Final Fantasy for PsP.

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Damn this fricken game looks awesome. Its when Seph and Cloud were younger. And the grafics rock.

Heres a pic.

JKozzy This is Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, it takes place two years after FFVII, and it's a movie. Please visit the thread in the movie discussion forum here:
Assorted trailers can be found at
The movie is going to be released on DVD near Winter, and on the PSP in UMD format in March 2005.

its funny how people just mistake somthing for somthing else? i mean seriously dous cloud look any younger? he looks older and more matured that before as if he understands everything in a better light and sees everything at a different angle ynow?

lol oOpz My bad.

stick out tongue Don't worry 'bout it wink

Thanks man... a movie eh?. Cant wait for that either. Thats gonna be awesome!

Yep, has links to trailers, and the official site,, also has the many previews up, in mpg and avi format. happy Enjoy wink

Cant wait Supposed to be Awsome

rofl kozzy, this is just gold (using advent as a pic for the psp game)... while I know there is a psp game with cloud being younger, I just find the premise boring. Advent will probably be the last bit of final fantasy that I can hold onto. I dont care about the series after that

whats up...

Haha, indeed it is gold. Can't wait for this all to just let loose, what a nice surprise it'd be if it were released in the fall smile Post if you have something to say...

1-winged angel
god some one woke up on the wrong side of the bed

1-winged angel
nothin much

Yeah, there's a Final Fantasy game coming out for PSP. It's called Final Fantasy: Crisis Core and takes place 1 or 2 years before the events of FF7 I think.

Red Superfly
Man, I wish they'd stop with this Final Fantasy 7-based stuff.

Apart from Final Fantasy 12, there is nothing I'm remotely interested in thats Final Fantasy based.

When I buy Final Fantasy, I want to play a BRAND NEW game, with new characters. That was the appeal of Final Fantasy for me. Every game was something new and exciting, with new characters.

I don't want FF7 based crap anymore. It was a good game, but people bang on about it way too much, and I'm annoyed that the developers are panderring to the fanboys that seem to be sticking FF7 up their anus everyday.

I'd love a PSP Final Fantasy, so long as it's a brand new game. Just make a Final Fantasy: PSP. New characters please. Sephiroth was cool and all, but f*ck him. F*ck him and his slobbering fans.

Roll on FF12.

what's the name of the game?

For God's sake, it's not a game, it's a movie, so logically, I think this belongs in the movie forum.

It's already there, and has been there since September 2003, so logically, I think this deserves to be closed.

hell nah

Movie looks good, but I am against the actual game.

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