairs your ability

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