Starsky & Hutch 2 -VS- Pirates 2

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The film companies have stated that there WILL i repeat WILL make sequels to these films. Now which are you more excited about, either place your results on the POLL or simply state why are both crap.

Hehe not much chance of that.

Happy Dance

P.S. (Pirates 2 = Pirates of the Caribbean 2) Savvy? stick out tongue

POTC is getting 2 sequels filmed together to be released about 6 months apart.. and im pretty sure there are multiple posts about the sequels already has its fairly old news and as for the comparison.. is there any reason you chose these 2? do they have anything in common? the only thing id look forward to with POTC is jerry bruckheimer finding a way to get rid of disney and unleash its full potential by getting rid of the little kid stuff and making it awesome

Neither! When they put some thought behind it maybe I'll change my mind.


Firstly, i chose these mainly coz ive seen (on this website) that people have quite a crush on pirates of the caribbean. Probably the second most popular film on the website (second to kill bill ofcourse) Why i chose starsky and hutch is because i was playing the PS2 game with my mate.

I was starsky with the steering wheel. And my mate was hutch with the G-CON (light gun for shooting games on consoles.) dude it rocks so much. We're sad, we were playing it like till 4:00am

Thomas H

Max Power
I get the feeling that POTC2 is going to be better quality than Starsky and Hutch 2.

Starsky + Hutch 2, personally. However, I don't think a sequel is necessary, and I hope they title it differently.

I'm not a big fan of POTC. Obviously Johnny Depp steals the show, but the movie was too long, and not that exciting, IMO. By no means will it ever upstage the greatest pirate movie of all time.."The Ice Pirates"!

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