The Official Jackie Brown Thread

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This is just an generic thread about Jackie Brown for those hardcore fans!

I watched about half of Jackie Brown, I really should finish the rest of it stick out tongue

Jackie Brown is one of Tarantino's underated movies.

It is underrated, but consider that he's actually only made 4 films and the other 3 were Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill (Counted as one) I think it's deservedly underrated. I like the film but it is his weakest.

I think Jackie Brown is better than Reservoir Dogs. RD is a great movie but when i look back at it...i dont think its as good as JB.

I found the first half of JB very confusing, maybe that's just me and maybe it's that we weren't paying close attention. When Pupl Fiction starts its immediately captivating, JB just wasn't like that...

That's kind of good, though, when a movie is confusing. The first time I watched "Miller's Crossing", I didn't know what the heck was going on. Now, it's a favorite that I can watch over and over, and glean something new from it each time.

I mentioned this on a KB thread, but it's relavent to this topic so here it is: Michael Bowen, the actor who played Detective Dargus, also played Buck the nurse in Kill Bill. Yet another example of actors who appear in multiple QT films.

Official? blink

Anyways, I like JB simply because is all about dialogue, plot, conspiracy, theft, and also about average people. All the characters in this movie (except for Max Cherry) seem to be low lives criminals. I also like the music and the pace of the movie. It takes it's time to develop and introduce the characters. JB is simple, but also a little tricky to understand. Is base on the book Rum Punch and it keeps you into the story.

I love Jackie. I know so many ppl who think it sucked, lol but I enjoy the chase and Pam Grier.

i actually think that RD is his weakest one.. JB though is the second best... PF being the first!!!!!!!!!

Loved it. Don't think it was weaker; maybe just not what people were expecting after PF and RD.

Agree completely.

the first time i watched it i didn't like it, but i think its one of those movies i need to watch a couple of times before i'll get to like it

It is. When I first saw Jackie Brown, I wasnt too thrilled. I saw it in theaters and didnt see it until 8 months ago. After i saw it the second time, i grew appreciation to the movies because of the acting, the amazing dialogue and as WindDancer said, its deceptivly simple. I absoultly loved De Niro's character and the multiple exchange scene. This movie is excellent written and directed.

this is the only movies of QT's that i hadn't seen so for christmas i had RD,PF and JB in a box set and i loved JB i agree with earlyer posts that it has a very good Plot and i also loved De Niro's character Smasandian.

personally i thought that Kill Bill was the worst of the 4 QT movies.

its on of those movies you watch because you love the characters, even if the plot dosn't do all that much for you.

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