Bruce Almighty 2

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The Ones
yes its official. read:

Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Pictures and Spyglass are in talks to mount a Bruce Almighty sequel based on the Bobby Florsheim/Josh Stolberg script "The Passion of the Ark," reports Variety.

Talks are just getting under way, but the plan is to court Jim Carrey to reprise and to have Tom Shadyac return as director. Carrey is said to have left the door open for another installment after the first proved to be the biggest-grossing hit of his career.

Screenwriter Steve Oedekerk will be enlisted to refit "Ark" into a sequel. The "Ark" script could work with another actor, who'd play a widowed writer who's chosen by God to prepare for the second great flood.

Universal is expected to run the production and will likely distribute domestically.

Stickle pop
it will suck

He's right it will!


Interesting, they better get the "..all the powers of God" thing right this time. Jesus walked on water, not God, like Bruce did in the movie. Kinda nitpicky, I know, but still.

And Jesus is the son of who? wink

The Ones
God..........oh your right. good point

Pablo G
man you haven't even read the script

johnny.d girl
meh..........i dunno..........if theres nothing else out 2 c i might c BM2
i thorght that bruce almighty was ok but a #2???........

Lord Soth
making a sequel to a movie that needs no sequel at all is a bad move. sometimes it can turn out okay, sometimes great, even. But it's still a risky move all the time

cool sig lord soth

johnny.d girl
yeah.......i agree!
i think that if they do another BM............meh....nah..........i don't think they should!!!
but jim's gonna b in it so it might be alright.........
big grin roll eyes (sarcastic)

let's just hope for a good sequel... smile

i like steve carrell...but i donno about this...

Originally posted by Lyna303
i like steve carrell...but i donno about this... expression

Problem is with sequels like these, the actors aren't really motivated or into doing them...the charm/excitement is gone if the original was a essentially a one-trick pony (which it was), and you can usually tell they've showed up just for the $$

It's like making a sequel to Adam Sandlers "Click"...what's the point?

And if a couple prior Carrey sequels are any indication (Dumb and Dumberer, Son of the Mask), this one's gonna suck. It might be as funny as Ace II (which was so-so at best) if Carrey's actually in it...and that's 'cause Carrey will actually be in it.

i dont think anyone has mentioned its not called bruce almighty 2. It is Evan Almighty

I am a little hesitant to think that this sequel will be as good as the first, but we'll see. I am sure I will go and see it just to see how it turned out.

=Tired Hiker=
They should call it, "Bruce Almightierester"

DeVi| D0do

It actually looks like it might be alright... If anyone can pull it off, it's Steve Carell...

Originally posted by =Tired Hiker=
They should call it, "Bruce Almightierester"


No Jim Carrey = Phail.

But the trailer does look pretty funny. I'll rent it.

The trailer's got me intrigued that's for sure. I might actually give this a look.

gud news, i enjoyed that movie quite abit.

The trailer looks okay.. I loved the opening where it flashes back to Evan looking like an ass on TV... but of course that was the only part that made me laugh and that was from the last movie. But I love Steve Caroll and the Original so I'll probably check out this movie anyway

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