Favorite Venom limited series

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Please rant about your favorite Venom limited here. (there is definately no shortage of titles to choose from)
Also, I'm interested in knowing what people's first Venom title was, how old were you? What was it that drew you to him?

My first was "the enemy within" #1. I read it at a friends super bowl party, while I was taking tons of money from the guys at the poker table as well. The football game featured the Cowboys clobbering the Buffalo Bills (again). What a great day, what a great book, what a great series. I had seen Venom lots in Spidey titles, and am glad I bought that book. The rest is history, and I have been in love with Brock and his "other" ever since. I think I was about 20 years old. Man did I get tanked that day. I actually left the comic at his house. Had to buy another, nut was happy to shell out the dough.

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I have the 1st series of Venom. I'm pretty sure it was called Lethal Protector. It had a red metallic cover (sold in black or gold for limited editions)

My favorite mini-series was probably The Madness because he fights with Juggernaut in that series and he also bonds with a Mercury Virus that enables him to have multiple limbs and heads. Then he goes insane, but works it out. Not a great series, but i like watching Venom fight Juggernaut.

Well for a minor character he is fairly interesting. I prefered Carnage however.

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like carny also

Linkalicious, thanks for the direction. Still learning the nuances of the site. I haven't heard many people speak of The Madness--it's one of my faves as well, and I loved Juggernaut's appearance, it's a royal pain in the butt to try to beat that guy. It was also one of the few times we got to see the "sweeter" side of both Brock and the symbiote, and I think it was one of the best examples of the creature learning some appreciation for human life.

the first venom i got was the 1st edition lethal protector my bro gave me but my mom thought it was to violent and threw it away NOOOO

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Let's see, the first one I read? Part of Liscence to Kill, something like 10 years ago. I read part of it in the store but my mom wouldn't let me buy it. Now I can't find it. wallbash

My mine is Lethal Protector even though I never read it.

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My mine is Lethal Protector even though I never read it.

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Best Venom title ever: said it before, I'll say it again.... Tsunami Venom entire run. It is not far removed from brilliant.

I just wish it Medina had done all the art, instead of just an arc. Medina isn't perfect, but he's worlds-away better than Hererra.

"The Mace" was interesting, and one of the best things about it was the very last page showing that Brock simply cannot be trusted.... he was pretty hot in that, Beck definitely did not deserve him. If you're seeing a guy with a symbiote and it scares you, you've got a BIG problem. Might as well leave now.

The original Venom title's "Carnage Unleashed" was.... I just loved that, except for the ending. Both characters were in top form.

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I'm afraid I have very little series as a "complete" collection, since I started collecting late. But the Hunger, Nights of Vengeance and the Mace look promising. Seed of Darkness was funny.

I liked Maximum Carnage, even though Carnage was the star, venom did a lot of cool stuff in that series.

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