anybody else hate the harry potter films?

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i don't hate them...they are ok...but the books are DEFINITELY better

can not agree more

laughing out loud I thought this was the Star Wars message board laughing out loud

No I don't hate the movies... I'm quite satisfied with them... I like the books MUUUUUUUUCH WAAAAAAAAY MOOOOOORE BEEEETTTER though!

books are always better ; they can't fit everything in the movies.

the movies r fine...except some need 2 brush up on their skils better *cough* emma *cough*

the first movie I couldn't stand because it just seemed so. . i don't know, just you could tell that the actors didn't have much experience yet, but the secound movie was a) my least favorite book so i didn't really care b) much more fitting plot for a movie then the first and c) the actors got better so the movie was better. yay 2 cents

they'r were pretty good as far as being 11 years old.

i know what you mean about the acting but I think the 3rd film should be good as its one of the best books and the actors have much more experience now

^^ Same

Draco Malfoy
I don't hate the movies.Well the first one wasn't all that great.But the actors got more experience as the films progressed.Just like what DracosGirl said,the third one should be better.

well i like the movies bcuz then u have daniel and rupurt and tom who are really hot...and emma whos so purdy! i luv the movies cuz im able to imange scences better cuz i kno how they look and sound like when im reading but the books are definetly better!

o...k...anyways, it should b a lot more emotional...thats what the director was aiming 4 anyways.

I don't *hate* Harry Potter films, and I think most HP fans like them even if they complain about some/many aspects. In my opinion, the HP films create completely new characters, I mean, Hermione is way too different in the books. That is something I don't like at all, her relationship with Harry and Ron isn't as good as they describe it in the films.

*rise my hand* yes the movies so far were "shite" indeed...
Harry potter world is too big to be in a two hours time movie(it was less but anyway
one book contains alot of clues that the one movie can't show for lack of time..and I'm voting- bash the movies they destroying our imagination!-
and they cut all the best parts...and it's boring(compared to the books)....and the acting is very bad.

i like them...i think they have improved. rupert was the only one who could act though...but they all got better.

I agree with megajoint about the fact that too many good scenes were cut from the book
But what also got me was the fact that they added random bits too, like when Harry fell out of the flying car in CoS... where did that come from? Couldn't they have put in a bit from the book instead?

Start Wars? laughing

I don't hate them, but I dislike them... because of the reasons megajoint already posted. They took away the imaginational part which imo was the best aspect about HP

i guess they were exploring it just a bit. but it is a magical car. and yes, they did end up cutting a lot of scenes.

I hope we get to see more deleted scenes soon. They should make a dvd just of them lol I wud buy it!

there would b alot of those...

Ah! Can't wait!

i dont hate the movies, but i'm disappointed in them i guess. they're not as good as the books. and i cant seem to find the deleted scenes in the dvd. oh well, i hope the 3rd movie will be as good as the book.

the first one u have 2 go through the chambers. it's creative but weird.

ye im not keen in the tasks you have to complete to watch the deleted scenes

They get annoying after a while!

yea the third movie looks really good

Yes i bloody hate them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They should have waited until they had a bigger budget to do such a film
They are an insult to the books which are quite good.
I am not being nasty but the effects arn't even that good i mean when they are playing quidditch its soo hilarious I almost fell out of my seat at the cinema!
Anyway yes i think they are awfull the only good actor i can say idKennth Bramner he does play Gildroy Lockhart extremely well.
But overall crap.

they r not as good as the books,...
but i don't hate them stick out tongue

i hate them..nothin would make me happier than to kick harry potter right in the balls

Hey i absolutly agree, I'll hold and you punch!
I thought i was like the only person in the world who hated them its nice to see that other people feel the same.
I also agree with the fact that they take away the imagination that thousands of children could experiance from the books. Where is the incentive to read???

Nicole wink

The budget for the
3rd film was $130,000,000
2nd film was $100,000,000
1st film was $130,000,000

I think that's big.

Thats pretty rude guys there is no need to be rubbishing the movie like that, I mean really could you to a better a job, I think they did a good bloody job. cool evil face mad

i don't hate them but i do not complain 'cause i don't think that it's easy to make a harry potter movie don't u think so??? and well of course the books r much better than the movies ever will b... cuase the book is THE book lol

the only thing i hate bout harry potter is the ruddy qudditch

u dont like quidditch? The books are so much better than the movie's, i was really disappointed in the 2nd film

i think quidditch is a really good idea in a book but i think it must have been pretty hard to convey that on the big screen. the second film was the worst i thought, but i hated the book too... im actually quite looking forward to the third one cos its a different director and apparantly less namby pamby - which is always good!!

i...? hate....? harry potter...?
NO!!! potter!!!!!

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