"""ChAngE yoUr faVoRiTE mOVie QuOTeS"""(the fun game, the good game)

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Tired Hiker
It's easy. Say your favorite movie quotes, but change them up a bit . . . !

Then, write the Actress/Actor who said it and the movie it was from.

I'll try it first! stick out tongue

"There's one thing you are forgetting, my Lads!! I am Captain Jack Sparrow!!! And I am your father!"

-Jonny Depp
Pirates Of The Carribbean

Okay, that one was kind of lame, but check this one out!

"Gandalf told me, 'Don't you leave him Samwise Gamgee, don't you leave him.' And I don't mean to . . . . I don't mean to, Sir! Now give me a f*cking Pepsi?!"

-Sean Astin
Lord Of The Rings.

Okay, that was stupid too, but I don't care. rolling on floor laughing

are you talking to me


who be you talking to boy

Robert DeNiro Taxi Driver

ok TH this is to hard i quit

Tired Hiker
laughing out loud Yeah, D, this thread is really only for smart people.

Tired Hiker
*Allows DeNiro to punch my arm* Ouch!! eek!

Darth Revan
"Am I dead."
"Yes, yes you are."

-the Matrix
(yep that sucked)

"How did I beat you?"
"You're too fast."
"Of course I am. Now bow down before the one you serve, asswipe!"

-Matrix again
(sucked again)

Darth Revan
Lake scene from AOTC, highly simplified:

"I hate sand. It's so... Sandy... But you.. You're not sandy. I love you Padme. Let's get married and have two adorable little munchkins named Jimmy and Superfly."
"I love you too Anakin."
*making out*

Damn striahgt TH stick out tongue

Tired Hiker
laughing out loud

never seen that movie ok im just going to post one of my favorite lines

your in your out, Passed the jag off guard that gets a extra tip for keeping his mouth shut out into the casino and then boom just anotha fat Fuuck walking out of the casino with a suit case.

joe Pesci casino

Darth Revan
oh I got one

"Dodge this!"
*dodges the bullet*

Tired Hiker
Here's my favorite line from a movie.

"Well, actually, dear missy! My little lass! You saucy little wench, you! Bite me! They are not rules, damnit. They are guidelines!!! Jeez, how many times do I have to tell you?!!!"

-Bernard Hill
Pirates Of The Carribbean.

Darth Revan
laughing out loud laughing

What the f**k?

*winks at TH*

Hey there sexy.........

OMG! That was really good, no suckiness there Darth!!


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