O-ren-ishii pose

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Well i have a request...if somebody have a picture or better A WALLPAPER of o-ren-ishii where she wears a black costume ( when "the bride" tells the story about her...the first thing you see is a picture with her holding a m-16,wearing a black costume with a turtle neck...) So if anyone have some....i thank you smile

Try this

or this.

But I think THIS is what you're looking for. Maybe you could just crop off the sides or something?

YES THAT S IT!!!! THANK YOU.....damn finally my quest is oversmile..but another question,can you also have that picture in the size of a poster..if it's available...

There are a lot of KB posters about, but not too many with O-Ren, and even fewer with her in the turtleneck.

Try here.

I have a very large one from before Vol 1 was released thats looks just like my sig. big grin
Haven't seen it anywhere else so I feel special.

Damn no turtleneck, thx anyway roundisfunny for the helpsmile

hi im um..new..yea hehe, i came upon your posts on a search, ive been searching for bloody weeks for some decent picture shots on O-ren in the anime section of the film, wears shes over the man, side view, close up, anything, preferably a shot with her whole form showing with the uniform. confused you see i do role playing online and i want to make her in to a character, and i really love the the anime sequence and the details and such, i cant find pictures of it anyware and also my pc isnt great so i cant really download the film and screen capture the parts i want, can somebody help me? blink

shake zula
here's one

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.< need anime stick out tongue only anime stick out tongue hehe it rocks and rules at the same time

Hehe...hmmm that's a tough one,maybe you should check some anime boards..and ask there??

yep.you'll have better luck..though there was some sweet anime in kill bill!

dammit!, i cant find the anime anywhere either

your signature pic is sick tho chaos

hi, i'm having trouble too embarrasment i can't find any anime pictures, and I really need them!! Anything, o-ren in her childhood when her parents are murdered or she's killed that paedophile, please, I beseech you, help me!!

oh yeah, I do have ONE picture I thought other people might want.

Ok well since i have the movies I can watch them on the computer and take screenshots of whatever parts....I hope this is what u guys were looking for...if u need a specific part let me know and i can put it here:




And a personal favorite...when Oren shoots the guy smile

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