Can you please help me? this decision is too hard to make alone...

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I really want the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game on xbox, and the store has a discount were you trade 2 of your games and they take the price down to 60 dollars, I have two games on xbox that I'm thinking of trading in, these are Hulk and star wars jedi knight 2, I'm fine with trading the star wars game in but I'm not sure about the Hulk, I haven't clocked Hulk but I haven't play it in ages either........Is it worth trading these games in for TMNT?

tmnt isnt that great just get an emulator and play turtles in time

Believe me when I say I've tried to, but I couldn't so I deleted all my comps emulaters, my brother says the games cool so I'll stick to what hes said. But should I seel the Hulk for it?


Rent first, see what you like, and then buy... i just heard that TMMT suck...and its actually boring.

Hmmmmmm.............but I never play Hulk......but I know I'll miss it sad

there aren't that many things to TMNT. I think you should just do a good old blockbuster rental of about 5 days. You'll be bored with it by day 4

Donatello rules!

NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i've played tmnt not that fun..same as tmnt:turtles in time...get a game like manhunt

ok wait... if trading two games takes the price of the Ninja Turtles game down to 60 dollars.. how much is the damn game to begin with!? jawdrop Also, you should read reviews at or maybe even and look through the screenshots and videos to see if its something you might be interested in playing smile

Remember I'm in NZ so the currency here is different. It was $120 to begin with.

jesus H christ! move to america swiftly! lol shii $120 bucks for a game would be enough to make me 'pretend' I owned it. Stick with renting games if the pricing is that retarded in your area.

$120 dollers you have to be joking. (rip off)

I like the Turtles too, but this installement in their universe as a videogame bombed. There was a lot of hype and it didn't really pay off. They should do an homage to all the old Turtle games.

Okay satsujin, $120 NZ dollars would be about $50 in the states, it's not really a rip-off in New Zealand. But yeah, the price is a bit of a rip off. And I'm in no hurry to by TMNT anyways. I'll just wait a few months for the price to go down. Also I'm saving up for Spider-Man 2 which will be awsome!

hey man, believe you me when i tell you this TMNT blows ass. I loved the tmnt games growing up and was so excited for this game, and i diddnt even rent it first, shit i diddnt even pay attention to the reviews, which give it like a 3 out of 10. It is nothing but a cheap hack and slash game, no power ups, one special move for each turtle. It is the same three moves over and over again, and you fight the same enemies through out the entire game. I mean this when i say it. Turtles in time is better than the gamecube version. utter garbage, a dissapointment from the first five minutes

Alright, I'll only rent turtles. I won't buy it.
And ragesremorse: In your sig it says "boiler is lit" but in the movie Willy Wonka actually says "furnace", just thought I'd let you know. wink

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