Chopper (2000)

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anyone seen this film about an aussie criminal - true story.

really funny.

U Neek
I saw the last 20 minutes or so of the movie like. It was pretty freaky. The guy who played the main character Chopper was the guy who played Bruce Banner in The Hulk (2003) . I thought that was weird plus good acting on Eric Bana's part because he sounds like a Aussie in Chopper and like an American in The Hulk. He looks so different in Chopper though, which is what I thought was weird.

I can't believe this thread isn't anymore busy than it is.

I just finished this one and it immediately became a favorite. Eric Bana was just ****in' awesome, and totally carried the movie. I was never bored with it, and that's as high a compliment as I think I could give.

Same here, superb movie

lol he is an aussie thats y he sounds like 1 u neek u numb skull lol stick out tongue. Hes also in a film that used to b banned in the UK called rompa stompa kind of like an early american history x and i quote i only said kinda like lol.

He isn't in Rompa Stompa, Russel Crowe is in that movie.

I saw Chopper on television a few months ago, I was tired so saw parts of it, looked good. Parts in the prison were cool.

"Romper Stomper" I owned once. Poor production, but decent movie.

oops oh yeah so it is mild possesion embarrasment my bad

What a film!
I had a girl in my class who loved Eric Bana so i showed her chopper and now shes put right off. lol
Good film also Romper Stomper. But i was a bit annoyed when they didnt get away with the posh car and the stuff!
And the Japs beat them.!

ps Ya Lookin At Ma Ears!

Chopper is bloody gr8!! one of the funniest films i have ever seen! my favorite bit is where he asks neville bartoss for some cash then shoots the guy in the stomache

u burts ure bloody appendix or something? u having a windge?

chopper is superb

"keithy's done himself a mischief"


Man, I really wanna see this movie. I've been trying to find it but I can't. Sometimes I really hate living in the U.S.

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