1 Hour Photo

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i have watched exactly 38 minutes of the film and I feel it is somewhat sad for the guy "sy".....he tries to be cool

but a friend told me it gets a little weirder and darker

1 hour photo is one of the films that needed a better cast. Only Robin Williams is the only one worth watching. Story is rather basic and simple. A man in his late 40's working in photo lab inside of wanna be Wal-mart. Not much to say except he gets a little obsessive and goes demented with the husband of one his customers. At times the movie gets slow, but it's good! The movie isn't too long so that works here.

1 hour photo is an okay suspence movie. Nothing extravagant or exciting. I kinda like it, but I don't really recommended.

Its so creepy though. I loved 1 Hour Photo. It just has an erie sense to it. I love it when he is spying on the family and thinks that THEY are freaks when she does yell at the husband.

Because Robin Williams has been typecast into comedy roles, alot of people forget that he is a really good actor. I loved him in this and Insomnia, he was excellent, extremely freaky!

The sets and clothes are perfect! The way Robins character just blends in like a chameleon, going completely unnoticed is ace!
Indeed Robin is quite good in this. Its a freaky little movie.

the ending of the film freaked me out, it was so strange and not what i exsepted.

robin williams did well in the role, but they should have got some better actors to play the family.

this movie was too creepy. Is very disturbing the idea of having an old photo guy turn stalker.

that movie was creepy....the 1st thing that i thought when that movie was over was...wow thats ****ed up

The idea of the movie was creepy but the movie in general was not.

the movie in general was very dark but people already mentioned that

i wanted to watch it but my sis didnt want to rent it out ...

if you have sky movies, its on there how

My favorite part about this movie was the color filtering effects. Everything is bland - faded, bright white and pale blue, no contrast, nearly colorless - except for the photos. The photos are vibrant and seem to explode off the screen with color. It really exemplifies the idea that Williams' character's life is boring and pitiful, and that he needs to latch onto the memories of other people's lives through their photos to make his seem tolerable and meaningful.

Williams' dream was pretty twisted too. His eyes start "bleeding," but it's actually photograph ink, which is a deep red color, and looks a lot like blood.

I hated this movie. I was bored, and at the end it depressed me.

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