Movie Soundtracks

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The matrix had a good soundtrack. But mortal kombat wins hands down, either that or 2 fast 2 furious. Im seeing troy and day after tomorrow soon. Whey

Happy Dance And Humpin Happy Dance And Dancin Happy Dance And Drink Happy Dance UH!

P.S. As is say in pretty much every thread and reply. VAN HELSING SUCKS!!!

i like the soundtracks of troy, harry potter, and lotr. they have good music. it's very creative and fits the stories 2!

Red Superfly
Kill Bill, The Matrix (anything by Juno Reactor is brilliant), Lord Of The Rings, and for some weird reason, Ghostbusters (no really!)

Kill Bill, LOTR, Matrix, Star Wars, Harry Potter, all those are very good soundtracks. And Van Helsing did not suck! mad

Anything by Quentin Terantino.

YEA! I have the Ghostbusters soundtrack. big grin
I personally love all of Tim Burtons movie soundtracks by Danny Elfman. And Chicago. smile

The soft-rock band Chicago did a movie soundtrack? Does Peter Cetera's versatility know no bounds?

Braveheart soundtrack is v. good. But that might just be my unsual taste in music.
And guys, who the heck is Van Helsing? lol i need to get out more! :P


Some of Hanz Zimmer's soundtracks are excellent Hannibal, Tears of the Sun and Black Hawk Down soundtracks were great but for me the Gladiator OST was absolutely fantastic I don't think the film would have been half as good without it

good Soundtracks are:
The Warriors
Dazed And Confused

Thomas H
The Rock!

OMG someone else knows the film 'The Warriors' man that is a classic film. Warriors, come out to plaaaaaaaay. Did you know the the video from D12 called fight music was based on this film. wink

Thomas H
no I did not...bev cop 1 is a great soundtrack

QT has good soundtracks
Wayne's World 1 & 2
Mortal Kombat

Fan of LOTR
The Lord of the Rings and Jurassic Park they both have the best themes ever. Its unforgettable when John Hammond says "Their it is" and that music just emphasizes the whole moment. Or the Grey Havens in The Return of the King it was just heartbreaking moving music. Those two soundtracks rock!!!!

The soundtracks that John Williams does are Great. He's done soundtracks for so many huge movies, and made it work every time.

Agreed he has a great musical mind and he did jurassic park, star wars, indiana jones, independence day, loads of great movies.

All the way brother Happy Dance

One of the best soundtracks ever made is probably titanic's
great one are also Gladiator, Terminator 2 Indiana Jones, Jaws, Halloween, I also loved the tomb raider soundtrack, Armageddon, Americna outlaws, A beautiful mind. The are lots but too many to think of

Dexx of the best. all of 'em. with grandmasters don davis, rob dougan and juno reactor.
star wars, lotr, ..gladiator, brave heart.....gone in 60 secs....cthd....lots of movies with good STs

Thomas H
matrix 1 has some cool songs

Red Superfly
I think the best John Williams theme has to be Jaws.

That tune IS the shark!

And to LimeLight - yay! I had a feeling NOBODY would think Ghostbusters soundtrack was cool, but yay! anyway.

I could have listed more, for instance I think the theme to Terminator 2 is just awesome.

Speaking of T2 - I love that music that plays whenever T-1000 appears. It's like a "huuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrn" noise and it's freakin awesome. T3 didn't have anything as cool as that. T3 sucks anyway.

I also like Spiderman soundtrack - I really liked Hero by Chad Kroeger, and Aerosmiths rendition of the classic Spiderman theme rocks.

Then there's Back to The Futures soundtrack. You've got "Power Of Love" by Huey Lewis, "Johnny B Goode" by Marty himself and "Double Back" by ZZ Top, and "Back In Time" - brilliant.

Also, Danny Elfman rocks. I seriously hope he returns to do the new Batman movies music - because I cant imagine a proper Batman movie without it - even the cartoon had it. He also did Beetlejuice and Tales Of The Crypt, and Sleepy Hollow, Spiderman and, erm, The Simpsons lol

Fan of LOTR
I still say Jurassic Park is probably the best Movie theme ever. Not soundtrack but theme. Like the main music.

Ooo, mad, someone else who likes Braveheart!! stick out tongue big grin

Spike Eccles
oooh, fav soundtracks!!!

I love everything by John Barry - bond scores with connery, dances with wolves, chaplin, zulu, the wrong box, ipcress file, etc

bernard herrmann - hitchcock classics - north by northwest is a favourite, as is vertigo (as films AND scores)

love old scores too - Alex North's Spartacus and Cleopatra, Rozsa's Ben-Hur, Bernsteins' The Great Escape, and Tiomkin's The Alamo, Guns of Naverone, Gunfight at the ok corral!

Damn, list is endless

Best film score in the past twenty years (well, since Star Wars) has to be lord of the rings trilogy, which in plays betters J Williams' classic stuff.
I am not a fan of pop tune scores like Kill Bill. I prefer the classical touch of an orchestra.

top 10:

North By Northwest
You Only Live Twice
Lord of the Rings
Star Wars
The Alamo (1960)
Ben Hur
Superman the movie

I love most Jerry goldsmith scores.

Dario Argento
anything by Ennio Moricone

lil bitchiness
Kill Bill, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Gladiator(my studying music), in fact, most stuff by Hans Zimmer is my studying music.

Thomas H
Hans Zimmer rock...The Rock and Black HAwk Down are very impressing!

1-winged angel
im not sure about any were else but in australia, the trailer on tv, for UnderWorld, i love that song, but i dont know what it is called, some one plz help me and tell me what it is called.

john williams has great music. not just star wars but also the patriot.

2pac resserection is a bad ass soundtrack.


i like all soundtracks in general but i really like to lisen to the soundtracks to lotr and potc.....there good...

I just love that guys music. He does most of the soundtracks for Spielburg's and Lucas's movies, and has done some great musical pieces in the past. He's probably the best classical composer still alive.

Anything by John Williams, Superman theme has to be his best work.

He didnt do Independance day though, that was david arnold, another cool soundtrack makin guy smile

His bond scores are brilliant.

Kill Bill is also great and gone in sixty seconds too.

Max Power
Grosse Point Blank has an awesome soundtrack.

American Beauty can be cool to listen to while I"m studying.

Shrek 2 actually has a fun sountrack but I don't know if i"ll buy it.

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