My Interview with David Carradine (Bill)

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HI, I normally don't step out of the LOTR forums, but i noticed this section and thought i'd post some pics...

I interviewed Carradine on my show in Sydney... and so far i've only been sent one screencap but soon i'll have the episode and i'll put up some photos where i'm not being blinded by the sun, and where he looks hapier to see me. smile

I'll get some of the dialogue written too when i get it...

How do we know that's really you? shifty

(Oddly enough I actually believe that it is you though) stick out tongue

I'm trying to figure out what type of show you have, how did you get it, how big is it if you have David Carradine on it, and why you come to a site such as this if you have such a big show.

I would have picked a picture where he was standing next to someone much better looking!!!

it's a show that shows short films video clips, animations, rants, people and and places, and other asorted crap.

I was being interviewed on it for my bands videoclip, and the hosts at the time didn't show up due to mix up about locations so i had to host in an emergancy... then the producer asked me comeback regularly, now i'm one of the hosts.

it's not that big, I just decided to crash a Convention he was at with the crew and went up to his 'minders' and said do you think he might do an interview, so they asked him and he said "yeah, I want a Cigarette annyway." (he's the only person we let smoke on the show - we'll see if annyone complains)
because it's a big site...

i come here because i'm obsessed with LORD OF THE RINGS, and there are people here to talk to about it... I've only just started snooping around the rest of KMC.

What kind of questions did you ask him about? Why was he in Sidney for? Tell us more.

I think that he said, a convention.

i don't have a copy of the ep. yet to write down all that was said...

from memory... I asked him how well he got on with the rest of the cast.
and he said he didn't see much of Uma outside of filming cause she spent all her spair time in her trailer knitting. but he spent alot of time with Michael Madsen, and said they became like brothers (funnily enough), to which i was pretty impressed as Madsens one of my heros.
I saked him what school of Kung Fu he did because i do knung fu aswell, this bit was funny, but i'll wait till i've got iut with me to quote it properly...
(but for those curious, he does Shoulin)
i mentioned how it was a shame the DVD of Kill Bill vol.2 wasn't out yet, so it couldn't be signed. and he said you can't put a DVD on the wall, my producer jumped in and said "you'd be suprised what he put's on his wall" and i said, yeah i got alot of lord of the rings swords, it woyuld have been cool to get those signed by the LOTR people here, and Carradine said, why didn't you bring them, and I said Australain police are funny like that, when it comes to walking the streets with a couple giant swords...
i can't remember what else was said... he wasn't the easiest person to interview and he made nme nervouse. but at the end of the interview he put out his hand and i had to snatch the pebble from it.
THAT WAS COOL (i still got it).

unfortunatley, i haven't watched KUNG FU for like 20 years, so i stared at his hand just wondering where this rock came from before it came back to me. it was really embarrasing... i hope they edited that a little.

lil bitchiness
Wow, thats so amazing and impressive! smile
Id love to do something like that.

lucky bastard stick out tongue

eek! Coolios.

Red Superfly
Sounds like you were "in the right place at the right time" for your job. You are a lucky guy.

And, if you need to put on your show how truly stupid people on the internet can be, you'll have loads of evidence by browsing these boards.

Wow, that's awesome! Congrats, man clap

U Neek

That is fvcking cool!
I think I would have wet myself.

lil bitchiness
laughing out loud

Yeah, it would have been awesome!

That's way freaking awesome.

You should if asked him of Pretty Riki (that man in the anime sequence) is BILL. (IT IS ACTUALLY)

At this particular time, David hadn't really had his interest in the media resurged yet - he was still "that guy from Kung Fu who Tarantino's using in his next movie"

okay, FINALLY i got them back...

it was a windy day and he's a quiet talker.. so a transcript may take a little while!

laughing at something?

discussing Kung Fu...

snatching the pepple... the final lesson!

same thing, Cam2

post interview with pebble:
pic1: "score!"
pic2: "stash!"

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