Under-Rated Films

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We've all been in this situation, when your friends have got no money to go out around bars on friday and saturday so you stay in and watch films on the movie channels till like 2:00am.

Or you recorded a film and went to bed and then after the film theres another film which was really cool. Well some of the films are amazing and should have been box-office classics.

Fight Club for instance, everyone lovess fight club, or rather every man likes fight club, i dont know any girls who have seen it and sed its good. But either way. Fight Club was a classic film but no-one went to see it at the cinema when it first came out.

I mean how come some classics are under-rated. Lasta Samurai was much, much better than return of the king, yet becuase it came out when LOTR did it wasnt as popular and was under-rated.

Whats up with that?

Evil Dead
I (and my wife) went to see Fight Club at the cinema when it came out.

O man, when i say no-one i meant it as a metaphor. But good on you two coz it rocks.

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I know.............and I know.

actually....I was just thinking that Fight Club did pretty well when it came out. If memory serves, a lot of people went to see it. I'll have to check the box office take but I could swear that it did really good.

O your american, coz it didnt do anything in england. lol

Evil Dead
I did $100+ million worldwide............

No, cause I'll find money to go out on.

hey im english and i thought fight club was cool... bit weird but im into the whole violence thing in films

True, I dont even recall Fight club being in cinema. But I rented it and I like it quite a bit (I'm a girl by the way wink )

Disagree with you on that one mate. I hated The last samurai. Too american, funny isnt it?! laughing It was probably Tom Cruise fault!

i like Dog Soldiers its a cool english film

There's really no such thing as an underrated film these days, just because there will be someone to disagree with you, because things such as this are always based on personal preference.

There are handful of movies that had the potential to do well, but didn't either due to limited release, a smaller target demographic, or something along those lines.

Of course, then there are cult films, which are theatre bombs, that get a huge following once they hit video, usually because of the target demographic, i.e. "Mortal Kombat".

There are certainly plenty of overrated/overhyped movies, i.e. "Titanic". I like the movie enough to own it, but it's not exactly "epic". Just because it cost like a quater million dollars doesn't insure movie history glory. Costner learned the hard way with "Waterworld".

There are plenty of examples of underrated movies in independent works, i.e. "My First Mister". Some of the best, most unique, heartfelt works are found here, but thanks to limited distribution, there won't be enough people to critique or see the movie to where it will get the attention it deserves.

As for "Fight Club", I love it, and own it. I thnk it's a bit overrated/overhyped, and while most people like it for the "cool violence", theres an equal amount of people who actually got the underlying consumerism messages like Romero's "Dawn".

Hey, I know it wasn't the most successful movie of all time, but I remember waiting 2 hours outside in line to see Mortal Kombat opening day.

The Big Lebowski flopped in the theaters but its one of my favorite movies ever. Its a classic.

Same with Payback. C'mon, I can't be the only one who thinks Payback is the best revenge movie ever, possibly on par with Kill Bill...just not as flashy.

Last Samurai better than RotK? Shame on you! Tom Cruise once again got in the way of an otherwise decent movie.

Kes i have a question or to any girl who posts on this forum. How come Tom Cruise (according to alot of women) was once really good looking and now they all hate him?

And how could you not like last samurai, even i was crying when katsumoto died. My girlfriend was telling me not to be such a wuss. But shes left me now so screw you!

Anyway back to the topic at hand, Big Labowski is one of the greatest comedys ever.

Tom was big in what...late eighties? Early nineties. Times pass and taste change. He is cute, body wise sick too short and too square. But that does not make an actor so with my conscience clear I can say he is also one crappy actor. And now its even worst because he takes complete control of the movies he is in! I'm surprise his name isnt beneath Director too.

I didnt like it because:
American dude comes in to a very closed "society", learns their methods ultra-fast and becomes a hero...please give me a break!
Its a copy of Dances with wolfs. But instead of indians you have samurais.

Exactly, Kes. I'm part Japanese, so don't start with me about this, but the Japanese are argubly the most racist society on the planet. Its not that they hate other nationalities, they just tend to think theyre better than the rest. I can only assume that it was worse in the 1800's. There is no way a Samurai warlord would accept a white guy that fast. Tom Cruise wouldve been lucky to wash the dogs before the battle, I doubt he wouldve fought side by side with someone like Katsumoto.

Anyone remember Shogun? They weren't too nice to Richard Chamberlain. I guess Tom Cruise wont let a Japanese dude pee on his back.

i think that signs woz overrated. everyone went on about how great it woz and how scary but really it woz crap. it woznt scary and it woz NO WAY a good film! ne 1 agree?

Evil Dead
Tom Cruise is golden.........the only marks against him is Magnolia and Far and Away. I'm still shocked he did not win an Oscar for Born on the Fourth of July.

They would have killed him before that.LOL

He's overrated. Everyone praised for nothing. He's ok in Born on the fourth of July but....i doubt the best. Can you tell me whom was nominated that year?

O come on Kes have a heart. Who do you preffer? Orlando Bloom? Brad Pitt? Jonny Depp? Arnie?

Whats your favourite movie Kes? and i mean ONE favourite.

Can i have a hug?


IMO Brad Pitt is certainly better then Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp is a very good actor. I hate Bloom thou, what a waste of space he his! (They are not my favorite actors thou!)
I dont have a one favorite film, check out my profile I name a few there. Their all dramas thou, not much action. Thou I do like action movies.

Tom Cruise always gives solid performances and is always in good films.

Solid performance?! He's always the freaking same! God if I see that "tears in eyes" face one more time I'll throw up!

I'll admit hes a complete ass but he was in last samurai and regardless it was a wicked film. As for all his other films i don't really think he is crap. But anyway this thread is about under-rated films not how gooda performance bloody tom cruise gives. evil face

Spike Eccles

Heavens Gate - a bit long, but cool

Twilights Last Gleaming - political thriller hardly commented on

1941 - not as bad as everybody thinks

Heaven And Earth- Oliver Stone calms it down

Hahahahahah my mate thought the bad guy in bad boys was jonny vegas.

Yo if any americans are replying, i need you to test my american language.......

Ok im about to say, "Hello, how are you, like to go to the cinema"

Yo wassup dawg, not bad howdy, yo, wanna go playtime everytime to da big screen hom-ee?

Is that ok?

i have to agree that tom cruise is dodgy..... wat eva movie the charcters always seem to be played the same way .... he needs to try different facial expressions

One film that I loved but was very overlooked was Mars Attacks, another film that was way underrated. What's funny is that it's found a cult like status and audience now on television. It usually plays on TNT or TBS at least once every few months. I'm so happy this is happening, as IMO it was one of those movies that was ahead of its time.

one of the films that i only saw because it was on at 3 oclock in the morning after i arrived home from the pub and was absolutely brilliant was "murder in the first" with Kevin Bacon

other films that i thought were rated poorly but i thought were actually good were

the rules of attraction
Vanilla Sky
the life of david gale

and films that just haven't had big mainstream recognition but should

dead mans shoes
Gangster no1
bubba ho-tep

Rob Roy is very underrated.

Blue Velvet
The New World

As a side note, "Grandma's Boy" was rated very bad, while I thought it was pretty funny.

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