Grossest death in a horror movie?

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I'm not to sure but I thought the death in NOES 3 were Freddy ripped out Phillips veins and pulled him along like some kind of sick puppet, a couple of days after I first saw that I could almost fell my veins throbbing around inside me *shudders*. Also when people get thier throats slit it makes me squirm.

That faggy guy in the texas chainsaw massacre when leather face picks him up and puts him on that spike.

In 'the thing' when the doctors operating on that guy whos ice cold then, his belly opens and eats off that dudes arms.

Or in skinnerz when that massive spike goes right through that guys face.

Kevin Bacon meets a nasty end in Friday the 13th.

He only gets stabbed with an arrow. Also on NOES 5 on the un-cut version Freddy rips open that girls stomach and feeds her own guts to her.

The evil general getting ripped in half in Day of the Dead

The castration scene in I Spit on Your Grave

All of the deaths in Cannibal Holocaust

The fire extinguisher death in Irreversible probably takes the cake though.

Yeah, the fire extinguisher death in Irreversible is pretty rough, even though the filming method is so awkward (and intended).

There's a few of them, I had a list yesterday, but my computer "accidently" reset.

Jason X - Liquid nitrogen face smash
Maniac - Savini having his head blown off in slo-mo
Maniac - Zito's beheading and gutting by the mannequins
Dawn of the Dead - Ghetto holocaust, head getting blown off
Day of the Dead - Any of the dismembowlments
Vampires - Guy standing in the doorway gets split in half
Thirteen Ghosts (remake) - Sliding glass door death
Resident Evil - Laser Grate deaths
FD 2 - Ladder, fence, pane glass, and piping impalation deaths
The Beyond - Chemical/melting deaths
City of the Living Dead - Gut puke death
F vs J - Jock getting snapped backwards in the bed
Scream - Steve/Casey guttings, moreso Steve's entrails falling out
Alien - Chestburster, obviously
Bone Collector - Steampipe death in the sewer (not seen, but still)
Dead Alive - New Zealand Lawnmower Massacre
The Gate - Dorff grabs his fathers face, and out comes the puss pool
The Gate - Mom's head falls to the concrete, sizzles and rots
Hellraiser - All
Hellraiser 2 - All
Hellraiser 3 - Annoying blonde having her entire skin/body ripped off
Seven - Gluttony, Envy, and Sloth
The Thing - Stomach monster, + the chemical reaction to the serum

I'm sure there are more, but these just came to mind..

There is quite a lot out there so I'll just mention these:

The homeless guy drinking the bottle of Viper in Street Trash.
The mother and her weird looking son in Burial Ground.
Uncle Frank in Hellraiser.
The 5 children in The Untold Story.

I forgot the young kid in The Blob (remake)

Yeah, Street Trash! Used to love that one. Made me wanna start drinking.

Ah, I forgot about the Eye Splinter scene in Zombie.

That actually looked a little too fake to me, there were better eye impalations in both The Beyond and House by the Cemetary.

Yes, but through the throat, slowly, while he's smoking and just after he'd gotten laid.

Texas Chainsaw 2, the guy who gets his head bashed in with a hammer and is then skinned alive later. A bit unrealistic as the hammer blows should have killed him, but still pretty sick.

I don't really get grossed out by gory deaths, the ones that make me shiver are the ones that look painful, like that girl who has the window closed on her in Urban legends. I think its that anyway.

Yeah, In Urban Legend 2.

I have to disagree. The eye scenes in The Beyond weren't nearly as slow and agonizing. Somethign about the one in Zombie really stands out in my mind.

Primitive Screwhead #1
If I can cross over into the sci-fi genre for a moment, the uncut scenes from the Criterion Collection of Robocop would have to rank up among there with some of the previously mentioned death sequences. Specifically:

1. ED-209 malfunctions in the OCP board room
2. The Alex Murphy execution sequence

It was amazing what those added ten seconds did toward raising the gore level.

Who was the guy who got taken apart by zombies while he was still alive? That would get my vote as most grossest death. He was still screaming and wrong. (I was eating pizza too *Yech*)

Michael Myers 1
^ i saw how they did thats cene it was cool

i cant think of anything that "grosses" me out in a real horror film but one scene in halloween 2 when he dunked her face in the scolding water and pulled it out and her skin was coming off made my face hurt

I can't remember what the movie was called but a guy cut off a girls face with a kife and ate it, it seemed pretty recent too.

would that be when it goes nuts and tears its own head off?

Primitive Screwhead #1
Nope, when they are doing a demo of the ED-209 for the first time, one of the board members is pretty much reduced to a bullet-riddled pile of mush when the unit just unloads on him. Couple of nice close up shots showing various body parts exploding into scarlet fountains as the bullets penetrate. Quite graphic.

I would have to say when the chick gets smashed in the glass in 13 Ghost. now that was just sick and sad...

not so much sick but it sticks with you, the chick getting impaled in Cube was pretty harsh. not cos it was gorey but she didn't do anything wrong

uncut dawn of the dead > biker dudes being pulled apart and watching there own guts being eaten.

i think mine would be eather:

- hellraiser 1 chains part
- resident evil sliding head part
- 976 evil hearts part
- sleepy hallow heads part
-ice cream man puppet heads part

About time to ressurect this thread.

The scene in Men Behind the Sun, where a man is put into an air pressurizure untill his intestines burst out of his anus.

There's a bunch of horrible ones in the Guinea Pig films.

cant beat that, laughing

the bathroomscene in 'a blade in the dark' was intense

in event horizon when i think it is Sam Neill's character rips out his eyes.

i think this stands out for me because i watched this when i was very young.

el barto_1
paris death in house of wax

hitchhicker in the texas chainsaw massicer

Johnny Depp's death in ANOES used to gross me out a lot. Of course, now I watch it and have this sudden urge to run through the blood as if it were a water sprinkler. Tina's death, on the other hand, that still creeps me out to some extent.

Funny enough I think the death in Shaun of the Dead grossed me out the most, when the guy gets his intestines ripped out.

nothing like a throw back to Day of the Dead

I would have to say worst death in horror movies would be in Seven the Sloth victim I believe it was. But the absolute most vomitous death I have ever seen was in Highlander 2: Renagade Verison the death of Shield Control president. If you've never seen it , the bad guy grabs him by the balls and sqeezes as hard as he can ( which is very, very hard) then throws him out the window.

I can't believe no one said mine. Final destination two the kid who bites it by the falling glass.

My vote for classic scene was when hanibal feed the guy his own brain that was awsome.

my faves

the guy who gets crushed by the lift in "the fly 2"
the guy who gets squished by the pane of glass in "final destination 2"
the guy who gets chopped to bits by the wire fence in "cube"
the guy in the chair who get ripped from groin to gullet in "candyman"

all the ones mentioned from "the thing"

the woman who gets her eye pecked out by crows then gets smacked by the truck in the omen 2

Originally posted by tommyevil
I can't believe no one said mine. Final destination two the kid who bites it by the falling glass

i thought that was shite, the best glass involved death is the lawyer in thirt13n ghosts with the glass sliding door. the people who make final destination movies should take note. and stop making movies

i would have to say the scene in APOCALYPSE NOW (not sure if i spelled that right) but when they were hanging from the tree and he went over and cut his balls off and then ate them not only would that be very painful it was just plain gross but in all i thought it was a great movie i saw it on the big screne so it made it even better sorry about the spelling worked all night and i'm tired

Jason X-----Girl getting all her skin sloughed off from space decompression
Jason X------Liquid nitrogen head counter smash.

I know what you did last summer ---- throat hook drag.

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