Elrond and Elros

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Agent Elrond
In case u don't know Elrond and Wlros are brothers and are half-elves.
Each chose a different path. Elrond chose to be an elf and Elros chose to live with mortal men and be the first king of Numenor. Elrond hasn't died, yet Elros did. I'm wondering how that happened if they both came from the same parents.

because they were given a choice
to be of elf kind
or of man

elrond chose elf
elros chose man

man dies
elf doesnt

bada-bing question answered

Same birth does not incorporate similar decisions stick out tongue

... Interesting I think the story of their childhood... they parents Earendil and Elwing died/disappeared when the twins were but a few years old, defeated by Feanor's sons who also captured the two kids and wanted to kill them, but Maglor persuaded the others (ok actually I think there was only Maedhros left?) to keep them... so they were raised by Feanor's sons that had destroyed their homes in Arvernien smile

what sauron said ^^

Discos - nice and cheap smile

yes...and elros was longest lived of all the men in the world...

@exa...i must've missed that part about Feanor's sons...

didnt ya know, tut tut, take that screen name off now!

Maedhros was great, shame that Maglor wondered in pity the rest of his life like a

Discos - ...loser! stick out tongue

yes i do know about his sons...just didn't remember if they took care of elrond and elros...

Maedhros was a lot like his father...


all wrong all wrong...don't wreck havoc on the innocentssad

Agent Elrond
By that time, it was down to Maedhros and Maglor. The three "c" sons were killed in Doriath, and Amrad and Amras were killed in the assult against (correct me) Belfalas that captured Elrond and Elros' parents.


But then Turin and Nienor wouldn't actually be human mortals...so it stands to a sense that Elros is the longest lived mortal...

As for Maglor, he was sensible but the saddest of them all because of how he went off all sad and depressed...(don't have the book for reference to be sure)


yeah...that would be a good story as to what happened to him...if he wandered for all eternity as a restless spirit or something...it would be moot ending if he's with his brothers at Mandos' Hall...

But then Elrond in the undying land would have lost two of his closest relatives never to be seen until the end days...Elros and Arwen...As sad is Maglor's fate was...how much sadder is Arwen's? Like her uncle...she too would be very long lived...

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