Trewlany's Predictions? And Classes?

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Everybody thinks that Divination is a phony class but in the third book Ron Makes a prediction?

Harry Potter: and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Chapter: Six; Talons and Tea Leaves
Page: 105
Paragraph: 9

"My turn..." Ron peered into Harry's tea cup, his forehead winkled in effort. "There's a blob a bit like a bowler hat", he said. "Maybe you're going to work for the Ministry of Magic...."
He turned the teacup the other way up.
"but this way it looks more like an acorn...... What's that?" He scanned his copy of Unfogging the Future. "' A windfall, Unexpected gold' Excellent, you can lend my some.............

This is very odd. Because Harry does get an unexpected gold in his next year at Hogwarts. The Triwizard Tournament. But he gives that gold to Fred and George.

Just thought that this was interesting.

Oh and one more thing, people Trewanly doesn't make a prediction about the Veil!!

And Harry does "lend him some" of his "unexpected" gold, when he gave it to Fred and George and told them to buy Ron some new dress robes

Is there anymore to this? smile

raven guardia
tonks thats ia very clever....I never actually noticed that or picked up those two facts....but you are right good job!!! smile

props mate!!! thats true!! and harry did mention persuing a career as an yea the ministry of magic part might be true too!

mayb it's just coincidence...

well I belive in it ,and I have a book about it.I tis Call Divination for Beginers,and It is By Scott Cunningham.

Prolly not coincidence, coz JK doesnt put stuff like that in jus 4 no reason right?

Nice name Tonks.......... The bodyguard if Harrys huh... Anyway Ron was just making this up so Harry could write it down so they wont get in trouble.

well yea that but i mean jk wouldnt put that in just to have it in yea? i mean maybe she was out of ideas and she went back to look in the books and something she put down for jokes became something she incorporated into the 4th bk? ah well ya never know. clever tho mate to spot that.

but they were looking at abook while reading the tea leaves. yah, i would have 2 say it isnt coincidence

That's interesting. I never thought about it like that...

Lets not forget harr dreams: the one with ron and hermione with crowns
and the other with cho transform into hermione.....
care to share your opinon ? personally, In my opinion (I ship h/hr wink )the dream with cho and hermione hint for future relationship...*wink wink*

the crowns I need to read again I dont remember what happen there...
oh I just remembered another two- 13 people sitting and the first one to rise die...
and to lavender -beware of a red head man ....LOLLLL

and In CoS ron said something like "It's not like she got kidnaped by a giant sanke" but later on she sure did(I dont have CoS nearby)

good point, guys! But if J.K. put something on the book, it has its uses. Remember the mirror of erised? the kncokturn alley? The hand of glory?
and anything else?

i say that the hand of glory will b important in the next books but no 1 listened 2 me when i said it. sad thats what i say 4 luna 2. ppl think luna and harry might get 2gether but i think there is a reason y jkr had luna like ron.

arghhh its been pissing me off!!! WHAT about the veil???? luna and harry know something!!!! >: ( trelawny talked about ...argh it was in one of the books a "veil into the future..." pun or lucky guess? ill try and find the book it was in

look i think harry will never fall in luv with Luna,
i think that mayb neville will...

Luna seems to have her own kind of cuteness to her,I think that she lokes Ron though,but what dose that have to do with divination?

lol. no shippers argh!!! lol jp pottermad ^_^...still anyone have thoughts about trelawny's veil prediction...or statement?

well, i think the veil is one of the entrances 2 the beyond. and once u fall, u cant go back.

Yah i never thought of that. I mean he most likly is going to work for the ministry!

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