LOTR vs Troy vs Last Samurai vs King Arthur

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Notice the similarity. Yes all of these either have or are set to have incredible battle scenes in them. But which has the best.

As you well know, i AKU, despise CGI and LOTR and troy have CGI in them. (Well the boats are CGI in Troy but i dont know about the battles).

Last Samurai was completley human fought like in gladiator, no special effects included which made it look ultra real and was more of an adrenaline rush.

I can see that lord of the ringys needed some CGI coz of the elephant wannabies, and the ghost people.

And why the heck didnt aragorn just tell all those ghosties to kill Mordor aswell as all the orc invader people.

Anyway, THE POINT of this thread is which is the best BATTLE scene and when i say battle i mean with swords and stuff not bullets.


Because he had promised to release them if they saved minas tirith. And since he is a good guy, he keeps his promises.

Yeh but surely its logical. Its like if you have two bowls of coco-pops right and you just have milk for both of them, but you use it all on one bowl of cerial, thats exactly what aragorn did except with dead/alive people and orc/elephant things.

LOTR is a fantasy movie, with mythical creatures, it needs CGI, Last Samurai was based on a true story, its easier to get a hold of a a bunch of japanese guys in samurai outfits, than it is, giant elephants and flying lizards.

I loved the charge of the rohan, it was Big and beautiful

But I also like the samurai charge, Emotional, Heroic.

I havn't seen the other 2.

Try telling that, to the Army of the Dead!!!

Another movie that falls into this category, I think, is The 13th Warrior. It's very much like The LAst Samurai in that an outsider must fit in with a group of warriors. Not much, if any, CG was used in this one.

Troys cgi will be better because it cost double what rotk did.
rotk-95 million
Troy-200 million(i heard on cnn)

Yikes, this desprite for a thread? What the f**k?

the similarity you are looking for is that they are all big epic movies with a big budget. they are all (with the exception of the last samurai) based on fantasy books or myths, which is why they have these funky creatures in it, which is why they need the oh-so-helpful CGI

i don't think it was the CGI that costs a lot...it's just a couple of computer graphics. what took up so much money was the set. and just because it cost a lot more doesn't necessarily they'll do a better job. from all those rumours i've heard of it, it's not exactly very true to poor old Homer

Still could have used models

models for the buildings? yeah, i suppose, but they probably wanted them to look as real as possible and as we can see, in LOTR, the models looked rather strange when you put them next to the "real" things

in the return of the king the part wit legolas and the elphant waS a good scence also in the two towers with legolas down the staris awas good

King Arthur is quite possibly the worst Arthurian movie of all time

the only two i've seen or care to see out of that list is lotr and troy...and i'd say troy has the better/cooler battle scenes, but i'm bias cause i don't dig lotr

There no comparisin Lotr hands down erm

1st.LOTR 2nd.Troy

the Last samuri wasnt based on a true story, it was loosely inspired by actual events, but greatly failed to give you a factual reinactment. The battles in the last samuri were nothing special, just like the movie. We had already seen everything last samuri did, and saw it better. The same goes for Troy,

Troy was done on a larger scale, but did nothing special with it's battle scenes. All the fighting in Troy was stale and un inspiring. Whenever the movie would break away to one on one battles we actually had some entertianment. Maybe instead of blowing all there money on a CGI budget they should have hired some decent coreographers, and talented camrea men, maybe then the bordem and mediocrity of the movie would have been overshadowed.

As for king arthur, well i slightly enjoyed this movie, for the simple fact that it tried to do somthing new, it actually tried to break away from the medevil movie formula's. However,i think the director bit off more than he could chew, The style he tried to incoorperate came off as if he was trying to hard. The battle scenes were again nothing special, and even somewhat boring.

Rotk has to have the best battles out of the list above, even though the battles werent as large scaled as two owers, the action was still very entertaining, and wasnt scared to take risks. The coreography was excellent for every character who was shot swinging a sword or weilded a bow. The build up, and the execution and style of execution was done very well for Rotk

Princess Re
well i have seen LOTR and troy so i can't say i can choose sad

Jason Wyngarde
last samurai is the best

Lady Ellie
Rotk was so much better!!!! The battles in Troy were also pretty good and impressive, but by far not as good as in Rotk.
AND THE MUMAKIL ARE NOT ELEPHANT WANNABIES. They are one of the most coolest things in Rotk. I love them!!! big grin big grin big grin

Princess Re
but umm i think LOTR and Troy win!!!!

Those were probably the worst scenes in the series, and they both looked like shit, and they should have been kept out of the movie.

The Force
i haven't seen troy, so i'm going to have to go with LOTR

Princess Re
ohhhh orli is soooooooooooooooooo hot there *drool*

Jason Wyngarde
the lord ring movies are boring

i can see why pple miyght think its boring and what r u talkin bout slipknot! the elephant part was the shit! annnyywayysssKing Arthur was TERRIBLE so no1 go see it

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