How Many Times?

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How many times have you seen Vol. 2? Today I watched Vol. 1 with my friend (bought it for her birthday - she hadn't seen it) and she immediately wanted to go out and see Vol.2 - making it my third time... am I alone in my sickness?

once by myself, twice more with my mates smile

Yeah - I keep feeling like I have to convert people to Tarantino - like some weird Jahova's Witness. lol. I had two Tarantino nights, and took my friends to see Kill Bill... really good time.

Why do you need therapy for 4+ embarrasment messed

lol - you don't, just me being a b*tch

sad I wish I saw it more than once, especially after I found out there was something after the credits. Although, I have seen the first one 2 1/2 times big grin

Hehe...I was the same way with PF. That's part of the reason I saw it 12 times in the theater; I just kept wanting everybody I knew to see it, and kept running into people who hadn't seen it yet.

lol - I wish I hadn't been 6 when PF came out... You always wonder if movies you've only seen on DVD/Video would be different in the theaters. Like you can never see a horror movie for the first time at home. That's just wrong.

Ive saw Vol. 2 once! eek! Unfortunately no one else wants to go see it. They need to be slapped.

I need therapy (4+)?

I seen Vol. 2 more than 7 times. When Vol.1 was in theathers I saw it about 10 times.

Maybe I need more than therapy. confused

lol - well, I saw each of the Lord of the Rings movies more times than I'd like to count... I think after three trips to Kill Bill v.2 my family will have me committed

I've seen it too many times to count, I watched half of it today and I'll watch the other half tomorrow. Oh the joys of working in a cinema.

lol - lucky bastard. I've wanted to get a job at the movie theaters for the longest time. What do you do - just sneak in once there's a dead point in your shift?

i only got a chance to see both once at the cinema, because it only screened a week in my tonw, but i'll buy it when it comes out and do a Pulp Fiction and watch it like 30 times

I gotta change my vote to 4 now erm damn stick out tongue

Usually yeah. I work security so the only times I need to be at my post are when the films are going in, after that there is no-one around to chuck out so I just wander into the screens, then when the film ends I walk out with the audience and I'm back at my post. Thats why I'm on this forum so much, 'cos when I've seen all the films there's nothing to do except chat to you lovely people.

i saw both of them twice ... i took my best friend to the 2nd one for the first time, and before the movie is even over, she's like "i hate this" and i'm like, "why?" and she says, "i hate tarentino movies." and i'm like, "how many have u seen?" and she just shut up and watched the movie. she couldnt even name one, much less say she's seen it, lol!!! my mom hates those movies though, so i gotta buy it and like, wrap it in the little mermaid packaging or something, haha.

lol - I've never understood people who don't like his films. The argument is always the same: It makes no sense, he swears too much. And I always say this:

"Okay, did you actually bother paying attention to detail? No - well, that's why you don't understand it. The story doesn't go in linear order"


"When was the last time you heard of a group of hitmen saying things like 'goody goly' and 'oh my word'?"

Notice there isn't that much swearing in Kill Bill. Why? Because these aren't thugs. They're professional assasins. They're smart.

jules was smart

and he cussed as sweared a lot....just cuz you dont use the most buetifull language dosent mean your not smart....its a disision the person talking has to make about how he wants to talk

Yeah - which is why Quentin made him the one that comprehends the "divine intervention" which saves his life.

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