SOCOM vs Rainbow Six 3

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Which do you think works better, I personally, being a die-hard FPS fan, prefer RS3 because its alot more realistic and immersive, whereas SOCOM is viewed from a third person perspective making its feel more all out action as opposed to strategy.

What do you think.

(Also, who else thinks making Ghost Recon 2 a third person game a BIG mistake!)

RS and ghost should stay as it is

ScarFace Clone
Socom i think is better just because i prefer 3 person games but i have both and i like R63 but i dont think it is as good as socom

A really good 3rd person shooter was James Bond Everything or Nothing big grin

Yep that was a good third person...very entertaining game but a bit too easy.

messed some of the later levels on double 0 agent are hard... like the one where yo can only use 5 bullets and you can't miss no expression

i like socom mroe than R63 ... idk i just find socom more repeatable to play online and theres always something thats wrong with the online .. have it be lag or glitches .. but that kinda becomes a habit and its reallly fun to play a respawn when your the best player in the room ..

Rainbow Six 3 is FAR better then Socom. It is just better all-a-round. But idk.. people may like Socom better.

well say what u want .. i will ALWAYS think Socom 1 or 2 is better than R63

Phoenix Aska
rainbow six three black arrow is better than Socom any day....

in your opinion ..

unpopular opinion, at that

Socom blowed, Rs3 was amazing!

Darth Revan187
RS3 Black Arrow

Phoenix Aska
Hmmm...I don't know...the PS2 and Xbox are the two biggest sellers....

I guess it comes down to what system u like more....

I think that R63 is the best...but wil soon be replaced with Halo 2 probably

go ahead bash my love for socom i dont care cause i like socom 2 and 1 way better than R63

I wanna play Socom 2? Is it worth the purchase Stinky? big grin

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