Most Annoying Cinema Snack

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Don't You just hate it when theres someone behind you with some nachos or some pocorn crunching away, or its in the middle of the bit which is really sad then somone gets out a packet of something and they try and open it quietly but end up making more noise.

Also, post what film were you watching at the time. (just a little insurance so this doesnt get moved to the off-topic forum).


That's why you put butter on popcorn so it won't crunch so much. stick out tongue

If you have to rifle through it with your hands, pour it out of a box, or it makes a sound, it's annoying.

Popcorn takes the cake.

Red Superfly
Yeah why on earth do people bring the LOUDEST food into the cinema?

Crisps!!!! Grrr thats' annoying. ESPECIALLY when you can hear them munching with their mouth open.

Popcorn ain't too bad.

Sweets with wrappers on annoy me too. There's always someone with a bag of bloody humbugs.

I also hate it when there's some punks at the back who think it's funny to throw stuff. I remember when these scallies were doing that, and they thought they were safe cos it was dark, so I stood up in the middle of the cinema and shouted "throw that again and I'll ****ing come over there and kick the shit out of you", and they quit it then - they were pretty young - but I bet they weren't expecting that. They deserved it - total lack of respect.

But yeah - I don't see why people feel it necessary to bring a feast into a movie with them.

I hate loud food like crisps in cinemas. Though I dont mind if im the one eating them smile

man i hate the smell of nachos i also hate sitting next to people who have not showered

laughing out loud

Yeh i think i gotta say nachos are the worst. Popcorn is only bad when someone is near the bottom of the bag and starts to scrape the last few bits out of the bottom. Crisps and crispy things sweet wrappers make alot of noise and seem to last for ages and they always make 5 times the amount of noise when someone tries to eat them quietly.

As for throwing stuff. Its a right laff when your 14 and under years but when your more of a mature person (like me big grin ) you tend to think, what aload of idiots.

But hey the cinemas about having fun right? In a good-clean-fun kinda way. I guess snacks are just as annoying as girls who sit in groups laffing at stuff for no reason. Happy Dance

No way! Nachos Rule! rock

I mostly prefer Cracker Jacks they are my favorite. happy

shake zula
you know sometimes those f*ckin' hotdogs cab get really loud and annoying... f*ckin' hotdogs...

Red Superfly
Ok, I went to see Troy today and experienced exactly what Aku is talking about. In the row behind us there were a group of annoying girls sat behind us. They were pretty hot, but totally annoying.

They kept giggling, kicking the back of our chairs (accidentally - but that's still so annoying and peaople should really know to not do that by now) and whenever there was a huge fight scene, like the beach battle and the Eric Bana vs Brad Pitt scene, they kept TALKING over them, completely ignoring the awesome fights.

Man, those were some stupid girls.

Nachos because they're just horrible.

Red Superfly, i know exactly what your talking about. I was watching starsky and hutch with my mate. And there were these girls behind us just giggling all the way through. Ok starsky and hutch is a funny film but regardless of whether it was a funny part, they just laffed theyre asses off at ben stiller. ARGH, i threw a gobstopper at them and got one of them right in the side of the head. Which made me and my mate laff for the remainder of the film.

roll eyes (sarcastic)

Red Superfly
It was just so annoying - they had no idea what the hell was going on in the movie, and probably only went because Brad Pitt is in it.

That's like saying I'd go watch Catwoman because Halle Berry is in it.

OK bad comparison, Catwoman is crap and Troy was brilliant, but you get my point.

If it was a crap film, I'd understand. When I went to see Van Helsing, people were so bored and fed up that they were talking, and I didn't mind because you wouldn't miss anything special.

With Troy, NOBODy except these stupid giggly girls were talking over it. There was a man and his wife/girlfriend about two seats away on our row, and they were getting p*ssed off with them. Everybody was really enjoying the movie - except these obnoxious girls.

When me and my friends got up, they were looking at us and smiling, and generally flirting with us, like they fancied us or something, because there were about the same amount of us lads as the girls. I felt like saying "yeah you wish". One thing I do is take a girl to the cinema and WATCH it, not talk over it, they'd be a nightmare.

I had a girl start of me once coz i said shut up to her during the movie. All her other firends were ok, but she was just so loud, had a bit of a condition but still, kinda annoying.

Popcorn definitely. It just gets everywhere and to me its the easiest to mess, cause often you see popcorn lying on the floor where some one has knocked over there box. But then again a movie just wouldn't be a movie without popcorn.

Good point actually your not going to the cinema if ya dont have popcorn. Your just seeing a film if that makes any sense. Popcorns annoying coz it russels around to much although nachos stink and crackle and are messy. So nachos are probably the worst, and why have so many people voted for chewing gum?

laughing out loud I watching Troy yesterday and I was eating nachos so everytime when the sound is low, I kept crunching really loud! laughing out loud


Sour Patch Kids.
They leave your mouth/tongue all raw.

Seeing this thread makes me wanna go get a big batch of Nacho's with the spicy jalapeno cheese.

just try it. lol.

No ones voted for drinks and why is chewing gum with popcorn and nachos? surely it cant be that annoying? eek!

i think any snacks that are crunchy are annoying ...theres nothing like sitting nxt to someone that is crunching there brains out argh....

If you can afford the popcorn then eat it how you wish.

i did something like that when i went to potc when it went quite i started to slurp my pop ... got some dodgy looks




Mine is on number 3. But I have to press Alt Gr to get it.

Nachos are lush big grin
popcorn's alright smile

Sweet wrappers are annoying yes ..nobodys ever got their nuts out in the cinema before messed.... and the end of a drink

Some people still pull the popcorn trick on their girlfriend apparently though.

right are they all there ibn thne head be ruddy funny if they sat nxt to the rong person

hot dogs are not snacks!!!!!!!!!! they are meant to be a meal!!!!!!! but then again there are so many hungry people out there that they just need a huge hot dog as a snack.......... sick

I hate popcorn! sad

Why the hell is chewing gum one of the leading options on the poll? no ones actually posted why its bad yet? I mean surely popcorn and nachos are just so annoying, dont get me wrong i love cinema snacks, but i just hate it when other have them.

Shellfish i know big grin

laughing out loud!

just don't buy salted >_<
it'll end up that way anyway shifty

Red Superfly


And people actually thought they could get away with it too.

Anyway enough about popcorn tricks and more about what makes you annoyed when you goto the cinema. Happy Dance

Opening a can of pop in a really quiet time mad
And it makes that hissing sound.

This happened in ROTK when everyone was quiet at the end roll eyes (sarcastic)
I wanted to murder someones stick out tongue

Dirrty Fighter

Got bloody Christina and Britney fans posting on cinema snacks. Have any of your boyfrinds ever pulled the popcorn trick?

What am i saying? confused

I never knew they sold ice cream in cones in the cinema. Man thats well annoying.

im not burlyman
They sell tubs of Baileys icecream here big grin

im not burlyman
eek! I do that!

it has got to be any snack i those loud packets, and chips ( potatoe, corn etc) they are loud

the gripe i have about popcorn is that the skin thingy from the seed sticks to ur teeth and are a real ***** to get out

Primitive Screwhead #1
Cell phones ringing > Cellophane wrapped candy

I can handle any wrapped snack over that annoying ringing sound right in the middle of the movie. But if I had to pick one annoying snack, it would be any of those plastic wrapped items in the candy area.

Oh, and since when does a hot dog necessarily constitute a meal? Have you seen how puny they've gotten over the years? You have to eat more than two if you actually want to fill up.

Whatever happened to Aku? You know, "Drunk?" He used to post like 50 times a day. I believe I'm going to guess he's been lying dead on the floor in front of his computer from alcohol poisoning for three weeks, and no one's bothered to check on him. big grin

His last post is five posts up from this.

lmao thats what i do, by accident

here in Norway they have warm bacon crisp, and they make a hell of a noice while chewing them. Also bastards that dont turn of their cell phones

omg those smokey bacon things are lush big grin

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