general grevious looks crap!

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have you seen the general grevious picture that was revealed the other day .
i did and i thought he looked really crap.the fanart of grevious is ten times as good.
what do you guys think...

Yeah i gotta admit he didn't look too clever but i expect him to look 100 times better in the movie


where did you see this?

its on

Darth Jello
1. lucas says that he will change the design of the new villain for the movie, 2. the cover of the boba fett novel looks closer and better to what the movie will look like, and 3. for a Robocop II knockoff he looks pretty damn cool

Darth Jello
to be more specific, he'll be edited to allow for better animation of movement. Also, I think any hardcore Castlevania fan will really appreciate his design. (me included)

Darth Jello
back and to the left...

ohhh.....I see

Darth Quagmire
was he created by sidious or has he been around and they just hired him because jango was killed by mace??

to respond to the topic, i was disapointed at first but i still wanna see what he looks like in the movie.we only get to see his face in the picture above...and i'm sure he'll have some great action scenes so i'm fine with how he looks for now.

Remember when Jango's head got cut off?
Maybe the Seperatists used his brain and eyes to make Grievous.

Darth Jello
I don't think so. he would've already found and started taking care of Boba and Durge would have already killed him. Furthermore, in a deleted scene from episode 2, Plo Koon and Ki adi mundi took out a droid control ship, only to realize that it was no longer in control of the armies. So Grievous must have already been in command of the droids by then.

Captain REX
Or the droids had independent operating systems in case of emergency, since the Neimodians had learned from last time...

Darth Jello
not likely, listen to the ep1 commentary, the neimoidians don't trust droids

but they're still surrounded by them stick out tongue

Grievous is one of the better things to have happened for the PT.

Pablo said yesterday that the final color of the general isn't deceided yet

sorry if its been sent already but Grievous uses lightsabers(note the plural)

i want to know who sifo dyas is!!! does anyone have a clue?

i used to think that sifo dyas was a misspronnounciation of sidious, but now i think it more likey that palpatine ordered sifodyas to order the clones secretly without telling the jedi, and then killed sifodyas for control of the clones.

lucas did say that the jedi traitor who deleted kamino from the archives is not one that we have SEEN before. Could this be sifo dyas. after all, he was the only jedi to know about the clones

Darth Jello
syfo-dyas was just a jedi and probably has nothing to do with grievous

do you remember the movie angel heart with robert deniro? well his character was named louis cifer. sifo dyas could be sidious. and lucas always says one thing, then changes his mind.

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