Most 'Evil' Villain

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Mmmmmmm. the problem with this one is, you write who you thinks evil then you remember another film which has an even more evil dude innit.

It can be a monster if ya like.

Ok heres a list.........

Cartoon:- Skeletor (He-Man and the masters of the universe)

Film:- That faggy guy from gone in 60 seconds. Raymond 'The Carpenter' Callitry.

Film:- Also the creeper form jeepers creepers.

TV Show:- The big alien pig from power rangers.

Computer Game:- Liquid Snake, coz hes the coolest guy in compouter gaming history.

i don't think the creeper is the evilest just the scarest....wouldn't it be freaky if you walked past that on a dark nite on a really dealict they way i think the evilest could possibly be cruella deville ...shes a rite cow....killing little doggies for coats...i'll skin her and where her for coat see how she likes it...hehe

erm...guy from Die Hard 2 was a good villian lol

Red Superfly
Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars. Man he's evil.

The guy from Texas Chainsaw massacre (leatherface??)

dr evil in austin powers definantly eek!

Saunders from 24 is pretty evil

/\ laughing out loud I liked it when he said "were going to hold the world to ransom million dollars !!!!!"

Who else is evil????

The nazis from Schindlers List and other war films
Michael Myers
Freddie Kruegar
Jason Voorhees
Ichi the Killer
Emperor Palpatine

1- Darth Maul from the Phantom menace has got to be one of the coolest evil guys to hit the big screen ever though his screen time was pathetic!
2- The guy Jet li fights with in Tai-Chi, that guy just went from good to bad to worse to helldamned!
3- Kelvin Spacey in Seven. Man killing a prostitute with a razor steel phallus was waaaaay too diabolic!
4- Attila the guy Van Damme fights at the end of AWOL is a menace. Though his screen time was little too.

O yeah the guy jet li fights in twin warrioirs (the tai chi master) was pretty evil. He had long white hair and really fu**ed eyes.

But Liquid Snake famous from the Metal Gear Solid titles is by far one of the coolest bad guys. Mainly coz:

-Hes British (and lets face it, most bad guys in films are british.)
-He has the same code as solid snake (main character from metal gear solid)
-Hes intellegent
-Hes a rebel
-He never dies
-He can drive (without changing gear and still fire a famas accuratley while trying to evade fire from solid snake.

Thomas H
-Dr. Evil...hehe

Scar, (from the lion king) ispure evil. laughing out loud

eleveninches> I don't think that Ichi is an evil guy but the old muscle guy that brainwashes Ichi so that he can kill people is evil.

Also Ichi kills only because the old man gives him pictures of the people he wants dead

/\Still, the way he kills some of the people is totally crazy !i!i!i!

lil bitchiness
Letherface isnt evil. Hes actions dont appear wrong to him in any way, its whats normal to him.

Asami - Audition

La Tenia - Irreversible

Chucky - Childs Play

Sauron/Saramon - Lord of the Rings

Alex - Clockwork Orange

Nurse Ratchet - One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

Krug - Last House on the Left

Barns - Platoon

Nazis - Every movie ever made.

The King - Braveheart

I think the question was 'evil' as in 'bad.'
OK, computer game, Xargon.
Films, I know 1984 was made into a film so O'Brian
Hannibal Lector,
Freddy Krugar sick

Refering to Aku, in the US when farces have a real villain they do tend to give them a slightly English accent, not sure why though.

Oh yeah, throw in the Joker too (from Batman)

Most evil villains in movies:

Pinhead (Hellraiser)
Demian (The Omen)
Alien (From Aliens)
Stripe (Gremlins)

Good call on Nurse Ratchet, she was an evil, evil lady!

The Daredevil movie sucked, but Bullseye was pretty nasty.

#1 bad guy of them all is Dr. Doom though. He's so evil he speaks in third person!!! The FF movie will come soon, so hopefully he'll get some glorious screentime.

Does he?

he's super evil. Hitler believed that he was doing the right thing. Are you going to say that he was not evil??

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