Bill...another fallen hero

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I really wonder what's the story behind Bill. Who is he? Where did he grew up? The one thing mentioned in Kill Bill is that he was a student of Hattori Hanzo and Pai Mai. Two teachers with opposite ethics and rules. Hattori Hanzo is more the good type,only use your skills to help someone. As for Pai Mai,he's a brutal killer according to the legend (the story Bill told). So,when i saw Kill Bill vol 1,i had 2 questions spinning in my mind. Who the hell was that guy in that anime scene...the one who puts a sword in O-Ren's father head. And why was Hattori Hanzo so mad about Bill.

Not long ago,i red something on kill that the adminstrator had a quiet interessanting of the first i think. The Man in the white suit is...BILL. Not everyone agreeds..i respect that...but IF IT makes the story exceptional, a proof that Quentin can create a masterpiece. In whole the movie,you only see his hands....those damn hands with rings and things. So in my point of's HIM.

So he joined the yakuza and pissed Hattori Hanzo makes sence. The typical master/student relationship that goes wrong and where the student takes his own path...and becomes "evil". Quentin is a huge fan of he probably picked up this idea from anime series such as Kenshin,....(example). ANOTHER REASON WHY THE MAN IN THE WHITE SUIT IS BILL.

And according my theory.....When Boss matsumoto was killed by O-Ren,Bill could if easily went after her..and kill her. BUT,he saw talent in her assassin skills...and took her under his wing. At the age of twenty she does a mission,where she's on the roof of a building with a sniper rifle...if you look REALLY GOOD..YOU CAN SEE A MEXICAN FLAG on the car where the man is sitting right before he is killed. SO ANOTHER REASON WHY THAT ANIME GUY IS BILL! (by the way...the name O-Ren-Isshi is inspired by the movie Ishi the killer..i think)

So BILL left Hattori Hanzo and joined the Yakuza,afterwards he founds O-ren..and trains her. That's why i think,her samurai skillz are really good because she was Bill's first student. And that's why O-Ren mocks Beatrix of not having the samurai abilities...(she was wrong though..hehe)

So after having his first recruet(O-ren)...he meets Beatrix (how i don't know). So there was Beatrix and O-ren...they eventually become closer...THATS why you hear them say things as "Silly Rabbit trix are for Kids"....they know eachother.

Bill....a ruthless got to love him wink

I think he is the most interesting person in the whole movie...he has a past...I M DYING TO SEE. But anyway,i've gave you my reasons why BILL IS THAT MAN. If anyone have some comments,i'd love to hear them

I think O-Ren would have vowed revenge to kill Bill if he was the man in the white suit.

Also, isn't it Ichi the Killer, not Ishi the Killer. Not sure how to pronounce it though.

O-ren never saw his face as she was hinding under the beth....

Well she knew the other guys face, I don't see why she didn't see his.

I think it's a interesting scenario,I get the feeling QT didn't put that much thought into that though but you never know.


yeah, yeah stick out tongue

I suppose the animators had more control and input messed

Hehe yeah,..we'll see when those anime series come next year...can't wait for some explinationsmile

Next year?

Yeah ...i heard summer next year...prequel of Bill in anime (and divas missions)

shake zula

Absolutely! He is the MAN! This may sound weird, but after watching vol. 2 I felt that Bill is a tragic character. I have built a little theory about Bill. For some reason I think he wanted all this to happen in his life. Losing Beatrix, his DVAS squad, prolly his reputation. I think there is more to Bill that we might think. He is bad, but not as evil as his assasins. There is gotta be more about Bill's life.

Indeed,there's more to Bill then we know. When i saw VOl2 i was really interested in BILL. And everytime i see Bill in that Kung-fu costume with his hanzo sword...i'm dying to see that scene. Actually might sound weird,but back in the days when i saw kung-fu (the television series) on tv,i used to make fun of him. (hahaha really)

But after sawing Kill Bill 2,he's the best actor there. Respectsmile


Bill in Shanghai...

im not burlyman
Me too! and it's on the Vol 2 DVD big grin (to the best of my knowledge) hope it isnt spared for another 'Special Edition' release though mad

Yassin - I don't know if you have taken a look-see at the thread I started about the film, "Circle of Iron" (1978), but I am still in shock that no one seemed to respond to my theory that this particular movie of Carradine's plays LARGELY into the whole sub-text of Bill's character....I don't think anyone's catching the big BIG picture Tarantino's got working there: Circle of Iron was a movie written by James Coburn and BRUCE LEE as a vehicle for Mr. Lee, a part written just for him. When he died, the project was NOT scrapped - they just kept on looking for an actor who could even come close to what Bruce would have done with it. Who is the actor they found? None other than our Man in the White Suit (good one, by the way, man....much props - I LIKE your theories!!) - Carradine really put quite a lot into that part; he really truly does know how to & does hand-make Bamboo flutes just like the one Bill was playing fireside in Vol 2. I willing to bet the farm that he hand-made that very flute we saw him playing, in fact. Why not? He made 3 of them for Circle of Iron - and those ones were as tall as he is, and were used for playing them by the fire in that movie, yes, but also for walking & (WAY KEWL!!!) for fighting - they whistled as they sliced thru the air. But the absolute most important reason why anyone who truly wants to understand Tarantino's vision in kill bill NEEDS to see Circle of Iron? Because the part that Carradine plays, that Mr. Lee was supposed to have played, was actually 4 parts in one: The Blind Man......Monkeyman......Chang-Sha.......and - wouldn't you know it?: DEATH. And so the one man becomes, in a way, the teacher, the lesson, the test, and the knowledge gained all in one.

Hmmmm interesting moni v...i definitely have to see the movie!!! It s kind of weird,but since the day Carradine played in Kill Bill....the stores are selling copies of KUNG-FU again (couldn t believe my eyes). And Moni thx for the compliments,glade you liked my theories.... big grin


Just wondering if anyone has read this, the second spoiler from the bottom.

Yeah i heard about that...


PRETTY RIKI aka Snake Charmer aka BILL

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