I talked to j.k on the chat(suppose it was her)

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Ehe didnt say much but she said the mirror of erise will come back again
and harry will try to use it to kill voldemort(or defence with it)
and mirrors will be important......(tell me something new... (O_O))

and we try to ask her on the name of book 6 but she didnt know or didnt tell

Well I can't be certain it was her....but heresadmirc)

squidward is [email protected] * v2.0-Maple Wand
squidward on #mugglenet
squidward using irc.Omaha.NE.US.mugglenet.com MuggleNet Chat (Omaha, Nebraska, USA)
squidward has been idle 1min 12secs, signed on Tue May 25 13:32:13
squidward End of /WHOIS list.

So is Squidward her logon name on muggle.net?

Do you remeber when Dumbledore told harry not to go looking for the mirror of erised again ( In 1st book ) Do you reckon thats some kind of big clue from Dumbledore? xx

Yes squidward was her logon name. She says it on her website.


dude, there are so many people on the Internet, anyone could be pretending to be me-- I mean her shifty

The "real" JK Rowling wouldnt give out her true identity... I dont doubt that you might have had a one in a million chance of talking to her... but it seems far-fetched that JK would tell a stranger, over the Internet, plans for her upcoming books wink

but that's interesting about the mirrors, tho^^ we all know he'll need something other than his wand to defeat Voldemort..

jkr said at her website to lookout for SQUIDWARD.............

she also said that no one liked her ideas.................. my husband thinks she is trying to throw everyone off so that when the book comes out we'll all be like WOAH WE DIDN'T KNOW THAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN.......and we'll be surprised! big grin I like surprises! big grin

I'll have my husband look into this...................... ninja

laughing out loud laughing out loud

on what channel is she in Mirc?

go to mugglenet---->chat

In there there is link to the chat and the link to the chat through mirc....

p.s:my nick is mechmage.....

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