What would you do if you got spider-like powers?

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You get bitten by a radio-active spider and gain spider like powers, you try to forget about them at first, until a new evil has arrived in town and is causing havoc. He has metal arms that are mad of the strongest metal substance and he calls himself Metallic, what do you do? I think it would be scary swinging around the New York streets, so high up.......if think thats what makes Spider-Man un-realistic, the fact that hes not scared of that.

Well he does have a lot of experiance doing it, and Im sure if he gets in a jam he see's it coming((Spidersense)) and just sticks to a building until things cool down.

If I had those powers Id beat up stupid people.

that why he make so many jokes to relief tension.......its all said on the comics i dont know if they will explore this on the movies..if that ur point

Sorry, I have only read a few of the comics.

The Ones
i would team up with him and DESTROY!!!!!!!!!!!

spidey has always been my favorite superhero, all the way back when i was a youngin' watching "electric company" with the live action stories (that's a before some of your times). i would do the same as he does, i.e. rescue the harmed and battle evil, but i would not wear a bright blue and red costume. i'd wear something that would not draw so much attention to me.


I suppose none of us could actually say anything for sure--and I guess most of us would like to believe that we'd use our powers for good, but who knows? I'd honestly probably use it at first to help myself, my family and friends--then I'd probably branch out from using it for selfish reasons. It would undoubtedly take a lot of effort to control at first.

I would get a costume just like Spider-Girl's and go around saving New York. Also, remember people there is a villain in town calling himself "Metallic" who has metal arms with lots of cool but deadly gadgets on and in them.

Metallic? is he in the Spider girl series?

VENOMfan, I think Metallic was created by Freddy vs. Jason, am I right?
madsci, your reply really dates you. I also loved Spidey on "electric co.", even though he never spoke a word. I always wondered why, even when I was 7 years old. You've gotta be about my age, huh? I'm guessing 27-31ish.

Huh, makes sense but I wouldnt fight super villains. I dont think I could "thwart evil" day in and out. Id find somebody who could make them go threw the process that gave me my abilities.

then I would just do my own thing.

Right BS, I did make Metallic up.

I would become the greatest car burgalar that ever lived. The spider powers would be perfect for sneaking into well guarded places and taking whatever you wanted.

I guess use them for good but mostly help me do whatever i have to do.

Looks like I would have to use my spider-like powers and put a stop to your evil ways Zephonim! stick out tongue

xmen fan
i would swing around until i got use to the power, then go stick on a window and look at hot guys in the shower

xmen fan
hehhehehehhehehehehe shifty

indeed blink

But i would use my powers to be free and just swing about have the wind in my face, and i would occasionly save a few people along the way smile

I would go out looking for trouble. Looking at me wrong would not be a good move. I would also help people in trouble, especially if they're hot chicks. Hey, at least I'm honest.

I wouldn't have a clue what I would do if I had spider-like powers, but if I had them, I wouldn't be posting messages on these forums, I can tell you that wink.

Reborn Again
Can I say rob a bank? No? Okay then, save the world!

Lord Shadow Z
I'd go around killing people

Lord Ryugen
I'd jump around a lot and swing

I would be filthy rich athlete...imagine what my 10 ton spiderstrenght would do in ice hockey match...or what goal-keeper I would be with my spider-sense and speed...

It seems no-one here realises that it's their destiny to fight crime no

you asked us what we would do if he had spider-like powers not what we would do it we were spiderman

Yes, thats true. I just thought that people would try and help people. Espically since theres a villain in town thats recking havoc.

I would pay to that villain with my massive amount of money that i have gained from sports that he would leave me alone...

i would probably be champion in all the olympic events

Evil. Arachni-Predator! Bwa hahahahaha!

What the f**k?

Well I know I would use my powers to help others, fight crime, and protect the weak! big grin

I would only use them only for personal needs

Lord Ryugen
I'd just mess around and jump while the evil dude wrecks stuff.

dami wilson
i would become an actor and kick ass for real. Man, it'd be fun. Hasn't it ever occured to spidey that he can try his luck at acting and become a movie star and action heroe? Maybe Marvel should do that one where his mind gets taking over by some freak force and he decides to chase MJ in terms of cash making opps and gets into hollywood till maybe someone kidnaps J.Jonah!!!!and it brings him back to his senses? HA HA HA.

If you did have the powers, wouldn't you post on this forum and pit yourself against the characters we request in vs. area?

On the topic, if the specified threat did exist, I would subdue the villain as inconspicuous as possible. I don't necessarily like the attention. I don't necessarily think I would use all the powers, with exception of his strength (lifting furniture) and just normal traveling (as my mind drifts often, that automatic navigation function will stop me from tripping all over the place).

Alright, gotta be honest here...

First, I would be completely freaked out, and try to ignore them. When I couldn't get rid of it, and when I started to figure out how to use them, I can't lie, I'd use them for greedy purposes. But I'm naturally a messiah-complex victim so eventually I would have to turn into a Spider-Man as in the hero sense. Granted I might die real quick but I'd have too much guilt not doing anything to help, I would just try to get some money out of it too, maybe work a deal with the police, you pay me and Spider-Man doesn't go away lol.

i would use da speed and wateva to get scholarships and stuff...maybe become a pro athlete....getz money and wateva....and then use the money to help people..and also use the powers to help out whenever i can

Alpha Centauri
I would just blatantly use my powers to have fun and help the people I chose to.

Wouldn't be a crimefighter, wouldn't be a hero, wouldn't be a villain.

If becoming a hero meant that I got my own leather clad sidekick as sexy as The Black Cat, I'd become Spider-Man 2 in no time haha.


dami wilson
I'd go on Jerry Swringer and make money showing off my skills then WWF and whoop all those actors for real. Of course I'd wear a custom and then after making like say $5million disappear like Elvis did and show up around town at night in bad places kicking criminal butt. I'd make headlines and then disappear again for a while and reappear as myself to make some cash. Finally I'd do rescue deeds.

If I was walking down the road and a crimne happened, I'd surface as
me in costume and sign autographs.

kill myself

dami wilson
i'd enlist in the royal marines and rescue presidents and rich people. I'd start a detective firm and do hero for hire. I'd do free stuff for poor people but i'd tax the rich like .....

Hey BlackCat, when you know you have supernatural abilities, instinct, reflexes, agility, and all... you won't get scared. Ar first you will. But of course he has some Spider DNA to make him a natural. As for me, I'd use it to showoff. No... not really... only in my dreams. Realistically, I'd use it Just like Peter Parker would, with responsibility. And maybe to get me a gal. Heh eh.

It'd use it responsibly too smile

I'd keep my identity secret and fight crime!

It depends
If i ended up looking like say the Man-Spider, i'd go bersek for awhile, and using the City as my Hunting grounds.

If i had a Symbiote that gave me those powers, i'd make money using my gifts to battle villians, ect...i'd be a Hero for Hire type. Ok, i'd Help ppl if i could, but i'd want to make money from the city itself.

If i was just like Spiderman...i'd...hook up with MJ and have a kids big grin

I would probably use them to help myself and a couple people out in my daily life. ya know, stop the guy from stepping onto the street infront of a moving bus kinda stuff. or tripping a criminal.

I'd be a violent vigilente. I would be branded as a menace by the bleeding heart liberals and begrudgingly praised by police. (though they don't say it out loud). I would have no respect for the law and would do things my way. I would fight crime. But not the way the law would abide. I would be like the Punisher.

Golly blink...

Hey BlackCat, me and you should team up. I probably would change my costume to a black color, like the symbiote Spiderman. BlackCat me and you can team up cause It'd be kind of lonely fighting Justice without someone along for inspiration, get what I'm sayin'. I can show you my Maximum Spider-Sex. heh heh... sorry I'm only joking (please don't get mad at me).

huh ha... that's kind of funny how you said that. laughing
So would I, no doubt.

i would fight crime but it should be wut would you do if you got any power from the spidey seriese including symbiote etc.

Maximum SPider-Sex, huh huh... that's a good one.

I would use the powers to fight crime but I would act more like the the Punisher. "What's that old boss? I'm fired... your fired" hehe

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