A Knight's Tale

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I just did a search for this and was amazed that no-one has started a thread!

So I will... big grin

I bought the DVD because it was only a fiver and I was bored.

I was so glad I did, it was excellent!

Extremely entertaining, with action, romance, comedy and some excellent acting moments.

Also, all English boffins, like me, did you notice all the wonderful Chaucerian references? I especially liked Simon the Summoner and Peter the Pardoner!

I was a little disappointed with the ending, because I felt that such a big deal had been made about William 'following his feet' home that he should have gone straight to his father rather than ending the movie with a snog but thats Hollywood for ya!

What did anyone else think?

I liked the movie. the black horse rode by his opponent is magnificent. its probably the most muscular horse i've ever seen. william's armor is a bit unrealistic though. i can't believe something that thin could be that tough, not at that time anyway.

shake zula
it was ok. the "we will, we will rock you" bit kinda bugged me though. i didn't know that song was hundreds of years old...

i didn't like it. it thought it was too superficial and the action was not too believable

Yeah I thought it was tacky, ok for a tv film but I'm glad I've never paid to see it.

Heath Ledger in anything spells certain doom.

It was kinda cheesy coz of the whole 'we will rock you' thing. But i though it was quite good and it surprisingly made me cry. I coulnt believe it. It was like the only film that had made me cry for the last 8 years.


well i loved the movie. i thought it was great.......... the story and the comedy was good...different in a good way........... big grin

You got a good deal on the movie if you only paid $5.00!! It is good entertainment but not a good movie. It is kind of fun to watch and like I said, entertaining. Enjoy!!


My favourite quote:

Wat: I don't understand women.

Geoff: Neither do I, but they understand us...

So true! stick out tongue

Max Power
it was decent. It was kind of fun that they took a modern spin on the medievil stuff but sometimes that really bugged me too.

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