Lemony Snicket's A series of unfortunate Events MOVIE

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does any one have a trailer for it?

i know their is some sort of TV spot...or something cause i saw it on TV

i want to see itsad

I love the books and can't wait for the movie!!!

so nobody has anything....oksad

looks very odd.. i do recall seeing a teaser trailer

I remember the books but never read them, yet anything with Jim Carrey has to rock.

Yer I cant believe they are doing the films eek! !! I love the books and have the whole set..if the films anything like the books it will be loads better than harry potter anyway!!!!!! sick can't stand that bloody film

Yey i will be the first in line at the cinema que...plus I think that Jim carrey will b great in it whoever he plays...but he will be american i hope it gets made over here! confused

Nicole wink

jim carry plays count olaf


that's the trailer big grin

It's spelled Jim Carrey by the way stick out tongue and he does a great job laughing out loud
And it comes out on the 17 of December big grin

Mr Zero
Jim Carrey is going to suck huge wet farts as Count Olaf, he's ALL BLOODY WRONG for the part and will ham it up all out of proportion like he always does.

Erm.. except in Eternal Sunshine, where he was.. yanno.. quite brilliant.

I love Jim Carrey, but that movie looks kind of... gay.

Mr Zero
Still using the word gay as a pejorative in Oregon then ?

No rush - you can catch up with the grown up world later.

Oh, uh sorry. I used it as slang, not really to bash the homosexuals. No offense meant.

Btw: That is a bad habbit of mine. I really should learn to control that.

there merging all the books in to 1 film

actually the 1st 3 than probably the next 3 later

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